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  1. i was denied admission to Emporia State- sad, i know- until Ken Delaughder made it happen. So yeah, it does help, especially if you were particularly bad at high school and are denied by Division II schools.
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    NWU FS v Wake CS MSU LW v Mary KS
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    thanks. i checked it earlier and it wasn't working, but now it is.
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    i know they read the pairings, but do they also post them online? thanks.
  5. If this comes to pass and there is nothing anyone can do about it, then we might have to apply a little more DIY ethic to maintain debate in Wichita. Its not pleasant, but what other choice do we have? that might mean: - The above mentioned parent involvement - Ridiculous amounts of fund raising - making debate a club rather than a class - limiting travel - this might actually make the quality of local tournaments better - volunteer help from former debaters (rule 10 jobs might get he axe) Whatever be the case- and i am definitely short on details- it seems like our high school students will have to grow up pretty fast if they want to keep debate in their lives. This is an unfortunate situation for everyone and i hope for the best. Matt Cook Emporia State Debate
  6. the ceda forums are superior to both edebate and the NEW edebate. its the same format as cross-x.com.
  7. Is that true? how did you find out about their GPA's? What were their ACT/SAT scores?
  8. ocean thermal energy conversion was never given a chance. Harry Braun of the Hydrogen Political Action Committee and 2004 presidential candidate agrees.
  9. final decision is made in late july, usually around the 29th or 30th. I believe the CEDA topic committee meets in early June.
  10. D3 is this weekend. will post as soon as i know.
  11. 1. he's bus driver without a bus. he's walking. 2. ed trimmer.
  12. i almost thought about bumping that mehdingtology thread. but i sided with the sleeping dogs... anyway, i'd love to make it down Hibbs, but i work for a living. you should check it out.
  13. championship isn't until the weekend after this tournament. no excuse now.
  14. he wants to shoot him in the head. he wants to shoot him in the chest. he wants to shoot him in any part of his body that hates freedom. George hamilton...alexander hamilton. george hamilton was an actor in Zoro: the gay blade. this sent me rolling.
  15. Synergistic Consistency: Two (or more) topicality arguments have to produce a consistent vision of the resolution litmus test: provide arbitrary number of affs that meet both failure to provide means aff's can never be topical and the neg should lose to settle the score. Even if you don't called it "synergistic consistency", most smart debaters should make arguments about "negative competing interpretations". example: Neg defines incentives to mean "disincentives" and increase to mean "make larger". It might be impossible to do both, or if its possible it over limits the topic and makes it bi-directional. Voting issue- competitive equity OR reject the argument. its a handy trick for fence-riding affs and people who like to hide voting issues in their theory blocks. I have won debates because of this, but i think it died out in the early 90's (pre-merger, at least. it was an old CEDA strategy.)
  16. i've been asking around at the ESU tournament this weekend about this situation, and no one quite knows whats going on. Hopefully someone with computer knowledge steps up and takes over. Without edebate, alot of the buying and selling of judging is hampered, as well as cite requests. but hey, maybe this forum will take over.
  17. how could we drop the ball on russia? John Deer disad's, huh?
  18. those are prelim records.
  19. brother, mom says stop with the innuendo. also, she's sorry she's dead.
  20. UTD has its finger deep in the SME pie.
  21. clearly its a great educational experience.
  22. resolved: evidence makes for better debates. i'll go aff.
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    is this any relation to Max Falkenstien, the KU sports announcer? i mean, it would make sense. I'm guessing LFS stands for Lawrence Free State.
  24. The CEDA final round is online. video google. Andy Ellis's link on edebate doesn't work, but if you type in Ceda Finals 2008 in the search box, it should be the top link. I will be collecting your ballots 30 minutes after you watch it.
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