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  1. The General

    OSSAA State

    a lot of good seniors graduated this year. but people should watch out for the younger masterson and hwang, they are going to be good.
  2. In the fall of 2000, an 8th grade student walked into the Pre-Fab building of Clyde Boyd Jr. High in Sand Springs, OK for Coach Chris Cook’s debate class. In this year students were debating about privacy. Like many students who enter their first debate class, the instructor often times does not understand the impact that will be had on their community for years to come. This kid’s name was Nathan Eicher. This class inaugurated the beginning of what I will deem – The Eicher Era. Accompanying Nathan on the debate road was his two younger brothers: Paul and Isaac. Nathan debated for Charles Page for four years with a one year departure to Jenks High School. The other two brothers enjoyed five years each in the Sand Springs, Oklahoma debate system. Between the three brothers they qualified to regionals a total of twelve times (every year possible)! Each of them qualified to state three different times (nine total times). Every one of the brothers cleared at the state tournament at least once (with Nathan clearing twice). They earned countless wins and numerous speaker awards. Nathan and Paul have also continued this road by serving as judges for a number of tournaments. Paul and Nathan both continued debating in college at the University of Oklahoma where Paul is continuing. The reason I am writing this is that the end of their involvement as high school competitors is near. Isaac’s last high school tournament will be in Birmingham, AL for NFL Nationals (this is the third time an Eicher will have qualified for this tournament…accompanying multiple alternate positions). Congratulations and thank you to the Eicher family for your extended presence: A full decade of Eicher debate as competitors. I debated with Nathan for 3 years in high school and was able to very closely get to know the Eicher family. Many people in our community have been impacted by this family. They are an awesome group of people to say the least. I am sure this is not the last we will have seen of the Eichers; as high school competitors it has culminated however. Today we are all Eichers, -Andy Casey
  3. 4 rounds for sale. I already have transportation, housing, and meals taken care of. let me know, -AC please email acasey3@uco.edu
  4. Yeah, I would agree with you, but they have now hired someone there who could probably use your help. If you would contact Dr. Don Wentroth, Principal @ PCO, I bet he can get you in contact with the new guy (405)789-4350. I bet there might even be some money in it for you!


  5. I still have one year left of college left and still have to go to my own sets of tournaments for college. I think a full time head coaching position may be too much of a role time and resource wise. hmmm...

  6. I am probably moving into administration, thus my job will be opening. It is Debate & Critical thinking. if you are interested you should e-mail the principal Don Wentroth immediately! DWentroth@putnamcityschools.org

  7. or one could waive right to a defense of the status quo for a comparable set of options such as counterplan and counter-perm. so long as the neg does something in either of those two options that subtracts from the 1ac or affirmative advocacy...then its theoretically competitive. either way, i doubt the fort is concerned with side equalization in terms of reciprocal ground. -AC
  8. Fort Hays pulls the counter-perm trick (usually with great results) alot. Some think of a counterperm as an extreme example to show the absurdity of intrinsicness permutations. the fort has a different take. Ill be brief as i wish to not completely butcher their argument. If the world is true that the affirmative gets a plan..and the negative gets a counterplan both as competing options. Then it follows logically that a permutation (a combination of all the aff plus all or some of the neg) should be rejoinded with a counterperm (all of the neg plus some of the aff...but generally not all of the aff). [note: there are no counter-counter perms etc which would make infinite regression most likely] an example in the case of a representations criticism is the aff has a plan with its advantages. the neg criticizes the representations found in those advantages. the aff is allowed a permutation to do plan and alt (while still keeping its advantages) and the neg is allowed a counterpermutation of do all the alt and the plan, but sever the representations of plan as being harmful. in these cases, it would seem that they are very good for checking intrinsicness perms but also a slightly nifty way to justify a floating pik. anyways, i dont care to justify whether this is theorhetically legit, this is just what i know counterperms to be -AC
  9. Tom richardson has become a staple in oklahoma debate, one whose absence will be sorely felt throughout the community. As an educator he was outstanding, as a critic he was awesome. one who was willing to be critical, compassionate, and extremely pedagogical. He was always willing to learn more which is more or less invaluable. overall, he is just a great guy. that sounded almost like i was giving a funeral procession which it shouldnt. the EPA doesn't know how good of an investment they've made, but they will soon. -AC
  10. this shows just how truly much of an asshole you are. and how you are everything i just said you were in terms of western culture.
  11. i'll preface this bye saying that I dont care that other people have our file. I really dont, I believe literature over native americans is immensely important and valuable. I give out our file to any high school team that asks, and i give out cards i cut on a whim. I have a problem with the fact that you think its legitimate to take those ideas and sell them. stop lying to yourself and others. you did not cut that file. If you want to give the file out to people that is perfectly fine with me and UCO debate in general. "give" is the key term...you should expect no money in return. but the notion that you get to steal a file, then put your name on it, then sell it for a profit is the same type of cannibalistic mindset that western society has been doing to native cultures for centuries. you dont know anything about native americans or native american culture. you are just using them to make a quick buck. with very little remaining respect, -AC
  12. dichotomous reasoning gay rights liberation/christianity those sets of links were taken, not in the churchill reader Im not going to buy and read your file so i can prove what i already know all the neg framework cards were cut by me...and they are very seldomly written by churchill. nazi doctors for example is in reference to josina makau an article cut by UCO 2 years prior to you coming. questioning coming first and expert knowledge bad are directly taken from uco framework blocks. churchill never specifically answers best and kellner's permutation, any perms giving back just sacred lands, or any Identity tied to land arguments. all of them are extra research that you did not do. Im not trying to make a big deal of this. I just wish you wouldnt take stuff that you did not cut and make a profit off of it. just take down the file and go back to your business. -AC
  13. tommy you dont get to sell shit you took from the UCO squad. especially considering that those cards you are profiting off of were cut by me.
  14. thats great and all how do those of us who dont speak french access a translated version?
  15. im out of here. instead of pertaining the chance that you may be wrong in your views of either the world or how debate operates you cling to the fantastic old time notions of how debate can produce rational effective subjects. you are overly self-interested and more dogmatic than you could ever hope to placate me as. i've done this for ten years. poured hours of work into both the forms of debate being talked of. ive seen the benefits of your switch side debate and ive seen the complacency, routinization, and absolute relativism it can produce. i would rather take my chances with the "debate as activism" crowds if the only response debate produces to single mothers in poverty is "its their fault" and wow, you got to use a god is dead quote. good for you.
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