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  1. You post your own results and seem like a complete tool in doing so?
  2. That's Representative Ed Trimmer, now...
  3. Steve_Forbes

    I <3 Corey

    I'm just happy that this "Matt Dykes" is still around. I was afraid he'd been outed as a CIA undercover operative by Bush administration officials (in addition to his day job as a timeless poet) and subesquently assasinated as a result. Good to see that his secret's still safe.
  4. Ummm...Corey, I guess. The election'd have to be rigged for him to come back.
  5. It is kind of like tying for first in an election in Zimbabwe, isn't it?
  6. Because Mark Skoglund's really representative of all of the citizens of Johnson County, that's for sure.
  7. There's nothing like the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's name being floated as a potential candidate to make a lame-o governor's race a little more interesting.
  8. On the "seat'll never go to a Democrat" bit: The Senate seat would go to a Democrat if Brownback won. Either: 1) Brownback resigns from his seat early to run for governor, in which case Sebelius gets to appoint a replacement until the general election--in seven to eight months. This person instantly becomes the second-best known Democrat in the state, and a much tougher opponent for Mr. Tiahrt. 2) Brownback wins, in which case he resigns to become governor, and Sebelius appoints a replacement until the next election--in two years--before she leaves office. Seeing as it looks more and more likely by the day that the 2006 mid-terms will be a good shot for nationwide Democratic gains, it's unlikely that Brownback would want to put his Senate seat either up for grabs or in the hands of the Democrats. If Brownback loses, it's bye-bye White House anyway. On the "he'll never lose" bit: Brownback is almost a clone of Tim Shallenburger issue-wise. If Shallenburger can lose to a Democrat, then so can Brownback. Do I think it's likely that Brownback'll lose to Sebelius? No. But it's important to remember that Sebelius is an effective campaigner who'll have a good political machine (see, have raised a ton of money) by the time the next election rolls around. On the whole "too many controversial votes" bit: Brownback will have been in the Senate for 10 years by the time that the next election for Governor happens. Two more years of votes in the Senate (including one year that he'll spend almot exclusively in Iowa and New Hampshire) isn't going to do anything more to his record. The votes that could/should/would really haunt him have already happened. Conclusion: Brownback has nothing to gain by running for governor. He's a smart politican, and if I can figure this out, so can he.
  9. Kline also said that he would fairly enforce the laws of Kansas, and not use the office of the attorney general to advance a hardline right-wing agenda. Looks like he went back on that promise. If they can't find a plausible conservative candidate, then I bet there'll be some sort of little "Draft Kline" movement, and Kline will decide to run, citing the "huge" number of people who had urged him to run. If Kline runs, he wins the GOP primary. Although Brownback might win, there's no reason for him to run for governor. Why would he run when he could lose (although that might be unlikely), and would hand over his Senate seat to a Democrat? If he runs and wins, then Sebelius would get to appoint the replacement to his Senate seat (who would be a U.S. Senator until the next general election), and if he runs and loses he torpedoes his chance to become President. There's no chance Brownback runs.
  10. It's going to be a right-wing knee-jerk reactionary. That I'll guarantee. My not-so-bold prediction: Despite what he's currently saying, sometime around November, Philllllllllllllll Kline'll announce that he's decided to run for governor because of "all of the people who have asked me to consider running" or some line of BS similar to that. He'll run, and since he's currently the leading conservative nut in this state, he'll get the nomination.
  11. Good to know that I'm living in a state of awesomeness whether I'm at home or at school.
  12. Read your own comments before responding to mine foolishly. What you said there was like saying "I suppose there's a remote possiblity that the suspect didn't commit the murder, but I'm becoming more and more suspicious of him", and after he's proven innocent going "See--I told you I knew he didn't do it."
  13. Placing among the top fifteen teams at nationals last year? No--I guess he never made it to the top.
  14. Nobody's heading to PowerSquid? Sad.
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