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  1. TS - no K affs have plans 1. "we demand" affs - you defend aff implementation in a world with a prior mindset shift necessary for the aff to come about. See all aff Ks in early to mid 2000s. 2. Language Affs - you defend a short advocacy statement. For example, "debate is racist" because "it centers around the USFG" still links to the CP b/c your rationale still links to the language K PIC. 3. Generic K affs - read the resolution, and attempts to "interpret" around the plain meaning to include their crazy aff. See today's popular k affs. TS - general language k's bad answers 1. Yes generic answers work. But just as good as generic cp frontlines work against a specific CP ... which is ... not very well. 2. Yes "words don't have one meaning" but that doesn't mean they have "no meaning" or "only the good meanings that the Aff agrees to" either. Its a middle ground and thats why they call it a "link".
  2. Your "answers" misunderstand the value of the CP. The CP isn't meant to win against policy affs. Its meant to be a strong language K + CP against a non-fiated critical affirmative. While this shouldn't be anyone's A strategy, it shouldn't be brushed off so easily either. That's how losses happen. TS - Impact Inevitable (1) so is the affs K impact. (2) this argument is equivalent to "people will still be racists, so why should i bother" (3) this is linear defense at best, not independently winnable. (4) CP creates uniqueness, much like how the K alt "vote here to start something" works TS - Solvency Deficit - which USFG? (1) 99.9999% same functional one, there's one in DC (and also others) and this one affects same area. The difference is "the" is totalizing while "a" or "one" still signifies that there are others too. (2) Words do matter - That .9999% may have zero effect relating to the mechanics of your advantages BUT it does have a huge functional effect on how the plan gets implemented. The best example is you have two presidential candidates arguing for ban nuclear testing, one "as a step for disarm" and one to "prevent those dirty arabs from getting them too". While both plans are functionally the same, the words and motivations behind the plan matter a lot to what actually happens. (3) even if theres no functional comp, big deal text comp is fine and way better than condition, consult, and delay cps. (4) its a critical affs, does fiat, grammar, or even a solvency deficit matter? Same message, one less word. Still solves.
  3. See: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51312-free-college-quality-evidence/ The file is hosted there.
  4. Free evidence available here, alot of good 1NC/1AC oriented cards for any and every topic. http://goo.gl/4uJhr Files Available Data Fwk Neg Afghan Food Data NDT 1AC WTO Texas 1AC Iran Strikes Gonzaga 1AC Milliken Data NDT 1AC Terrorism Districts 1AC Nano NDT 1AC CVDS Wake 1AC WTO Russia NoviNats 1AC WTO GMO Good NU 1AC WTO Legitimacy UNT 1AC Posthumanism K IR K Nietzsche K Criminology K Small Theory File The CP Erasure CP Consult Egypt CP Resegregate Schools CP
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