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  1. It's over, Josh. This behavior is not 8". That's better than what happened if you lost. And one of the kids Ashley debated with in high school was one of the republican emo crew. Dylan, I'm sure you remember these dweebs. I judged a semis round at state where it was one krny team vs another. Ashley and her partner were dating Rachel and John. I don't remember who won because I couldn't get over how awkward the dynamics in the room were.
  2. Can't remember who said it but "moral relativism is for pussies."
  3. Wait...is that you Charlie?
  4. You shut up about the North endzone. Thats where my season tickets are. I didn't sit down the entire game. It sounds like you were the one that was abnormally quiet.
  5. Rule out the national championship game - there is no way we get there unless the top five totally melt down. If we win out including the big 12 championship, we're in the fiesta bowl. If we loose to OU, I bet we get the at-large bid. I was at the game and saw the Courtney Osborne hit. I had the game DVR'd because I wanted to hear the commentary from Big 12 official Jim Cunningham, the anti-football crusader. First off, that was a fumble that should have been counted for a TD. Second, that was good tackling - his head was up, he lowered his butt, wrapped up and exploded (that sounds strangely sexual). That's how I was taught to tackle in 7th grade. All the talk around head hits is getting a little ridiculous. And now that the officials didn't call a flag on that hit, I'm sure Osborne will get suspended which is unfortunate because he played really well this weekend. Ciante Evans = the next Prince Amukamara. This kid was a true freshman and he played a hell of a game.
  6. I went to the Mizzou game right after that happened in 2008. I was tailgating in with a sign that said "Chase Daniels Eats Boogers." I left at half time.
  7. Oh good - I'm the first one that gets to make this joke... Because the parents that take their kids to the children's museum complained that there's a 40 year old dude that spends too much time hanging out by the children's museum on P street. I agree with that prediction. I'm still not sold that Mizzou is as good as they think they are right now, but I will let them think that. There is nothing better than beating an over confident team at Memorial Stadium. On an unrelated note: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/26/AR2010102604498.html
  8. Wrong. I knew coming into this game OKS was going to score points - but this was a little silly. The 2nd half was much better on the defensive front. They only gave up 14 pts & 100 yards, and the 2nd td was a too little too late. Wrong. 5 catches 156 yards Wrong. 200+ on 19 carries Wrong. 7 Dropped passes. 2 dropped TD's that lead to field goals. Wrong. Though I'm not fully convinced that Mizzou is the real deal. OU is starting or playing 9 true freshmen. Ryan, you're usually spot on with your analysis of huskers football but you've been off for two weeks now. Whats the deal? The comment you made on Texas, though completely wrong, was very well written - I suggest a career as a sports journalist.
  9. Nebraskans need to learn that if we stop wanting things so badly, it won't hurt when we don't get them. Jesus. What a waste of a beautiful day. Lincoln couldn't have had better weather.
  10. I can go either way on the first three predictions - the fourth is a guaranteed. Pelini's comment after the game when asked about the next week off sums up my confidence "They had their day off today - we will get them back in shape."
  11. Thats the result of inexperienced linebackers. Compton and Fisher wouldn't have let those middle holes open up.
  12. I expect our secondary to play about like they did last week. The players said that they made those picks because they knew the tendencies of Enderle and that's a direct result of good coaching and scouting. Washington runs similar plays with pick & crossing routs. I think the Pelinis will have this all figured out and we will see some jumped routes. One thing to remember, though, is that sometimes DB's miss those picks and if they would have missed any one of those 5 on Saturday there was plenty of running room behind them.
  13. This sounds problematic in any context. I like what they're doing.
  14. Great. Then Taylor Martinez is the man for the job.
  15. I disagree with this logic. Zac Lee is not good enough to hardly get any playing time and then start our biggest non-conference game of the year. T-Magic is the guy. He's got the teams respect. Did anyone see Cody Green's interview after the WKU game? He basically said that everyone knew he was going to start because of how he lights people up in practice. He does make some rookie mistakes - like this weekend when he had Mike McNeil wide open over the middle and he threw the ball at his feet. Idaho was a fun game to see. The Pick-6's happened coming into the north endzone. For Washington, expect to see big plays on both sides. Our secondary is good enough to create some coverage sacks. I'm nervous, though, to see how Washington will respond to the zone options. If I were a coach, I would make Martinez beat me with his arm - in which case, we have an answer to that with Zac Lee or Cody Green.
  16. I'm not really going to wade in on the arguments about adopting a business plan because I agree - those that can't make it are either unwilling or unable to adapt their business model to account for the increase of regulation. At the same time, this inability to adapt will result in a loss of business for me which is why I originally disagreed with the regulation. More importantly, though, is that there is no evidence suggesting that this specific type of regulation will have any impact on food safety. Currently, anti microbiological testing is required at large scale packing houses. The mandate is that they have to test one box per pallet - if that one box is good, then they assume that the rest of the pallet is good. The problem with the regulation is how the meat industry is structured. IBP & Tyson view their relationship with the smaller processor as large part of their distribution chain. Many small butchers & meat retail stores buy quarters of beef from the packing houses and then further process it because they don't have the inspection status OR the ability to slaughter everything they sell for retail. What the FSIS directive is saying is that the small processor has to test all the meat it sells for retail - even the meat it doesn't slaughter. (This excludes custom slaughter because technically it's not retail) The problem with the regulation is that they're requiring business owners to test a product that they have no control over. If the box of trim they bought from IBP has E.Coli, it came from the packing house - how can they guarantee that the box of beef they buy from IBP was the one tested? They can't. My position is that there should be further restrictions on testing of large packers so they can limit the amount of contaminated meat that enters the market place. As a $30billion company, IBP have the capital and technology to further test and prevent the spread of e.coli into the market place which is why it should be their responsibility to test the product. I know that the small processors would rather pay more up front for the boxed meat than pay for the regulation themselves when they ultimately have no responsibility for the safety of the meat.
  17. I cannot speak to the biology of E.Coli but if a beef is slaughtered correctly it will not show up in your hamburger. The problem with E.Coli is not what the beef is fed, rather, it's where it's slaughtered and processed. Large industrial packing houses are concerned with the bottom line. The bottom line is how many beef they can kill, quarter, freeze & get out the door in 2 days. Because of that, you don't see the same care put into the slaughter that you see in a local custom butcher. I insure 100 or so custom butchers and in the 20+ years of our agencies experience, we have never had someone get sick from eating beef that comes from a local butcher. The interesting statistic is that there are 6000 USDA inspected meat processors in the country, of that 6000 85% of the beef in the country comes from 4 firms: Tyson, IBP, Beef America and Swift. My point is that the problem is not what the beef is fed but rather with the way it is slaughtered. I think this also speaks a lot to the way American culture views its food production. At a packing house, they rush through the slaughter and if even one has traces of feces on the carcas and it's not caught, it's mixed in the the trim and dispersed into the market place. When you buy a hamburger from safeway or hy-vee, you can trace genetics from 300 different cows, which explains the we have seen E.Coli explosions in the recent years. The reverse is when you buy a beef from a butcher, you get that 1 animal and most times they can cut all kinds of different steaks and chops and roasts from that one beef - and this can feed a family of 6 for a whole year. For me it's a matter of comfort. I saw the animal I'm eating before it was slaughtered and there is a level of relief to that. I suggest to all meat eaters to buy their beef locally. Find a rancher in your area, buy a beef from them and have it slaughtered. Most people won't be able to eat a whole beef in 1 year so it's even more efficient to buy it with a couple people. This year, my wife and I went in on a quarter with 3 other people - it cost us about $300 for beef for the whole year. You can do this same thing with Bison. On the issue of regulation, FSIS recently imposed new regulations on ALL USDA & State inspected meat plants. Most of my customers fall in that category. The regulations impose microbiological testing on all meat processing done in the United States. The problem with that is that that type of testing is very expensive. One customer who does about $1million in sales was going to have to spend over $250K/year to maintain that type of testing. That's simply too expensive. My point is that history should dictate who is regulated and how heavy the regulation is. Tyson & the large plants should be required to microbiological test all of their products and they don't do it. Interestingly enough, those large plants were exempted from the FSIS Validation issue entirely and it fell on most of the smaller USDA plants. I agree that food safety is important, I'm just saying that we need to think about who we regulate.
  18. Top Chef is cool. For the remaining of the TV Chef personalities - they're a disgrace. Speaking for myself as someone who enjoys cooking, chef reality shows are worthless. Even worse are the shows that are on cooking networks in the daytime. Has anyone made a paula dean recipe? Jesus, the diners drive-in's and dives host (the concept is ok) has a cooking show that basically replicates a Chilis or Applebees menu. That shit is gross. Same with Bobby Flay and all of the other "judges" that have turned their pseudo knowledge of food into stupid tv shows. Like I said, Top Chef at least has qualified chefs, and Iron Chef has credibility when Morimoto is cooking. I've never seen a reputable chef put anything with the word 'poppers' on their menu. The vast majority of cooking shows including Hells Kitchen started with a good idea and have dissolved into flavor of love type shows where the predominant line is "I've been here since day 1" or "At the end of the day I'm here to win - not to make friends." I'd be more interested in hearing people's recommendations for good chefs that are on TV and the channels to find them. Alton Brown, though annoying, has pretty good tips & recipes. I'd also be interested in hearing some of the other things people here enjoy cooking. I love to barbecue and recently have been smoking a lot of pork butts on my big green egg. Prior to that, I was really into pizza and soups. I'm going to try to get into fish but being in the midwest makes that kind of difficult.
  19. This is a tough discussion. I can't speak for any of the states mentioned other than Nebraska so I'll limit my speculation to Nebraska. As much as I'd like to blame PF for sucking the policy pool and being an inferior activity, I can't blame PF for taking policy debaters from LSE, or East or Lincoln High because those teams haven't had competitive policy teams for almost a decade (excluding Lincoln High's run to semis at state a few years ago). I think it's partially due to the fact that Nebraska just has fewer people in the state - thats the same in the business world, too. I don't know the numbers, but I bet there are more twice as many towns in Iowa with 50,000+ population than Nebraska. The trend that is interesting to me is that while Krny, Norfolk & Fremont have had good runs over the last 15-20 years, the teams that are dominant today are the teams that were dominant through the past 20 years are the Metro Omaha schools. I speculate that it's because there are simply more people. Larger towns have larger school districts, larger school districts have more funding, which allows for national travel which allows for more diverse competition which adds to the skill of those teams. Like I said, Norfolk, Krny & Fremont have all had good runs through the years but the teams that were and still are dominant are the teams in a population with 200,000+ people. I know that Norfolk will be fielding 1 varsity team this year and a handful of novice, and after that, I would venture to guess that Norfolk policy debate is on it's way out. I think you can make this comparison with the success of athletic teams too. Norfolk, Fremont, Grand Island & Krny all occassionally do well on the high school football circuit but it's nothing compared to the long sustained tradition of Lincoln & Omaha metro schools.
  20. What is true about his offensive language?
  21. Your language is offensive. Apologize for that comment.
  22. Am I the only person that watches Breaking Bad? Most of the shows people are taking about (Community, Parks & Rec, American Dad, ect.) are all comedies. AMC is way ahead of the ball on serious dramatic TV shows. Breaking Bad has been the best show on TV for the last 3 years. Thoughts?
  23. Is this thread about new shows? If so, Community was great. Treme is awesome. For renewing shows, Breaking Bad has been pretty good this year. Definitely not as dramatic as the second or as intense as the first, but overall it's still my favorite show to watch. The first season was unlike anything I've ever seen on TV. They killed 2 people in that season. I predict Walt will kill Jesse at the end of this season.
  24. I was commenting on dude's post about waiting to decide what he thought until he went to mass not on how he relates religion to aliens. Read the entire thread before you post.
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