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  1. PS. Definitely willing to share fruits of our labor with any interested collaborators.
  2. Hey there cross-xers, So I am an assistant debate coach and our nat quals tournament is in a couple of weeks and I am interested in cutting a new semi-generic disad. I've been getting bored of hearing debris, weaponization, and politix, and want to try and work on something new and interesting with my students. Any suggestions....? Thanks
  3. Anyone found any more topic specific critical authors or articles?
  4. Denver_East_03

    Bias K

    I agree with your general point, but really... Theory = theoretical objectection So people object to certain arguments, types of argument, ethics or tactics, but not limited to the basis of fairness. There may be other reasons to have a theoretical objection to something in round. The typical major categories of theory impacts are education, skills and gaming.
  5. Denver_East_03

    Bias K

    This is an interesting thought... and I may be inclined to agree. I do know that is basically how they teach Theory in LD camps these days. That of course doesn't make it right!
  6. Ok so for novices, you want to emphasize that both debaters should flow the entire round. Use your prep time (and cx time) to write and "pull" your answers and evidence. As your chemistry develops, and you differentiate in your familiarity with different args, partners will alternate starting to pull out answers and front-lines with flowing. Then partners can help catch each other up with things they missed. As you get better at flowing, and become more familiar with cx and the topic, you will start to become familiar with certain arguments, and will be able to "half-listen" to certain cards. It is also critical that you are very familiar with your boxes or digital files, and their organization. This means not just having a bunch of files from camp, but rather files you have compiled/researched yourself, re-indexed, and personally made extensions and overviews. This level of preparation is why most coaches say that in policy, the debate is usually over before you get on the bus. Also, as partners get more comfortable with each other, they can start helping "backflow" their partners speeches. This means that while their partner is speaking, you flow the speech for them, so that they have a complete flow when they sit down. This is helpful, because it is common for a speaker to make off-the-cuff analyticals as well as not have written down new evidence they have read during the speech. As you become more familiar with your answers, and partner, it will be easier to do backflowing while simultaneously working on your own speech. In the end, the key is getting good at basic flowing and organization, and practice debating often, so that you are able to deal with the stress and time constraints.
  7. Ill give you much more than you give me, want ISS files or cards. Message if interested
  8. Looking for more files, already have a few, but they are that great. I have lots of other files, willing to trade anything, PM me.
  9. I know several different camps offer Camp for Coaches. Has anyone gone to any of these or have any info/advice about which are best/if they are worth the time and $? Thanks
  10. This is definitely interesting! Good find, keep 'em coming!
  11. Just wanted to start a possible K list for new topic: What I have seen people saying: -Capitalism -Government Bad/The Gift/Local Action Best -Foucault/Biopower -Coersion/Libertarianism -Security -Heidegger -DnG -Lacan/Zizek What I think might be good: -Biopower -The Empire -Ecofem -maybe even the return of Statism Any additions? I am sure there are some more topic specific critical authors out there, so feel free to update with authors as well.
  12. Thanks, that is a lot of great info. I am familiar with 3nr and DebateVision, but will definitely look into the rest! I seem to remember somewhere that coaches could apply for a scholarship for debate camp, if anyone remembers more about who was offering this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again Nathan!
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