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  1. Before we went off on the inevitable anti-PFD rampage, there was the interesting issue of a state activities board declaring that a specific subject matter was beyond the acceptable realm of discussion for high school students. Anyone gonna pick that up?
  2. That's a fairly accurate assessment; there are tournaments at which advanced debaters judge novices, but they're the exception rather than the rule. Certainly your average novice is going to have to communicate primarily with laypeople. In any case, Kansas seems to produce a fair number of teams that reach late elims at nationals while still maintaining an environment in which 150 schools feel comfortable maintaining their programs. So it's not impossible.
  3. Not suprising that you never heard of it. Your coaches are not and never have been part of the problem. Were I to go into more detail here, I WOULD be part of the problem. The bottom line is that we as a group need to be more tolerant of one another and to police our own backbiting. Myself included. It's costing us qualified people, and it's making my professional life a lot less pleasant.
  4. This is a productive and intelligent discussion, and Greg is to be commended for bringing the subject up. Frankly, I think it is more productive to discuss this in an open forum than to have it be the subject of a whispering campaign behind closed doors; that's why I disagree with most of my colleagues and think that crossx.com is a good thing for Kansas debate, at least potentially. I have to assume that the rules change to which Greg is referring is an adjustment in the state rules that would require teams qualifying to the state tournament to have a W/L record of over 50% at four tournaments IN KANSAS. To the best of my knowledge this rules change will NOT be in effect next year, as it will, like all other rules changes, have to go through the KSHSAA-approved process. I will support this rules revision, actually, as debating half the season within the state strikes me as a very reasonable requirement for teams that would like to be declared the state champion. As for the rest of Alderete's arguments: I respect the man himself, having taught at an institute with him a decade ago and talked with him briefly at last year's NFL Nats, but there are a number of reasons why his concerns don't especially apply to Kansas. Start with the fact that, unlike Michigan, the majority of Kansas schools are institutionally incapable of travel on the circuit for financial and geographical reasons. Add in the omnipresence of lay judges in our judging pools, including at state, and the general practice of hiring coaches without college debate expertise. Remember also the regional balkanization which largely prevents practices in any one region from bleeding over into another. The bottom line is that specific schools have been travelling the circuit in a limited fashion since the early 1990s and we've seen none of what Alderete describes. Circuit travel has created, in Kansas, what amounts to a niche circuit--champ--which appears to be declining in popularity, while the traditional circuit continues to thrive. There have been schools which have folded up their tents due to an absence of student interest or money or dedicated coaching, but they haven't been programs in direct competition with circuit schools. My school will never be one of those programs, but I continue to feel pride in their accomplishments and I think that their influence on the circuit is generally beneficial.
  5. I have to be honest, I'm more optimistic about the Kansas model than either Dinosaurio or Shuman are. While coaching conflict is a concern, it is certainly a state in which traditional programs (of all sizes) exist and compete successfully alongside circuit-style programs; there's little about what's happened in Kansas that supports the assertion that circuit debate will crowd out or broadly "kill" traditional debate.
  6. Can you direct us to the original thread for that, Greg? My feeling, as always, is that we don't have to choose one kind of debate or the other. Kansas schools that want to travel circuit can do so, and if they do, it's no skin off my back. There are far greater threats to Kansas debate than the prospect of circuit travel; the largest of these threats is the way we coaches treat each other and the way we treat potential coaches.
  7. STADB8

    DCI list?

    Somebody else has to have cancelled in addition to them; the list that was sent out contained 24 teams but no Brazil/Coleman. I guess we'll find out in a week or so.
  8. STADB8

    DCI list?

    Atwood and Beier-Green didn't make the final 24. I'll stop making trouble and go check my email tomorrow.
  9. STADB8

    DCI list?

    Who cancelled? I really oughta know these things myself, I guess, but I don't have access to my school account from here.
  10. What's the info on Millard West? Date/contact info and so forth...
  11. That's a brutal bit of hard luck for Hutchinson. The NFL rules make teams not hitting twice a higher priority than everything except the drawing of the bye and a school not hitting itself--so the only way that could have happened is that EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE MATCHUP of Mac vs. the opposition would have resulted in some pairing of teams hitting twice. At least two of Kansas best teams each get to go to a national tournament--Harper/Swearer to CFL and Groblacher/Parkins to NFL. And congrats to Buhler, too...nobody mentioned them when double qualification was discussed, and they were the first to pull it off. Been a great season for them. They now have more national tournament qualifying teams than any other school in the state, and Young will surely get strong support for KSCA Coach of the Year.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, that ends the longest and most inexplicable streak in Kansas debate: Silver Lake's never having had an NFL policy debate qualifier.
  13. STADB8

    Underrated teams

    In terms of his COACHING, that statement is 100% true.
  14. STADB8

    Underrated teams

    I was tempted to do exactly that, but even as a joke (I was going to list my own teams) it could only end in hurt feelings.
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