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  1. Prolif. More plutonium, more nuclear weapons, terrorism etc.
  2. Sitting in the den, listening to the rain carving pumpkins! Check out my photo for this year's model.

  3. I don't particularly want to go to Octoberfest. But I COULD go for some bratwurst and kraut.

  4. Sales tax rate in Tulsa: 8.54%.Liquor tax in Ok: 13.5%Tax on a strong beer if Herman Cain gets his way: 31.04%.

  5. "This is where the party ends, I can't stand here listening to you and your racist friend. I know politics bores you, but I feel like a hypocrite talking to you, you and your racist friend.

  6. Well La Di freakin Da. Good luck. Hope you like Bush lite. Hope you like paying more taxes so millionaires can get a break. Hope you liking invading countries and deregulating wall street. It worked swell the first time.

  7. Today, I read about poop to 5th graders. They wrote me a thank you note. These are the kinds of experiences you just don't have teaching high school.

  8. Last night Senate Republicans filibuster the jobs bill even though there are 51 votes in favor. Remember that when they tell you Dems can't get anything done.

  9. I just heard that Jane's Addiction is back together in a studio. That has serious cool potential.

  10. Well, not much going on but some Sportscenter. I think I'll have a beer.

  11. Another big lead in fantasy football. I'm really beginning to like Aaron Rodgers.

  12. So, I'm burning CDs this afternoon. So far: Fleetwood Mac, ACDC, Bob Seger, Billy Holiday, and Crosby Stills & Nash. Eclectic much?

  13. It's amazing. Keep telling a lie often enough and people start to believe it. #foxnews.

  14. Just got back from a food tour of the state fair. I'm stuffed. Pics to follow. Thanks Jym and OK Foodie.

  15. Fantasy Football 3-1.

  16. Unless LeGaroutte Blount (Tampa Bay) score another 20 fantasy points, I'll be 3-1. He currently has 2. I'm feeling pretty good about my chances.

  17. 45 Fantasy points from my QB. Thanks, Aaron Rodgers.

  18. 21 points up in fantasy football. My opponent has one running back left to play tomorrow.

  19. I'm DJing it up at the Shark tank I'd anyone is out and about.

  20. Grilled pork chops. Yum!

  21. Mitch Hedberg is on comedy central!

  22. 59 inch plasma. Surround sound with the sub cranked up. And Count of Monte Cristo. Aww yeah!

  23. Yeah, I just made the distinction because I have heard time travel CPs. But yes, dramatic expansion of possible positions. With regard to LD, that actually makes more sense. In a value resolution, you expect a value to have equal weight regardless of timeframe. In my college example the res was technically value. I think it was "that the welfare system exacerbates the problems of the urban poor." It is designed for whole res, timeframe irrelevant debate. Neh argued the counterwarrant that welfare prepared the US for WW2. By the way, as an example of whole res debate, our aff was stigma. We didn't argue one program, like afdc or food stamps bad. We argued welfare on the whole stigmatized the poor.
  24. My head just exploded at faster than the speed of light.
  25. Using the theoretical justification I described it would always be a critic of the resolution, not a topical option. To run it aff, you either have to accept non topical K affs, or argue that the resolution is not necessarily present tense...that fiat is just asking the hypothetical question generally should the US explore space. Be ready for T-increase. In other words, we should explore space, here is an example of when that would have been a good idea. Incidentally, this opens you up to counterwarrants and every possible disad, because they can say oh yeah, well here are 50 examples of when it would be a bad idea. They don't have to link to your case, just some topical case.
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