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  1. Me. Ok, so I've never directed a movie. It would probably be a disaster. On the other hand, I can make one promise that sets me apart from the jackasses that have done it so far. No JAR JAR. NO cutesy fart humor or dumb cuddly characters to provide merchandising fodder. And if it ever comes down to it, Han will shoot first. That is all.
  2. Just trying to come up with a good squirrel case, seems to me that lighthouses are or at least were transportation infrastructure. I'm sure, even with GPS, up close to the shore the lighthouses are still beneficial. Being as I live in Oklahoma and not, say, Maine, I don't know much about them, but I could see a coastal lighthouse restoration plan that claims shipping safety, maybe oil spills, and tourism as advantages.
  3. Instead of flowers, I think I would like vegetable plants at my funeral. "Oh Maude, that's a fine looking tomato plant." "Thanks, are those jalapenos? Lovely."

  4. B dubs for dinner! Aww yeah. Wing me!

  5. Decisions decisions...spend a few grand to renovate and repair a truck that has been in the family since 1965, or swallow hard and let it go for chicken scratch.

  6. Funeral for mom Thursday at 2, Mission Christian church in Sand Springs.

  7. We are putting together a slide show for mom, if anyone has pictures of her I would love to have them. Email to me at robert@debatelinks.com ASAP.

  8. I'm not sure how to say this...my mom coded this morning. They did everything they could but were unable to revive her. Arrangements to follow, most likely through Mobley Dodson funeral home in Sand Springs.

  9. Looks like a long ride home.

  10. Thunder ball, dinner, sitting on the couch with my sweetie. It's nice to see a moment of normalcy.

  11. Just had a conversation with mom. She was sitting up whispering words, alert and ready to get out of here. Of course she's fuming with everyone, I want this off I want that off...but it's the first real fight I've seen in her. I asked if she was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and she said yes, for the first time, yes.

  12. Anxious...what if, what if, what if?

  13. Hopefully, this is our last night camping out in the Icu waiting room.

  14. Mom got broth and jello. Not exactly prime rib, but it's a start. She wanted ice cream but no go yet. Boo.

  15. Mom is off the vent, off the heart pump, off the sedation, and awake! Yay!!!

  16. Hurry up and wait. Holding off on removing vent until morning. :( I'm home, showered, etc.

  17. Dr is coming in to check to see if they can remove vent in the next few hours. Mom was pretty alert, but also very anxious about what's next.

  18. Going back through my posts and seeing a lot of questions I didn't answer. Sorry, not trying to ignore anyone. I really appreciate the warm wishes.

  19. 6 hours, no pump and no meds to increase BP and she is still stable.

  20. Heart pump out, she's beating her OWN drum. BP stable still, some bleeding at entry site so getting pressure. Now for a quiet night of stable rate, rhythm, BP, etc, and we will look at breathing on her own tomorrow.Now for her kids to let out a sigh and breathe on OUR own again...

  21. The rollercoaster continues...

  22. BP still low/unstable. The natural pessimist in me is fighting to come out.

  23. Across the Universe is a nice distraction.

  24. A close childhood friend lost his battle with cancer tonight. I spent about a thousand overnights at his house watching scary movies, setting up little green army men (and running them over with a RC tank) and harassing family pets. Gonna miss you Jon Jon. Rough year, folks.

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