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  1. MSDI is a wonderful institution, the lab leaders are great and the files are stellar. hidden treasure quickly becoming more popular.
  2. clear, analytical, critical thinking skills confidence communication skills
  3. you're dangerously close to running the consult yahweh cp
  4. an XO CP might be able to use this as a net benefit, but the impact is so small you're better off using politics. also, fiat checks.
  5. you definitely don't want dedev. recessions good is a completely different argument, and a great internal link turn if you can pull off the argument. the key is to mitigate their impact from depression to recession.
  6. tyranocore

    NDT First Rounds

    one time! get 'em MSU KF
  7. consult nato will be enormous, particularly with the russian relations net benefit.
  8. i wasn't commenting on the correctness of any act, merely that it's willie horton all over again. just clarifying
  9. because i'm tired of the-government-knows-best democrats. the pelosi crowd. california democrats make me sick. the democrats have totally mishandled the economy (that's not keynesian economics, you morons) and if we can get rid of the paleoconservatives and nutbar religious right banning everything from gay marriage to flag burning, i'd like the republican party a lot. or if there was a fiscally conservative democrat in 2016. that'd work too.
  10. you're intentionally giving someone a deadly disease. sex is irrelevant. it should be treated like me walking up to someone and sneezing ebola all over time intentionally. genitalia is irrelevant to the discussion. intentionally killing someone is relevant (albeit aids takes way longer than bullets or knives).
  11. corporations are individuals. individuals have the right to "petition the government for redress of grievances." speech has nothing to do with this discussion.
  12. this is a complicated question. i'm going with other, because three years in politics is far longer than sarah palin thinks the earth has been around. here's my political pedigree, take it for what it's worth worked several campaigns locally. worked for mccaskill when we worked talent like a rented mule (oh god the insanity at the office at his concession speech). worked for the local ron paul organization, then hopped to obama. i'd love to see paul/johnson, though that ticket won't ever get elected. if i get a socially indifferent/economically conservative republican, he's got my vote, and i've voted democrat almost straight ticket across the board. (my voting patterns are a separate discussion). almost everyone else on that list is a joke, with the exception of gingrich. american voting patterns have about the memory of a goldfish, but whoever decided to rename it "contract ON america" gets my vote as greatest communications staffer ever. he's completely beatable in a general. he's an old white reaganite who couldn't beat bill clinton's political staff. a guy can't keep his dick in his pants and, with a majority, you can't stop his agenda? please. weak. he'll lose every independent that pays attention. he got his job as speaker because cheney got promoted. he'll be unable to distance himself from reagan/bush/bush/cheney. also, his mother was sixteen. let's have a character debate, shall we? that kind of shenanigans nuked palin.
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