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  1. Home again. Shower, nap, dinner, work, back to hospital late tonight.

  2. At the cafe next to cath lab/cardiac unit. They are serving deep fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy, and buttered vegetables. Guess business is down?

  3. Quiet nights are good nights. 4 hours of sleep and no news is good news.

  4. Out of cath procedure and heading back to Icu. Stable during procedure. Added some stents, repaired some...basically because she was more stable they could make some repairs.

  5. Sleeping bag on a waiting room floor! #urbancamping.

  6. They pulled out the heart balloon that was assisting my mom's heart. Rate and BP still pretty good. She's on a lot of pain meds and sedation still. Vent dropped to "assist" instead of doing everything.

  7. The word "INFANTry" comes from the Roman army, who put teenage boys up front to take the primary onslaught. Child soldiers have been around for a LONG time.

  8. We got a guest room at the hospital for the night. It's 8x10 with a shower, twin bed and a roll away for $25, but right now it's the Waldorf. Mom is still in ICU, but we had a yes/no conversation with her, and there are good things to come tomorrow.

  9. Never underestimate the rejuvenative effects of a shower, shave, 30 min power nap and a clean set of clothes. Now to stop for jet fuel, I mean coffee, and back to the hospital. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers.

  10. 10 hours in the hospital.

  11. "Jennifer Denslow and Gregg Hartney also posted about the National Football League." FB fail - NFL=natl forensic league.

  12. Another NFL districts down. Now, where is dinner?

  13. Can someone confirm first debate rd at east districts is at 5? Or does anyone by chance have a full schedule they could send me?

  14. Life sure isn't fair sometimes. I know that's no big surprise or revelation, but sometimes it needs to be said.

  15. Pro tip: when there are 300 points scored in a basketball game, you're doing it wrong.

  16. The Oscars? If I wanted to watch wealthy jackasses pat themselves on the back I would find a Republican debate.

  17. At Cascia, I was the only judge in the final round, BK vs Owasso. I'm not going to say who I think is the overall better team, only to say that in that particular round (which was incredibly close, and honest judges could have disagreed) in that round, I believe BK won. Based on all the teams I've seen so far, the final few rounds at districts should be good viewing.
  18. I need to run to Walmart and I'm considering BWW beforehand. Anyone free?

  19. Did Facebook just go back in time a few minutes? Seriously, like I just lost everything and everyone's posts for the last 20 minutes or so. I think their "Timeline" is a portal to the past.

  20. Billboard top 40 hits by year, 1950-2000. 1967 on shuffle. Yeah....

  21. Although there is no evidence of it, some claim that "Saint Valentine" was martyred because he refused to follow a Roman law against marriage for members of the military. Instead, he secretly performed marriages for men before they went off to fight for the empire. Perhaps then it is appropriate that today "forbidden love" is finding a home, one state after another, as people fight for the right simply to be together.

  22. Santo Sweep? Besides a few of my friends moving to Iceland to listen to Bjork and visit penis museums, what does this mean? Is Romney still the favorite? Is he a wounded duck?

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