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  1. Let me preface this by saying its more than possible that I'm repeating stuff thats been said cuz i kinda skimmed through everything... but... The argument that the current at large system is bad is definitely true, mostly because its unpredictable and probably pretty arbitrary etc. Clearly the teams who apply for at larges and the teams who get to debate at toc cuz they got at larges are really good and the ones who got to toc probably deserve to be there - i wont' make a universal claim cuz i don't really know. To a certain extent its clear that the rich/big-team bias thing in the system is inevitable for lotsa reasons, but the way it currently works is particularly arbitrary since the decision process favors teams that go to as many tournaments as possible, and obviously its very heavily advantageous for teams with connections. eliminating at larges by itself is not an adequate solution, and probably screws over small schools more than keeping at larges since lotsa teams might not get to go to more than one toc tournament, etc. Maybe a better alternative would be to have some kind of regional qualifying tournaments for toc for teams who got only one bid, or maybe just make the whole process more like the way that college debate works. i dont' think that the "you get two bids and go to toc" thing should be abolished - its good cuz it helps encourage touraments, and allows for lots more big tournaments in different places (as opposed to college debate where there are fewer but bigger tournaments). I think the best solution if it were feasibile would be to have one-bid teams have a qualifying tournament. Obviously there's problems with every approach - and i'm not saying that my idea is necessarily the best - but its clear that this is an important issue that should be considered. Having said all that - I don't think that teams that got at larges this year, or any year don't deserve to be at toc - y'all do (or probably do). But that doesn't mean that there aren't problems that have prevented teams who deserve to go to toc from getting there.
  2. Its complete bullshit to say that teams quit policy debate because they didn't have enough money, and that the only teams left in policy are there because of money. I guess I can't speak for y'alls team but for years the Burlington Budget has been literally completely generated by fundraising/etc and the school has paid for nothing except for a little money for the coach. To argue that large-budgeted teams have alienated "small schools" from vermont debate is rediculous. The reason why a lot of teams switched to PF is that they didn't like "national circuit" style debate (spreading, evidence, big impact debates, line by line technical debating, etc). In fact, almost every time an attempt was made to encourage more teams to engage in this type of debate, the response would be teams either quitting, or accuse us of basically ruining debate and making it stupid (or in multiple cases describe that style of debate as "cheating."). I'm not suggesting that piolicy debate shouldn't grow in vermont - i'm all for it. I just think that a lot of the existing programs don't want to debate the way that say, OV or BHS does, because they think that OV/BHS is evil for corrupting the activity. But blaming this situation on budgets is absurd.
  3. word is its gonna be huge - anyone whos anyone in the northeast'll be there
  4. None of this yreas Burlington "novices" have competed in any debate tournaments before this season - and thus they are all legitimate novices. Just because you've learned about debate before and started working and learnig about debate before you could compete (ie: learning about debate in middle school but not being able to compete yet) doesn't mean you should lose novice eligibility.
  5. Octos (bid round) Canton City Central def Caddo Bronx sci mp def GDS AS Bronx sci sc def Weston Burlington BH def Biship Geurton KP Edgemont BS def Head Royce Hanover GG def edgemont KW
  6. wrong: 1. kernoff@northhero.com 2. go to the "invite" thread on the natl circuit forum and get one there
  7. Topicalitygod


    i might be dropping by at NFA -- ----- adnaan-poo i want a ping pong rematch i've been training... ...to beat... ... the CHAAMMMMMMP!!!!!!!!!!
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