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  1. Newton, Kansas is coming James Davis/ Henry Jantzen Reagan McCloud/Alex Rickard Emily Kondziola/Cameron Cassil Judges David J. WIlliams (coach so not all rounds but available) Seth Williams Chris Biswell
  2. I know your coach from before. She brought the majority of the files into your program and she cuts almost everything her team runs. She is an excellent coach and she does read this forum. I bet if you needed somehting specific, she would send it if requested. Well, maybe not now, I don't really know. Good luck this coming season.
  3. I have a question, I am using the latest version of verbatim and having an issue. On our Toshiba satellite laptops (windows 7 and word 2010 prof/adv) are getting an error when using the "verbatimize" button on non-verbatim docs.My Asus laptop (same software as toshibas) does just fine. Any idea what might cause this? I can get you a screen shot but it says something about the macro not being present or something like that. 4 toshibas and all get the error...Love everything else about the newest release though when it all works.
  4. I don't know of a tournament with caps unless you are referring to SMW(this is not a crack at SMW) allowing only 2 in dci? I guess caps of 4 teams total..is that what you mean by caps?
  5. I have no hard feelings at all on this issue. It is unfortunate that the message comes out like this. I know there were never any names or schools mentioned but not mentioning them only irritated more people who might have felt the message meant for them. The BVW debate program is outstanding and new coaches always have some kind of learning curve but that does not change the size of my building. I got an email from the BVW coach requesting entry and I let her know what the situation was. I did not get any other email from BVW students or coaches. If the unnamed coach who would not respond to emails was supposed to be me then maybe you got the wrong address. dwilliam@newton.k12.ks.us in case your coach needs it. Yes, and Emily (my debater) did tell me Ideen (sp?) asked for my email but like I said, I got nothing. ON a more positive not, if any coaches out there that are entered in the NEWTON tourney decide they cannot attend, then make the changes on speechmeets.com asap so I can make room for all who want to attend. Thanks.
  6. FYI....I emailed out the invite and was full in 12 hours. BVW did not request entry until almost a full week after this date. sorry the website determines he order of who gets in not me. I could not save any entries for anyone. Either they entered in time or not. I wish our program and school was larger to accomodate.
  7. I am not sure which schools are in question but El Dorado hosted a fine tournament. When you are a coach then you can decide the divisions you offer. The dci selection committee was well aware (I think) of the divisions offered. The tournament host is the one who gets to decide how their tournament is run. If there is some problem then don't come, I am sure others want the spot. I am not even sure if this in reference to Newton's tournament but just in case it is. We are full. Rooms limit us. We are not a 6A school and once the rooms that are off limits to us are counted we have less than 50...way less. I do not put caps on divisions, just total entries. The only reason schools are on the waiting list is due to tardiness in responding. We fill up in 12 hours...as usual. As room comes available then I will allow schools from the wait list in but sorry I cannot create rooms out of thin air.
  8. Misterbeef


    It has been a while but I had this problem. If you have xp os then I know I had this problem. If you have microsoft.net framework 4.0 instead of 3.5 there could be a problem. I had to uninstall 4.0 and then install 3.5...oh yea uninstall synergy before you do this. After you have 3.5 and the updates it recommends install synergy again.
  9. Quarters will be more like 1 pm but judges there by 12:30 can see the assembly.
  10. Tyler, stop posting. I have not been on here in a while and behalf of my team, I would officially like to apologize....Funny how "small school" style debate eludes you Tyler. Rather than "small school", we should call it "real world" style debate. Oh and everyone at KCKCC this weekend, please check all of Tyler B's boxes to see what is actually in them...LOL. Good Luck Tyler. I think you will get your fill of contemporary style this weekend.
  11. Newton is in need of an additional assistant debate coach this next fall. Send me an email misterbeefenator(at)gmail(dot)com Prefer WSU or other college debater with high flow policy and K debate. Must be in Wichita area and not a criminal with decent driving record. Subject to pre-employment drug screen as well as possible random screens. (this is the same for any teacher not just cause you are a college debater.)....well......
  12. 6a 1st Manhattan (10-0) 2nd Topeka 5a 1st Newton (9-1) 2nd Emporia 3rd Salina Central 4th Salina South
  13. west ks Wells/Ramirez gc Goering/Benson Mac Morey/Blake Hutch We dropped 2 go rounds and ended up 4th Bergen/Fischer Newton Damn Kelly posted same time I did. LOL Congrats to the qualiers and a great job committee and coaches from West KS on hosting an excellent tournament despite certain limitations...(JOT LOL)
  14. Tyler B you have officially caused me to forbid you from posting here ever again...Just kidding but seriously congratulations to BVW for an excellent final round. Congrats to BVW for winning sweeps at Newton today..!!!
  15. I was wondering about the twitter experiment and what people's thoughts are about it so far. I find it very cool to get updates about the big debate tournaments. Why can't we start doing this same thing for all tournaments? I think it would be cool to give kids recognition for their hard work, and I am curious about how everyone else is doing? I have heard some coaches and debaters scoffing at the idea of the use of twitter in general. Question: Why? I think if people would try it for something other than stalking celebrities, they would find out how useful it can be.
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