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  1. Dear Paul supporters: It's not his beliefs, it's him. He's just not presidential. He's not authoritative. Find a face and a voice for your cause and you've got a shot. Do any of you doubt that if Paul looked and sounded like Romney he'd be doing a lot better? Sorry, as a friend, you needed to hear that.Sincerely,Anyone with a background in politics

  2. Just heard Newt say some crap about how Obama was just now "starting to think" about doing something about Syria. Then when Wolf Blitzer asked what he would do as president, he said he wouldn't tell you, because it would be covert. Well...then how does he know what Obama is really doing?

  3. Last chance! Pei Wei...now!

  4. No Pepsi job. Dangit!

  5. If Clint Eastwood ran for president I would vote for him out of fear that if I didn't he would come to my house and punch me. Then spit chewing tobacco on my face while I was on the ground.

  6. I think we are doing low key. Arbys, an iced tea, big ass TV, fire going in the fireplace.

  7. Fried steak sandwich and starting a "Band of Brothers" marathon. Life is not so bad.

  8. For all my hippy, liberal, and/or agnostic friends: Roy Zimmerman is playing tonight at the Nightingale. $15 at the door and you won't be disappointed. YouTube him for samples of his music/comedy.

  9. Interview today w Pepsi. Wish me luck!

  10. Newt is apparently giving a laundry list of exec orders he's going to sign as president. Is he trying to make people forget he just got spanked in the Florida primary? Or just trying to put them to sleep?

  11. Gonna run to the bank in awhile. Where's lunch gonna be today?

  12. fwd: There is a CPHS debate fundraiser on Tuesday at Top That! Pizza. We get 20% of what they make that night. If at all possible go to their store in Jenks from 5-9 and put your receipt in the debate box!!

  13. Not Subbing today. Anyone available for lunch?

  14. "My cable keeps changing channels every few minutes on its own. I guess it's broadcast in ADHD." 9th grade English student.

  15. If these 4 guys were my neighbors, I would move. Stepford Dad, Scrooge McDuck, Get Off My Lawn, and the Goofy Uncle. OK, I wouldn't mind the goofy uncle.

  16. BCS press release: "We congratulate the Green Bay Packers on being world champions. They were clearly the best team this season, so obviously, they're the new champions."

  17. Joe Paterno has died. What a sad ending to such a legacy.

  18. CNN exit polls say Gingrich wins SC by a pretty healthy margin. So, three contests, three winners. Interesting!

  19. "Wait, you guys are still playing? Don't you just vote for the top team?", said the BCS.

  20. Sometimes Subbing feels like being the only zookeeper on monkey island.

  21. Subbing in Solitaire class. I mean computer lab.

  22. Someone left the cake out in the rain. And I don't think I can take it. Because it took so long to bake it. And I'll never have that recipe again! Oh NO!

  23. Just watched 2012. Dang that was depressing.

  24. I don't have to specify who im hiring. My plan is build stuff. That's completely topical action. A result of which is that people get hired.
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