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  1. The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism seems like an obvious choice. It's in the Books and Articles subforum here: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=985587
  2. My roommate has one, but I haven't really fiddled with it much. If no one else around here has access to one, I will see if I can ascertain what the limits of the feature are.
  3. maja

    I uploaded Martin Jay's "Songs of experience'', but I am not certain I did it right. Since this is my first experiance with MediaFire, please tell me does the link work.

    Thanks, Maja

  4. The recount might include absentee votes, and if that is the case Franken is likely to win it.
  5. Colors are so much brighter this morning. Food has more taste. My shower has better water pressure. Our long national nightmare is at an end. Thank you, America.
  6. I stood in line at 6:30 to vote before work, and when I came out of the polling place at 7:30, there was no line anymore. I should have just slept the extra hour.
  7. First, not all claims of moral obligation are based in natural law. You'll want better links than that. Second, this argument is called "normativity."
  8. dan.


    I would be surprised if he ran again. He's going to get Mondaled next week, and it will be demoralizing for him. Further, he's older than original sin, and has moved dramatically away from the persona that got him elected to his 450 years in the Senate. I see no real reason why the people who liked him so much before would still like him now. Finally, there is a real chance that he won't even carry Arizona on Tuesday, and if that happens, then there is essentially zero chance that he could defeat any Democrat with a pulse in 2010.
  9. Half a No-Doz is like 50mg of caffeine. Not much of a coffee drinker, Ian?
  10. dan.

    Budgets Questions

    Hi. As some of you may already know, my girlfriend (Caroline) is writing a paper this semester on high school debate, largely so she can use me as a data collection bitch. Great idea, right? Yeah. So, anyway, she is wondering if people would be willing to disclose the amount that debate programs are budgeted at various schools, and how that compares to other extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I have been instructed to ask everyone if they would be willing to share that information with me. If you are so inclined, you can either post it here or send it to me via PM or email. If you don't want others to see, that's fine, it won't be shared. You could even post it here and then delete it so only I will be able to see it. You've got many, many options through which you can do her bidding. Feel more like me? Great. So, if anyone is so inclined, please include as much of this information as you can: +the name of your school, +your school district if public, +geographical location, +budget for debate (or speech and debate if you don't have it seperated), +number of kids in the program, +some approximate level of success for debate/speech, +budget for other extra-curriculars you know (football, basketball, quiz bowl, any that you know), +number of participants in those activities +some level of success for those other activities ...I know that's a lot of data, but even if you only have info on your debate program, that's fine. She'll take it. Finally, if anyone knows of some way to look this information up besides just asking people, that would be swell, because then she could just make me use that instead. It really seems like this should be in the public record, at least for public schools. Thanks immensely for any information you can provide. dan.
  11. Cyril, that's a great contribution. Thanks. The link he referenced is http://www.mediafire.com/?vtawkfjw5wg There has also been posted a copy of Lucy's A Derrida Dictionary at http://www.mediafire.com/?txjywdnmw5o Hope one or both is helpful.
  12. If you are simply having vocabulary problems, feel free to post questions about the terminology that is slowing you down and someone here will be able to help you out. Derrida is often verbose, and this work in particular can be challenging at the outset. Similarly, if there are passages that you are having problems with, post them and someone here will be able to help you parse them so that you can unpack and make sense of them. Sometimes reading is like riding a bike through a pool of hummos. If, however, you would simply like to read some writing wherein other authors play with Derrida, that can be arranged. I often find this strategy to be the most helpful for me. Here is an article by Greg Ulmer from the University of Florida at Gainesville. It's called "Grammatology Hypermedia," and is from Postmodern Culture Vol. 1 No. 2 (1991). He's also written a book called Applied Grammatology: post(e)- pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys. If you have access to a copy, you may find it helpful too.
  13. I'm not going to bitch, I'm just going to throw the thread over to Evidence Trading.
  14. What are these percentages of? So far, there is no guarantee that any candidate will get a majority of the popular vote. I think Obama will, but there is no convincing polling that says so. Very few polls have all of even the least crazy the candidates on them, and the amount of votes all the fringe candidates get is bigger than one would expect. We're not just talking about people like Bob Barr, but also people like Chuck Baldwin, who thinks that the South was right and that we should still allow slavery if a state wants to. And he's still among the more moderate of the fringe candidates. So, all this is to say that your teacher's poll needs another option indicating that no one will win a majority of the popular vote. Also, does 5% mean 5% more than McCain, 5% more than 50%, or something else? If Obama gets 55% of the popular vote, which is not outside the realm of possilibility, that means he has 5% more than a majority, but more than 10% more of the popular vote than McCain has.
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