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  1. I prefer the "dirty tricks" counterplan...you know, frame the leadership of the ACLU as being in cahoots with Al Quaeda, the Int'l Communist party, and the Screen Actor's Guild. Maybe a staged picture of the leadership in an orgy with Fidel Castro and Brittney Spears.
  2. There's a lot of money to be made from selling a Clinton era politix file. No, really. I hear that government shutdown scenario is pretty tight. See the joke now? Back on topic -- the web oriented/paypal donation offer was legit. Selling music might cause legal problems of its own, although, I'd probably buy a few CDs anyway. On the other hand, getting some young musicians/bands to throw together a CD (or a few songs towards a compilation CD) they'd donate the proceeds of would be cool. There are a few cheap/free methods of distribution available, such as cafepress. We could even set up some space to hear clips of the music before people bought it. I know there are people here that could help set all this up, and I'd be willing to donate my time as well. Takers?
  3. There is something nice about doing things like this for yourself, just so that you can learn/teach yourself how to do it. The first thing I remember programming was a deck of cards object (in a text based environment) that effectively shuffled and dealt a hand to up to 6 players. It was fairly simplistic, and there were other decks that had many more functions, but I wasn't trying to compete with them, merely to learn the process of programming in that language. To answer David Bowman, "I work when I don't need to so that I can work less when I do need to."
  4. April 6th. It's my birthday, so I'm just assuming the old fart will die and screw it up for me.
  5. Is there a webpage or paypal account associated with this fund? If not, I'd be glad to help in putting that together. That would increase the ease of making a donation. Heh, maybe we could scan his old politics/Lopez files and sell them.
  6. Kenneth Waltz -- Man, the State, and War. More states with weapons decreases conflict because of the uncertainty of who is or might be willing to use them. There were also some really good cards from an Indian guy...I can't remember his name offhand, but he was the Indian version of secretary of defense in the 70s. I'll see if I can find his name. Basically, he said that it was ironic that America, who has nuclear weapons, tells India not to create and develop them.
  7. I downloaded a pretty good timer program from the national circuit thread. If you haven't seen it, I'd take a look.
  8. Awesome. Do I get a cookie or something?
  9. Glen Strickland? You are quickly exhausting my knowledge of NSU debate history. Beyond him, the only name I remember is Valgene Littlefield, and I don't think it's him.
  10. Just a guess, is it Drew Edmondson? He graduated from NSU in speech ed in the late 60s...I know because he was at an event for our squad when I was there.
  11. I'd like to link to it when you get that done. Or, if the program isn't too big, I'd consider hosting it (mirroring it) so long as it doesn't get into my bandwidth (which is pretty generous.) Lemme know,
  12. You mean, like the framers of the Constitution?
  13. Much easier to do if the people who are typically in violation of it aren't excluded from the process.
  14. All those people combined don't equal the number in jail for drugs...which, although illegal, some might argue that the law is repressive.
  15. You are forcing them to act outside of the system to change it. If they can't vote to change a law that they feel is unfair, they have to use other methods of protest. Consider the number of people who have been convicted of using marijuana...many of whom can not vote because of felonious conviction. If all of those people could vote (and stopped smoking long enough to go to the polls) perhaps the laws would be changed. Without the vote, what method do the really have of trying to change the law? Convincing mainly non-users of their right to do so?
  16. I just downloaded the update. You, my friend, are a programming ninja. awesome
  17. We had a student who tried to frame a teacher using his email account a few years ago. He logged on as the teacher and responded to an email from the principal. The principal's response is classic. The exchange went something like this: PRINCIPAL: Hey, Tim, I can't be at the IEP meeting until 1:45. Would you get things started before I get there? TEACHER (kid): You f#cking a$$hole. I HATE you, you are a stupid f#cking d#ck. (this went on for numerous poorly typed paragraphs.) PRINCIPAL: A simple "no" would have sufficed. heh...and yes, the student was caught and punished.
  18. You left out that it's on page xi, in the introduction...meaning it is not intended as fiction. Also, I don't believe the book is fiction either. As I recall, and it's been a few years, it was more about the dehumanizing practices in medicine...machines keeping us alive and such. We read this card in our case (in 1991) and it was so popular at the time that before starting the text of the card my partner would say "sing along if ya know the words".
  19. I used to tell them my paradigm and go into a short diatribe explaining what I thought that meant. But I found that kids ignored it and did what they were going to do anyway. So now, my paradigm is "don't call me judge cause that really annoys me, and don't try to shake my hand because it's cold and flu season. Other than that, don't do anything you wouldn't do with your coach sitting here."
  20. That would be me. So, yeah, I just downloaded this. I like it but yeah, the preptime problem makes it kind of annoying. I'll be using tinytimer for preptime until I can set the preptime on this one. Overall, A- Best fix would be a "preferences" menu that allows you to set the standard times for each speech or preptime area. That takes care of the differences in areas, college times, LD times, and even if someone wanted to use this while doing drills at home with unorthodox times. A really cool and completely superfluous addition would be a Yahoo-like ability to pick what .wav file plays when your time is up or at specific pre-set times.
  21. Well, naturally, chuck page needs judges. Probably the tournament would hire him directly.
  22. I had a former student that had a laptop timer he designed that looked pretty cool and seemed to work well. If someone could make something like that in a fairly small amount of space, I'd gladly host it on my site. Same for some flow templates in excel. I don't flow on the laptop, but I would keep time on it. I always have the laptop, and I never have a timer. Anyway, let me know.
  23. Since this is being discussed, I thought I'd post this for anyone who would like to see if they would be eligible to vote in Alabama in 1965. (We'll ignore the obvious fact that this test was not given equally.) You may miss no more than 5. http://www.ccle.fourh.umn.edu/literacy.pdf
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