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  1. FAY CO has gone nuts. i miss you yasin...you and your copyrighted heart-filled poems.
  2. janelle only thinks she's that WORD bc she has gained 10 pounds.
  3. yay for charcoal's profanity!
  4. this summer has only added to my obesity. i cant wait for uga- the a stands for my anorexia.
  5. hey- dont hate on my family. sometimes we dont get dessert unless we keep our dinner down.
  6. uh....there....there....
  7. aw dang and double dang.
  8. i just called him, he said he would email hester.
  9. the admin at fayco hate debate? i thought they just hated mamabev- the admin always loved me. they let me get away with anything! yay for lame high school rules i didnt follow.
  10. i thought it was funny i just hated the oompa loompas..or should i say OOMPA LOOMPA bc it was ONE MAN. suck.
  11. either way it is extremely unfair. and although life isnt fair if you are going to treat debate like a "sport" then the judging SHOULD be unbiased and not just "said" its unbiased but also carried out that way.
  12. you're always too busy with jenny i didnt want to bother you.
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