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  1. GOod question. CX is dying in Eastern Washington with only about four schools having CX squads, but PF didn't affect those numbers in Eastern Washington. PF provided an "easy" form of debate, replacing L-D, so LD numbers are down slightly. Some new schools have embraced PF, so it provided a venue for smaller, newer programs to succeed, but from what I saw in our area and at Nationals, the larger schools send their JV LD and CXers into tournaments, and those folks dominate the newer programs. So, overall in Eastern WA, PF hasn't hurt CX but has hurt LD numbers slightly.
  2. Any ideas? What do you think of extra topicality since by passing TOPA, we just shuffle the prisoners to other facilities stateside. The charge and detention stays the same, only the detention facility changes. Just like Guantanamo, we are only eliminating the place at which they are detained without charge rather than decreasing authority. Am I way off here on my interpretation?
  3. What do you think of this case? Not many camps put out Negs against it.
  4. (This one's for you, Krebs) Why is it that everyone on the Western side of the State of Washington seems to get away with travelling independently in and out of season in apparent violation of the rules, while every time a Spokane area debater does it, he gets in trouble?
  5. Rise up and fight against your bourgeoisie capitalist oppressors. Promote free evidence everywhere!
  6. Hey, all you evidence slaves. Have you ever thought it odd that you play thousands of dollars to go to these camps, cut thousands of cards, and then the cards that you cut get sold as discs or in handbooks by the university programs, and you don't get anything for it? Plus, these same College programs tout "education" as the justification for advocating certain arguments (kritiks, performative affs), yet they become irate if you try to trade the evidence you got at camp in the name of education.
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