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  1. Will Hunting


    No, that's Matt Damon.
  2. Will Hunting


    no one wins in the game of love.
  3. Will Hunting


    I'm not sure if this workshop thing will accomplish anything. But I still like reading some of the writing on the blog.
  4. Nope. I've thought about it, though. Truth is, I don't want to buy hiking boots so I can play a disc golf course. Especially one that will give me allergies and infest my shoes with goat heads.
  5. Flight Control Quordy Koi Pond Topple Aurora Feint II Touch Physics (highly recommended) Touch Grind Peggle (also recommended) Enigmo Pandora Sol Free (a good free solitaire)
  6. Will Hunting


    That theory seems to be a common one, I think it's fairly likely also. I don't think I would like it, but we'll see.
  7. Will Hunting


    Intriguing. This will require further research on my part. Spoiler: What do you think of man #2 being Esau, Jacob's biblical brother? I think that's what some internet posters are calling him.
  8. Will Hunting


    Spoilers: Wait, what? When did Sayid see a body in a van?
  9. Will Hunting


    Finale Spoilers: I thought the anti-climactic part was a smart decision. I didn't want to spend the whole episode wondering who Jacob was, the fact that they opened with that scene was incredible. It was the most revealing opening scene in LOST history. We saw Jacob, we saw guy #2 (aka Bizarro Locke), we saw the statue, AND we saw the Black Rock. It doesn't get better than that.
  10. They are nice and romantic and they make my heart go warm. Sometimes that feels nice. you should try it.
  11. I liked Before Sunrise.
  12. you are needlessly and senselessly pretentious. You should stop.
  13. Speaking of bracket challenges, I totally won. That's all.
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