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  1. It's over, Josh. This behavior is not 8". That's better than what happened if you lost. And one of the kids Ashley debated with in high school was one of the republican emo crew. Dylan, I'm sure you remember these dweebs. I judged a semis round at state where it was one krny team vs another. Ashley and her partner were dating Rachel and John. I don't remember who won because I couldn't get over how awkward the dynamics in the room were.
  2. Can't remember who said it but "moral relativism is for pussies."
  3. Wait...is that you Charlie?
  4. You shut up about the North endzone. Thats where my season tickets are. I didn't sit down the entire game. It sounds like you were the one that was abnormally quiet.
  5. Rule out the national championship game - there is no way we get there unless the top five totally melt down. If we win out including the big 12 championship, we're in the fiesta bowl. If we loose to OU, I bet we get the at-large bid. I was at the game and saw the Courtney Osborne hit. I had the game DVR'd because I wanted to hear the commentary from Big 12 official Jim Cunningham, the anti-football crusader. First off, that was a fumble that should have been counted for a TD. Second, that was good tackling - his head was up, he lowered his butt, wrapped up and exploded (that sounds strangely sexual). That's how I was taught to tackle in 7th grade. All the talk around head hits is getting a little ridiculous. And now that the officials didn't call a flag on that hit, I'm sure Osborne will get suspended which is unfortunate because he played really well this weekend. Ciante Evans = the next Prince Amukamara. This kid was a true freshman and he played a hell of a game.
  6. I went to the Mizzou game right after that happened in 2008. I was tailgating in with a sign that said "Chase Daniels Eats Boogers." I left at half time.
  7. Oh good - I'm the first one that gets to make this joke... Because the parents that take their kids to the children's museum complained that there's a 40 year old dude that spends too much time hanging out by the children's museum on P street. I agree with that prediction. I'm still not sold that Mizzou is as good as they think they are right now, but I will let them think that. There is nothing better than beating an over confident team at Memorial Stadium. On an unrelated note: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/26/AR2010102604498.html
  8. Wrong. I knew coming into this game OKS was going to score points - but this was a little silly. The 2nd half was much better on the defensive front. They only gave up 14 pts & 100 yards, and the 2nd td was a too little too late. Wrong. 5 catches 156 yards Wrong. 200+ on 19 carries Wrong. 7 Dropped passes. 2 dropped TD's that lead to field goals. Wrong. Though I'm not fully convinced that Mizzou is the real deal. OU is starting or playing 9 true freshmen. Ryan, you're usually spot on with your analysis of huskers football but you've been off for two weeks now. Whats the deal? The comment you made on Texas, though completely wrong, was very well written - I suggest a career as a sports journalist.
  9. Nebraskans need to learn that if we stop wanting things so badly, it won't hurt when we don't get them. Jesus. What a waste of a beautiful day. Lincoln couldn't have had better weather.
  10. I can go either way on the first three predictions - the fourth is a guaranteed. Pelini's comment after the game when asked about the next week off sums up my confidence "They had their day off today - we will get them back in shape."
  11. Thats the result of inexperienced linebackers. Compton and Fisher wouldn't have let those middle holes open up.
  12. I expect our secondary to play about like they did last week. The players said that they made those picks because they knew the tendencies of Enderle and that's a direct result of good coaching and scouting. Washington runs similar plays with pick & crossing routs. I think the Pelinis will have this all figured out and we will see some jumped routes. One thing to remember, though, is that sometimes DB's miss those picks and if they would have missed any one of those 5 on Saturday there was plenty of running room behind them.
  13. This sounds problematic in any context. I like what they're doing.
  14. Great. Then Taylor Martinez is the man for the job.
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