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  1. Poo Flinging Monkeys: 10-1. Playoffs: Clinched.

  2. Here comes the rain again...

  3. I hear westboro is coming to stillwater to protest. Anyone want to have a biker parade? I'm thinking right through their lines.

  4. USC beats Oregon...now, does it matter?

  5. "and they're finding out now that no Christmas is coming." For all the OU fans that were yelping with joy last night that are waking up to some ugly BS math this morning.

  6. Poo Flingers are 9-1 and likely to be 2 games in the lead!

  7. I'm in midtown looking for dining companions. Probably something cheap.

  8. I'm curious if Dez Bryant has any regrets today.

  9. Im bartending tonight sharkys backroom. Cmon down!

  10. Or...not so much. I mean, I guess Vick could score 70 points tomorrow.
  11. Sons a bitches broke into my car again. Didn't take anything of value (a little change and an old karaoke disk player...the cheap kid party kind. I would have gladly given it to them.) Still. That really pisses me off. Stay out of my dang vehicle!

  12. I just realized almost every song I've played tonight came out before the waitress was born. Crap.

  13. Things learned while watching college football: it is unwise to run a freakin' buffalo across a football field, I don't care how many wranglers you have.

  14. Don't rain on my parade, I didn't pick you guys' crappy teams or set your lineups. I gotta admit, this has been fun. Winning does help though.
  15. Not official yet, but it looks like another win for the poo flinging monkeys. 7-1.

  16. 69-65. The poo flinging monkeys are 6-1!

  17. Ha ha. That big old defensive tackle's nickname is "Pot Roast." That's awesome!

  18. 31 points sitting on the bench.

  19. Oh man! Why didn't I play Murray in Fantasy this week?

  20. Hot links and Lil smokies in Bbq crock pot. Hot wings, Bbq and buffalo. Bratwurst, cheese and kielbasa. Now if I could just find a football game.

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