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  1. ANY updates as they become available would be greatly appreciated for those of us living in the siberian third world but particularly updates of all brown folk of the gondalia persuasion
  2. I can not agree more whole heartedly. To the team: congrats (brown love). But to Mr. Whitney, who I fondly remember as one of the most positive forces in Wyoming Policy Debate, I could not be happier for you. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
  3. congrats to you all, and best of luck! i'm rooting for East and the brown kid. i know this isn't the most appropriate forum, but any news in the extempt world? also: hi sandy. i live in kazakhstan now. how are you?
  4. yeah, its been a while. how else was i gonna' keep tabs though? whats the news on breaks? its 930 on friday night at state?
  5. I'm pretty sure Jesus is done debating for quite a while.
  6. Hey bud. Just wanted to keep tabs on results, seeing as there's a gondalia in the mix again.
  7. what does the schedule look like? and where is it this year?
  8. Sagar1586


    Crowe/Jensen clear 5-3 debating Berkeley BS tomorrow Osborn/Partner clear 6-2 debating ISU? tomorrow USC Jones/Jones do not clear 5-3 Crowe - 15th speaker Osborn - 18th speaker
  9. is it me? or is it weird that there is a tournament in between state and districts?
  10. im in boston... they don't fuck around here. i went to sleep in green boxers KNOWING i'd get pinched otherwise...
  11. Sagar1586

    6 or more

    some might say thats a GOOD thing. http://upload.carterparks.com/sagar/IMG_1513.JPG
  12. my god this forum has gone downhill.
  13. yeah right. you've been lucky to avoid our snow thus far. this is good boston weather. revel in it.
  14. yeah... bout time you showed your sorry ass! ;-) some of us boston folk actually been around the whole tournament! :-)
  15. emmerson is the jam. i've spent a few nights there. congrats dude...
  16. the foreign indian bostonian/san franciscan mafia will take over after all!
  17. i'm running science sucks.
  18. i'll be there on saturday whenever someone tells me to be.
  19. the boston crew (thats me) will be back for the saturday too.
  20. boston says it loves you! happy birthday bud.
  21. you can't read this right now because you're 2 feet from me sleeping. IN BOSTON!!! HELL YEAH!
  22. Sagar1586

    Old Timers

    Sagar Gondalia Boston College Nope Double Major in Biochem and Film Studies (both will probably change soon) and a premed concentration (probably won't change) Too many too tell... off the top of my head, "with that i'm in finals," box dolley racing in berkeley, every single debate round with goetter. To honestly answer how debate has helped me in life I'd need a few hundred pages and a publishing contract... it changed my life, made me who i am, and helped me learn how to learn.
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