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  1. Finals was Westwood Hart/Ho over Saint Mary's Smith/Clemons on a 2-1
  2. I emailed you the form to fill out a while back, forward it to them and have them email it back to me.
  3. depends, sometimes it can be early that week. If I am housing you, then I need to know in time, especially if it has an impact on the rooms I need.
  4. we are paying housing,but prolly not transport....I will say this, when I look at the judges fees that we receive and we receive more than it looks like we will pay out, I am going to put that money to the judges.
  5. I am also looking to hire a lot of LD and CX judges. If you are interested in judging, contact me at JonathanWilliams@nisd.net We will be paying at least $125 contracts for full committements or $10/rd for partial. We will also provide housing for anyone coming in from out of town. We are the only tournament in a rather large radius, so I hope to see you here.
  6. We cordially invite you to Sandra Day O’Connor’s Eighth Annual Forensics Tournament in San Antonio on September 22nd and 23rd. We are very excited to invite you to our beautiful campus, and we hope to see you here. This year we are offering two prelim rounds for all individual events and duet acting. We will also offer 4 prelim rounds in LD and CX. Novice will be offered in every event except impromptu speaking. We are also allowing unlimited cross-entries for those competing in only IE's. We like to take great pride in hiring qualified judges and providing excellent hospitality. For more information or to register, please go to: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/oconnor We hope to see you here on September 22nd and 23rd!!! Jonathan Williams O'Connor High School Debate Director
  7. Tree18

    UIL Regionals

    We are still in need of some UIL Regional judges for the 4A and 5A regionals that will be held this Saturday (22nd) and UTSA. It will pay $20 per round and you will get your rounds. If you can judge, please contact myself at JonathanWilliams@nisd.net
  8. I am still hiring contract judges. Please email me if you are interested.
  9. O'Connor High School in San Antonio will be hosting a tournament on January 13-14. We are looking for plenty of quality judges to come down and judge. We are offering contracts of $100 vs $10/round through quarters. For policy judges I will be paying $20 for semis/finals if needed. We are also providing housing. If you are interested, please email me at JonathanWilliams@nisd.net
  10. Keep in mind that UT is not a perfect team. Every team is bound to have a bad game from time to time. They just need to be able to survive when they do have it.
  11. Tree18

    needville 10/28

    1st---why only one judge in semis? 2nd--the round was redone because the coach did not get an explination of the results from the judge in person? Wow, tournaments are going to change on this model. we can redo every round at some tournaments...yay. Even if the judges is completely lay and screams out that they do not know what they are doing in the middle of the round, the decision they make in the end should ultimately be final.
  12. Tree18

    needville 10/28

    I would highly encourage that the teams involved file a protest against the tournament with TFA. If this is what happened, some type of sanctions should come down from TFA.
  13. We are looking at rescheduling. Info on that will be out shortly
  14. The O'Connor tournament has been cancelled by the district. There will be no NISD activities taking place on Saturday.
  15. Check and log in at joyoftournaments. CX entries are displayed. For those of you who are graduated, especially if you live in San Antonio, please consider signing up to judge at this tournament. If you are interested, drop me an email at JonathanWilliams@nisd.net We are still in need of a couple of CX judges.
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