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  1. V. Diddy


    What happened to the lyrical battlefield?!
  2. in retrospect, i really wish i had spent way more time in high school playing computer games also, the real reason i left at the block was because i was DQd...you can pick a reason
  3. I've been so out of contact, I don't even know where he's coaching.
  4. qft don't you all have video games to be playing? seriously, you need to stop fuckin around with some fake world with no meaning and play world of warcraft. zOMG wow.
  5. sorry i bailed early, holiday season and all that. didn't get a chance to say the see you laters, so peace to chris, jamison, sarah, ritika, and everyone else who i saw that checks these boards. hope to see everyone again at our end of year/beginning of summer tourney, whereever that ends up being. please post results once it's over.
  6. john and i will be there from 8 until sometime in the early afternoon.
  7. You don’t want my philosophy because you care about my worldview. All you really want to know is how you should debate. The best answer is: by any means necessary. Game recognize game, so stay true to what you do and don’t be ashamed. Some tips: - I don’t have a default impact calculus. Which means when I walk into a room I’ve no reason to vote for any argument you run. It’s your job to tell me why I should vote for you. This levels the playing field for teams running crazy shit, since the onus is not solely on them to prove why their framework is a good idea. This generally means it’s to your advantage to go for fewer well-developed arguments than lots of moderately explained ones. - I hate stupid arguments. Depending on how you run it, any argument could be stupid. I’ve seen stupid counterplans, "performances", theory, and arguments that don’t warrant a label they were so stupid. There is a big difference between stupid and unorthodox. I challenge you to find a well-warranted/researched argument I think is inappropriate. - Speech times are a rule. You will not be giving a 3nr/3ar. I have better shit to do than listen to more of what was probably a bad round if you need another speech. I’m not participating in an intellectual discussion of the ideas you just presented instead of debating. If you want to, I can’t stop you, but as soon as you’ve stopped debating I’ll fill out the ballot and leave. New 2ar arguments won’t be flowed. - Don’t worry about your speaker points, I’m gon handle that. I hate the words "performance" and "pre/post-fiat." I like humor, but there’s nothing lamer than someone trying to be funny. I like passing references to good books, music, sports and movies. I like it when you know what you’re talking about. I hate boredom. I hate non-blatant culture bashing. It may be Christmas (the day we celebrate the miracle of the Immaculate Conception) but you won’t get a 30. - Fast high school debaters are really just unclear on theory and tags. If I didn’t flow it, it didn’t happen. Debate is a game, even if the game is you arguing that it’s not. If you don’t think you’re winning, I probably don’t either. I have no idea what you’re talking about other than what you tell me. Perming T is stupid. - Don’t really care what else you do. If you got beef with my RFD, holla at me, V. Diddy. Really. Nothing you say is going to offend me, and I’ll probably be pissed if I think you’re holding something back. This is all subject to change when and how I feel like it.
  8. there's a good chance that john rief and possibly myselves won't be there. if john can't go but i can, someone will have to step up and give me a ride. but know this: i will not pay for any of the gas and i have veto power over any music you choose to play. i might very well say nothing to you the entire trip other than "hey" and "thanks". i might rap poorly along with the lyrics, assuming a suitable track is played. i have long legs, so if anyone is sitting in front of or behind me they will have to move their seat to accomodate me. i might wake up the morning of and decide not to go becuase of lack of sleep or video games. you may have to arrange a ride back for me if you can't do it. other than that i'm really a nice person, once you get to know me. i will use my coercive talents to attempt to get john to go.
  9. this is precisely the information i wanted kelly's information was unhelpful because white people are all identical siblings.
  10. i can never remember these things... that denver east guy...which one is he? i know the name, i can see it written right there, but which one is he?
  11. sheridan CO is 100000009867943856093486566435435983465983658435x better than sheridan WY
  12. given: i'm bored i'm not too lazy i don't have plans i can find a ride a decent number of cx teams express interest i'll be there
  13. well, on the first page of the thread... "In all rounds of debate in NFL district and national competition, all debaters shall orally deliver during each round complete citations for each piece of evidence introduced . . ."
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