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  1. "If the Court, for example, ruled that all kids had to wear school uniforms, who would enforce that policy? The police." I agree with much of what Baumz says, but the statement quoted above illustrates a problem I have with court action/court counterplans. The court cannot rule that all kids have to wear school uniforms. That is a legislative, not a judicial, action. The court can invalidate legislative action if it feels the action is unconstitutional: it could for example, say that the requirement that students have to wear school uniforms is unenforceable. The court can also interpret statutes. If there were a statute saying all students must wear school uniforms, a court could carve out exceptions to the general rule. As applied to next year's topic, a court could overturn a prior decision; I see no problem with that as affirmative ground. I would be amenable to an argument that the Supreme Court should find all or part of the Patriot Act (or some other act) unconstitutional, which would have the effect of invalidating that act (or the unconstitutional part). I could even see an argument that the Supreme Court should interpret the Patriot Act so as to mean X. I guess if the affirmative uses congressional action, the courts could be a legitimate counterplan on those issues. I don't think a plan or counterplan, however, can take steps requiring action, unless there is underlying legislation that already requires executive administrative action.
  2. It's true that the Federal Government claims the ability and authority to draft, but there is currently no draft. I guess you could argue that the draft is coming, plan removes the authority to draft. Banning the department of education doesn't get you to de-schooling. We had public schools for a long time before we had the DoEd, and we would have schools even if the department were dismantled. There are lots of people who say we shouldn't have the Department of Education, but they are generally conservatives who believe we should get the Feds out of education, not people who think schools are a form of unlawful detention.
  3. This definition confuses me: Blacks Law Dictionary: Either: Each of two; the one and the other; one or the other of two alternatives; one of two. Often used, however, with reference to more than two, in which case it may mean "each" or "any"; but does not mean "all".
  4. Viewmont plans to send its one team.
  5. Schools are a state government responsibility, not a Federal government responsibility. Maybe you could run deschooling in Washington, D.C. Draft is not inherent. We don't have a draft now.
  6. It's an excellent question, and there is a lot of literature saying that the Patriot Act should not meet Constitutional standards. Congress has specific authority under the Constitution to make laws relating to certain things (patents, for example). States, on the other hand, have the police power to make laws for the general health, safety and welfare of their citizens. Both liberals and conservatives have complained that the Federal government has usurped state authority by making too many Federal laws.
  7. I think the word authority serves the same function as establish in this instance. The affirmative still has to prove that decreased authority solves. "Of course, if you are running anarchy you probably will either kritik T or have good answers to extra." That would be true of running anarchy on any topic, wouldn't it?
  8. It would be possible, but any advantage not stemming from detaining without charge or searching without probable cause would be extratopical.
  9. I think there could be a lot of search cases. All it takes is one law review article saying "the Federal court got it wrong in X case (relating to a search)." Plan overturns that decision. No significance, no disadvantages. Pass the Civil Liberties Restoration Act
  10. That's great! We can use all the help we can get. I think the best person to contact would be Michelle Bevan, the coach at Lone Peak High School. She would know all of the programs in Utah County. I would also be happy to talk to him. He and I could chat about the role of interlopers.
  11. I think people are underestimating the elections topic. Some teams might run electoral college, but I don't think it will be popular. I would expect: Campaign finance reform; liberalize voter registration; give Washington, D.C. representation in Congress; give the vote to Puerto Rico, switch to parliamentary government, lower the voting age, six year term for the presidency, take away the advantages given to the two-party system, national primary/regional primaries; shorten campaigns, give the vote to ex-felons, standardize poll closings, etc., ban poll challenges, change redistricting for congressional elections, change the method of allocating votes in the conventions, amend the constitution to allow Schwarzenegger to run, amend the constitution but don't let Schwarzenegger run, Natives governance Make voting mandatory Health/pscyhological testing for presidential candidates Congressional term limits Overturn Bush v. Gore Free TV time for candidates In short, I think there would be lots of cases on that topic.
  12. 1. Topicality. Yes, I know I'm a dinosaur from a debate backwater. 2. Heidegger. Problem. Solution. Solution is technology.
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