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  1. PS. Definitely willing to share fruits of our labor with any interested collaborators.
  2. Hey there cross-xers, So I am an assistant debate coach and our nat quals tournament is in a couple of weeks and I am interested in cutting a new semi-generic disad. I've been getting bored of hearing debris, weaponization, and politix, and want to try and work on something new and interesting with my students. Any suggestions....? Thanks
  3. Anyone found any more topic specific critical authors or articles?
  4. Denver_East_03

    Bias K

    I agree with your general point, but really... Theory = theoretical objectection So people object to certain arguments, types of argument, ethics or tactics, but not limited to the basis of fairness. There may be other reasons to have a theoretical objection to something in round. The typical major categories of theory impacts are education, skills and gaming.
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    Bias K

    This is an interesting thought... and I may be inclined to agree. I do know that is basically how they teach Theory in LD camps these days. That of course doesn't make it right!
  6. Ok so for novices, you want to emphasize that both debaters should flow the entire round. Use your prep time (and cx time) to write and "pull" your answers and evidence. As your chemistry develops, and you differentiate in your familiarity with different args, partners will alternate starting to pull out answers and front-lines with flowing. Then partners can help catch each other up with things they missed. As you get better at flowing, and become more familiar with cx and the topic, you will start to become familiar with certain arguments, and will be able to "half-listen" to certain cards. It is also critical that you are very familiar with your boxes or digital files, and their organization. This means not just having a bunch of files from camp, but rather files you have compiled/researched yourself, re-indexed, and personally made extensions and overviews. This level of preparation is why most coaches say that in policy, the debate is usually over before you get on the bus. Also, as partners get more comfortable with each other, they can start helping "backflow" their partners speeches. This means that while their partner is speaking, you flow the speech for them, so that they have a complete flow when they sit down. This is helpful, because it is common for a speaker to make off-the-cuff analyticals as well as not have written down new evidence they have read during the speech. As you become more familiar with your answers, and partner, it will be easier to do backflowing while simultaneously working on your own speech. In the end, the key is getting good at basic flowing and organization, and practice debating often, so that you are able to deal with the stress and time constraints.
  7. Ill give you much more than you give me, want ISS files or cards. Message if interested
  8. Looking for more files, already have a few, but they are that great. I have lots of other files, willing to trade anything, PM me.
  9. I know several different camps offer Camp for Coaches. Has anyone gone to any of these or have any info/advice about which are best/if they are worth the time and $? Thanks
  10. This is definitely interesting! Good find, keep 'em coming!
  11. Just wanted to start a possible K list for new topic: What I have seen people saying: -Capitalism -Government Bad/The Gift/Local Action Best -Foucault/Biopower -Coersion/Libertarianism -Security -Heidegger -DnG -Lacan/Zizek What I think might be good: -Biopower -The Empire -Ecofem -maybe even the return of Statism Any additions? I am sure there are some more topic specific critical authors out there, so feel free to update with authors as well.
  12. Thanks, that is a lot of great info. I am familiar with 3nr and DebateVision, but will definitely look into the rest! I seem to remember somewhere that coaches could apply for a scholarship for debate camp, if anyone remembers more about who was offering this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again Nathan!
  13. Hello, I am a teacher in training, and will be doing my student teaching semester next year, split between social studies and debate classes. I want to start planning my curriculum and lesson plans, and was hoping to go some advice, and maybe eventually feedback, from the community here. I didn't find any other forum threads that seemed extremely relevant, but please let me know if some of this has already been discussed. I am most curious about what resources are out there for coaches, in regards to lesson examples, articles, suggested activities, forums on the subject, etc. This is what I am aware of already: Cross-X's Novice center NDCA's Open Evidence Project, Coaching/Teaching Resources, and Wiki Planet Debate Georgetown Debate Seminar 2011 NFL and NFL Resources Debatepedia! I am a former Debater, who had several coaching switches and ineffective classroom environments. As a Teacher and Coach myself, I want to create an effective, organized, and enjoyable classroom experience. The current Debate teacher is a contract employee, with a legal background, but no teaching experience/training. I find his approach too dictatorial, disorganized, and generally ineffective. I find this depressing and often frustrating, but as least I have a clear example of what I do not want to replicate. Therefore, please share any other resources you may have and I would be very grateful. If anyone wants to share examples of lesson plans, I also would be very interested in seeing these. Over the next few months as I start writing my own, I will post them here and would appreciate any feedback! Thanks, and best of luck this semester to your teams. Ben
  14. Waiting for Varsity team to kick but in Octo's at James Logan.... I hate not beeing there

  15. Hey Guys, Sorry I did not get these results up myself, thanks so much Greg for getting up (gotta love all that info Joy of Tournaments gives you). Thanks again to all the schools and competitors who participated, it was East's and GW's honor to have you!! Ben Hand-Bender Denver East Ass. Debate Coach PS. Good news from this past weekend at Glenbrooks, made some great contacts with other teams and coaches. Next year's Mile High is already gaining some attention, and it looks like we will be very successful in getting more out-of-state teams. Exciting stuff!!
  16. Getting ready for Glenbrooks

  17. Thanks, I will look into these suggestions. I am also looking for some stuff that basically says we have a unique role and power in the world, and only through benevolent US action can most of the problems (the implications of most kritiks) be solved or even addressed. If anyone has suggestions for good perm cards, about needing to use the US or working within the system in a conscious/self-critical notion in order to move beyond SQ or entrenched power structures, these could be helpful too. Ideally, I'd love to find some good evidence that basically says: US is world's Hegemon, this power/position has been used for good/evil, a critical application of this Hegemony is necessary to moving beyond current systems of domination and discrimination. The underlying thinking here is US power going to be around, just kritiking this is infinitely regressive and nonconstructive, best alternative is to sanction and encourage a legitimate and positive use of US hegemony. Trust me, I understand that these arguments are the exact Link into so many K's, but I have teams running Heg and military advantages, and I know we will need to get some serious Kritik answers together. Thanks again
  18. Hey there, I am looking for some good authors and/or cards about Hegemony being good with pre-fiat implications. So far in my search I have just seen post-fiat evidence, or too specific K answers (like AT: Spanos). I know this is not the typical critical argument we hear, but I'd really like to find/cut some ev that says: -American Hegemony good, and key to solve entrenched power structures/heirarchies -Performance/Reps of Heg good = solving many K's, etc. -Pre-fiat endorsement of Heg good o/w's any post-fiat neg impacts/turns I hope I did not miss a thread on this already, I searched before posting, but feel free to redirect me as needed. Thanks
  19. In addition to the good advice given above, I am really straightforward with my students. As a former debater, I let them know that Debate is literally the most beneficial thing I have done, in regards to learning about the world, but even more importantly in preparing me for college (writing, note-taking, and advocacy work), as well as professionally. Furthermore, we like the emphasize the thrill of competition, and how invigorating it is the compete (and win) in an intellectual forum like debate. Good luck!
  20. UPDATE: I am excited to announce and welcome Cherry Creek's varsity CX teams to the inaugural Mile High Speech and Debate Tournament!! We are really happy to have the great competition and think this is another big step to building a quality, TOC-bid/national circuit tournament here in Colorado. Ben Hand-Bender Denver East Assistant Debate Coach PS. Also just got confirmation that CC's full parli team is coming to judge, as well as their Head Coach!
  21. Hey everybody, Just looking for more suggestions of quality debate judges for the Mile High Speech and Debate Tournament on 11/11 and 11/12. We have lots of good East, GW, and Kent alumnie coming, and some college kids from DU, CC, CU and UW (Wyoming). But I would love any additional suggestions/contact information of people that might be interested. You can let them know it is $10 a round, they get free food, and I can work to find them somewhere free to stay if they are coming out of town. Please ask any of your schools' alumni, as well as any college debaters that you may know. Thanks, and feel free to e-mail me contact information if you would prefer to posting on this thread. Ben Hand-Bender East High School Assist. Debate Coach bhandbender@gmail.com
  22. http://www.debatevision.com/play.php?vid=146 Check this out, and feel free to post any thoughts.
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