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  1. Open Evidence is starting to become populated with camp files.
  2. Talk to some local restaurants and see if they'll help you fundraise with a night for your debate team at their establishment. They're usually really helpful. After you get it set up, just put it on blast throughout the school and however else you can. Usually, they'll give you 10-15% of the tickets that mention they are dining that evening for your team.
  3. Pi

    2013-2014 Dci

    It's attached. 2014-2015 DCI Bid Tournaments.pdf
  4. George Mason starter files: http://masondebate.pbworks.com/w/page/82557880/2014%20GMU%20Patriot%20Debate%20Institute%20-%20Policy
  5. GDS has added evidence besides the Starter Pack to their wiki.
  6. Some other ones: Georgia - http://gdi.paperlessdebate.com/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/EvidenceLectures/Forms/AllItems.aspx Georgetown - http://gds14.wikispaces.com/Evidence And also: KU - http://jdi2014.wikispaces.com/
  7. Pi

    NFL Elims

    AFF in my room is running IBWC with Economy and Heg advantages.
  8. Pi

    NFL Elims

    I'm in Room 126 judging, but I don't know what teams I'm seeing because I haven't seen a pairing.
  9. Pi


    Check the college Wiki two topics ago. Lots of teams ran Electricity Prices DA's.
  10. A side comment that would solve back some of problems raised in this thread (which I won't go back and answer all of them) is to allow for teams to tape their speeches in a debate round. Notice I didn't say record the whole debate, but record only speeches given by that school. It solves back any claims about coaches being able to coach things that happened in a debate and IF an oral critique is given, coaches can look at the notes that their debaters took during the oral/debater feedback then relate it to what really happened in a debate. Also, we can match up the tape to what is said on the ballot to make any lack of an oral critique/ballot still a learning experience. As a coach, I find that my debaters sometimes (actually most of the time) sound a little bit different in an actual debate compared to a practice speech/debate. Lots of factors are involved in that. I would like the ability to check for understanding with my debaters by having tournament rather than fixing problems that might go unnoticed.
  11. Anyone either have this article or card? Like a typical debater, I don't want to pay to get this darn thing. Thanks in advance. **This is a joke --- removing some restrictions on baseball might be a nice step but is not the litmus test of relations --- we will still keep the embargo which is a massive alt causeLIGNET, 11 - The Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET.com) is a Washington, DC-based service providing global intelligence and forecasting from former CIA, U.S. intelligence and national security officers (“The U.S. Embargo on Cuba: Will It Ever Be Lifted?â€, 11/5, http://www.lignet.com/ArticleAnalysis/The-US-Embargo-on-Cuba-Will-It-Ever-Be-Lifted) The Obama administration’s outreach, however, has only gone so far. Refusing to AND want to improve relations...They have not treated me like a friend.â€
  12. Pi

    Dci Reform

    Chris and Tim have an excellent Sunday proposal for DCI that I would be on board to support. Right now, Kansas Debate tournaments are a lot like CFL - which, having never been there, is best described by a friend in the community as the "Battan Death Match" of debate tournaments. Currently, there is only one in-state tournament that is 3 days - KCKCC. If you add DCI to the list, that's a grand total of two tournaments that are different than the rest of ones on the schedule that are ALL one or two day tournaments. If DCI is so special, then why don't we make it three days?
  13. Apology To the Kansas HS Debate community & the DCI Steering Committee, I humbly offer my apology for the recent negative comments that I made towards the Debate Coaches Invitational (DCI) tournament on social media. My comments should not reflect upon KMC Debate & Forensics. They were made by me alone. Please do not punish our team for the comments made by an individual. My remarks were short-sighted and made out of frustration & my passionate drive to have my students succeed--whether that be in academic debate or in other aspects of their lives. I allowed my feelings to get the best of me without also recognizing my place in the community & on our team as an educator and role model. I have nothing but admiration & the utmost respect for the DCI tournament as well as the coaches that selflessly devoted their time & work into one of the most prestigious debate tournaments in the state of Kansas. In addition, I apologize to the debaters who competed at DCI. My intentions were not to criticize your accomplishments at this tournament. I only offer my congratulations for all of your learning & success this season. I hope the community forgives me. Thank you for reading. Andrew Halverson Andrew
  14. Nathan, Thanks for posting the videos to the Ross Smith lectures! I'll be sure to share this with my team ASAP. As a coaching staff, we're always looking for ways to get them to communicate efficiently and effectively. Too bad we won't be able to use this in Kansas with the exception of DCI and any tourneys we might go to in the 2nd semester.
  15. I come to Cross-X to see if I can discover how some coach friends of mine are doing and I stumble upon this thread. I'll be completely honest. Some of the reactions to Alex's idea are a lot of the reasons I don't come back to help out the community as much as I want. This insular mode of thinking does not really accomplish anything. It turns me off in wanting to give back. In addition, this type of thinking is apparent in the way that some coaches react to certain judging philosophies and such displayed by people wanting to help in the Kansas high school community. I'm way older now but I know that coaches ridicule me behind my back for believing in things like this Caselist Wiki and various other things that I believe in. Did I make any arguments for or against the Wiki here? Implicitly, sure. However, more than anything, I just wanted to share the viewpoint of an outsider who yearns for more inclusion and fewer barriers in Kansas debate only to find that things hardly change. That lack of change and acceptance is an big impediment for my participation in helping an activity that shaped who I am and love dearly.
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