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  1. ! I'll just say that yes, it is gratifying to see that scientific theories can change over time. Props to Scu for bringing us some more De Waal. I do still wonder about those sorts of origin stories and how they shape how we view ourselves, what we think of as natural or normal, etc. --but it is nice when they happen to coincide with some more liberal beliefs lol That being said, I wonder if my head is about to be bitten off, Ankur. Also, isn't that image from the teach the controversy site hotlinked? -.-; Those are some funny t-shirts though.
  2. One of the very few debates I won (we won) as a negative novice was at MIFA novice states. I remember Geoff Lundeen and Corrie Novice... er... Navis (sorry Corrie, I had to do that at least once more) scrambling to prep me and my partner to debate against the ritalin aff. Year 2000-- protect privacy within the domains of search/seizure, employment, medical records, and/or consumer information. This aff really wasn't all that topical, but Brian and I weren't the most technical of debaters. Or confident... I think we folded on one of our T-violations after cross-x (probably something brilliant along the lines of 'federal government = all three branches') Clearly it was time to break out our A-strat. The aff, like many novice 1ac's/affirmatives, really hinged on one or two authors, mainly Peter Breggin. Peter Breggin makes a number of claims about how bad ritalin is for kids and evil people are perscribing it to so many children. So the (Peter) Breggin indicts that Geoff had just printed were the basis of our strategy. And by basis, I mean the negative block plus about a minute of the 2NR. Some of those cards were pretty weak and made such damning claims as Peter Breggin lacks compassion, that he is a pedophile (based on a quote taken out of context... too bad the aff didn't answer it,) that he was an outlaw (not literally true.) Naturally we read those first, and by first I mean starting off the 2NC. We said that any Breggin card they read didn't count and, since all their solvency cards were from Breggin, they didn't have solvency. If I recall, Peter's wife Ginger, also a mental illness professional, writes some very charitable prodicts [sic] of Peter. So we just cross-applied our indicts... she was clearly hiding something. And in a mis-carriage of common sense and simultaneous triumph of debate logic, the judge bought that a three legged table should be put out of its misery, a determination which was almost foregone under the reign of stock-issues. I can't remember who the judge was, I just remembered that he flowed one or maybe a couple of giant pieces of paper and had stickers that he applied to it which seemed to indicate his thoughts about some arguments. Anyone know who that was? Something makes me think Al VerSure
  3. Mus Marx

    zizek, mike leap

    just start writing for abercrombie and fitch
  4. There I go. Messing with the youth ::facepalm:: I'll let you in on my little joke: Some coaches such as myself have historically been dissatisfied with the value their teams receive from the MIFA in exchange for their dues. MIFA's state tournament was once* the undisputed keeper of record and arbiter of championships for policy debate in Michigan. As such teams have left that organization, I would claim that its pre-eminence has declined creating demand for an alternative 'state tournament.' Were I discussing this with my peers, I would refer to one as MIFA states and GVSU's state tournament for clarity. *it may still be. we would need to take a poll.
  5. yeah, it sucks having to check 3-7 websites to see what tournaments are when.
  6. Mus Marx

    zizek, mike leap

    I love it that zizek is such a literary whore that we need to cut zizek updates. but seriously, buy mike's file. you probably need it.
  7. Since we don't have funding this year, we're looking to get some debates in by visiting high schools in the afternoon/evening for practice and/or league debates. We'd be looking to keep costs low, like transportation + food. I'd volunteer to judge and could maybe provide one or two additional judges. We may be able to travel to your location, and you would be welcome at East Lansing High School. contact me at budding -at- msu -dot- edu
  8. We'd be happy to debate any team for the practice. We can probably arrange transportation to Detroit for an afternoon for a couple of debates, or you would be welcome at our high school. I've got 2-4 novice teams and one jv team who may be available. buddingh -at- msu -dot- edu East Lansing Debate
  9. every once in a while, I'm really encouraged by a debater who asks troublesome questions, like: in a situation where the affirmative claimed they just wanted equality between the sexes, the negative team asked which men women were being made equal to (white, wealthy, straight, etc.) or when answering an aff about better education for the US's African-American and Native American population, the negative ran a counterplan about immigrant education, and the aff figured out in cross-ex that it wasn't cool for the negative just to claim that because they're all minorities, that educating some of them is as good as educating others of them, that counterplan didn't just 'solve the aff' but meant something pretty different.
  10. Hi All! I'm writing to inform the larger community of the woes which have befallen the East Lansing debate team. We have no funding. I'm now a volunteer. Any thoughts? Notes of commiseration? Advice? I'm meeting with parents this week and holding the first debate practice this week as well. We hope to compete with you all eventually...
  11. I'm afraid I can't attend, I'll be judging at the Capital Area Speech/Debate League all day Saturday.
  12. I (perhaps one of those young, aggressive, and highly-competitive coaches/assistants) wish I had read this before I started being a debate coach. Except the Nucc v. Michael part of it.
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