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  1. Becca Borden Can judge in the Cleveland area I am also interested in helping coach a Cleveland team this season, but I'm not from the area so I don't really know which high schools have teams and which ones are looking for some help. If anyone has any advice or is familiar with Cleveland debate please email me at beccaborden@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. I'm living in texas for another 2 months. I haven't judged a single debate round all season, and that makes me very, very sad.
  3. if kirby can grow a beard i think anything's possible. and i'm pretty sure chsaa has only ok'ed their use for this momentous occasion between Durango and Littleton.
  4. i don't know which is more shocking, chsaa clearing computer use or kirby with a beard. either way it'll make for a good debate. are there any other actual Colorado teams around???
  5. Borden/Brokmeyer will be returning to finally debate Bywaters/Weis. I knew our time would come some day.
  6. If anything, you should watch it to see the smart young lady giving her RFD to Long Beach at Berkeley 2 years ago. (Come on, it's my 2 seconds of fame...)
  7. In case you don't feel like opening the link, Kent officially (or unofficially?) took 4th in the tournament. Overall Colorado had 4 teams break. Mad props to all, I was only able to see a couple of Denver East rounds but am very excited about the CO representation. Becca
  8. you don't get to make the rules loghry! but i'd lose an arm for that leprachaun any day. here, maybe this will make you feel better:
  9. whatever. it totally counts. and there's no hating on the leprechaun allowed. the sketch is pretty amazing.
  10. Congratulations Creek and Kent!!! And thanks to everyone for making potentially my last CO tournament really, really fun. For those of you who didn't qualify, I hope you understand how many of you I have been incredibly impressed with over the past few years, being able to see teams improve over a span of a few years is kind of cool (for instance, we were discussing earlier in the year how I dropped Katy/ie pretty much every round I saw them freshman year, times have definitely changed since then). Nat quals can be the most frustrating tournament of the year because every year there are amazing teams that don't qualify. So, mad props to all the great teams and rounds I've gotten to see this entire year and for doing an awesome job representing CO. becca
  11. i will see you all this evening and tomorrow. good luck!
  12. When Steve Larue does some lurking and reads this I'd like to point out that the results were posted about 45 minutes after I left the tournament. Good job to everyone going to state, I judged a lot of the qualifiers today and saw some awesome Creek/Kent "smackdowns." -becca
  13. Mad props to creek for closing out, as well as to the team (I think kent?) I saw hit the katie/ys in the break round. becca
  14. wow, this is very different. In Colorado, usually the school hosting the tournament pays $8/round, not the individual schools competing. I've never made $100 judging a tournament. The CO judges don't really do it for the money though, it's mostly a way to volunteer/have fun/stay active in the debate community while being compensated a little for the time spent. This news is really helpful. I'll probably have some "for hire" threads posted during this time next year... Becca
  15. Thanks, everyone's input has been really helpful. I have one more question - I've seen a lot of threads on this forum saying "hire me as a judge." In Colorado, that doesn't really happen. Usually schools post that they're having a tournament and the standard pay is $8/round, and judges just show up. Does that happen at all, or do you have to be "hired" by a school to judge?
  16. I'm moving to Cleveland next year and was wondering what debate is like there. I'll be graduating from college and would be interested in helping judge tournaments/getting involved with the debate community. Are there many tournaments in the area? Are the policy programs strong? Thanks in advance, Becca Borden
  17. This was the first tournament I've judged all year, & I was very impressed with the teams I saw. If anyone that posts on here had me as a judge & has questions about my decision, let me know. becca borden
  18. props to both george washington teams, i'm glad that i got to see at least one of you debate in the only cx round i judged this semester. also to tammie peters, thanks for posting all the qualifiers.
  19. Hi Tammie, I'll be bringing myself and one other person (David Adler) to judge policy from Saturday's first round until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Hopefully there will still be a few teams in the running from Friday...
  20. i will hopefully be there to judge saturday morning
  21. Mad props to everyone who competed, and especially to Rachelle for getting this going for a second year! Sorry I couldn't be there, apparently working less than 80 hours a week is unaccpetable according to my bosses. Wish I couldve seen the parli rounds...
  22. I'll be trying extra hard to get work off so I can judge at least one of the days. Everyone should go if they can...
  23. I'll be trying extra hard to get work off so I can judge at least one of the days. Everyone should go if they can...
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