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  1. Hello all - I am wrapping up medical school down in Philadelphia and realized I'll have a lot of time on my hand. I have been out of the activity for about 4 years, but if anyone needs a judge in the near future (until the end of May) I could be of assistance (trying to chop away at my debt early...). Feel free to contact me at doctormoin@gmail.com. I will start to learn this year's topic now... Adnaan Moin NFA '04, PSU '08, Jefferson Medical College '10
  2. whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa this is not my batman glass lets not talk about "hope" of the nfa debate team...nfa debate lives on forever contained as part of one's Being in all that have engaged in the activity behind those barbed wire fences and as long as kaz and michael are there? yes, nice be scared of nfa...if not for its debate team, for other reasons
  3. antonucci...it sounds like they are infosharing yayyyyy
  4. look at that...everyone is learning more about michael bacon than ever imagined bc of a thread to find out if people hated him i didnt even know he ate...i always thought he just drank dr pepper, who would've known
  5. man...theres so many ways i can go with this im gonna go with how he in conjunction with kaz have gotten teams to winning records/elimination rounds at the toc, nfls, and cfls...yea i really hate that
  6. i personally think that violation is sweet and why you gotta hate on boces so much
  7. wow, if i had seen this footage of ian earlier, i wouldve made him rap in the round i judged him
  8. well, id like to fight this false perception of the activity i loved for 4 yrs when i was active; some states just arent receptive of policy debate, which in some cases i think resulted in the extensive growth of the national circuit. if pa policy debate cannot grow within the boundaries of the state, the least the schools/coaches can do is allow it to expand outside of the state. i think a lot of students would be receptive to joining policy debate under the banner that its probably the style of debate that will get you to travel around the nation the most; going to texas or emory is a lot better than being confined to the regional circuit. i mean granted, the nature of regional debate in pa most likely will never be like that of georgia or texas, but in that case, regional debate should be allowed to expand. if people are interested in policy debate, they should be able to at least journey out to a nice little ny local tournament like monticello to get a more realistic idea of what policy debate is really about...eh but now im just babbling. take my ideas for what its worth
  9. well, i mean isnt there something you could do about this "lack" of competition; it seems as if pennsylvania debate on a whole supports the growth of other events while ignoring the decline of policy. if there was a way to invigorate policy debate (maybe on the success of certain schools on a more national level or even a regional level by travelling outside of PA) pennsylvania policy debate wouldnt be so shadowed. just my interpretation of the situation.
  10. dont ask me...i was walking down the hall tryin to get out of there and harsha from lex was like, watch this...so i recorded it. coming soon: edgemont debaters attempting to rap...twice! http://www.youtube.com/?v=W4J6eOLf_sk yessir, edgemont debate
  11. yea like i ever coached...no its a matter of location for next year (with the start of med school, its easier to travel 20 miles than 200). edgemont as a school will be better off with someone who is actually debating in college than a "retired" debater like myself who has none of the connections you all would desire.
  12. Clip of what happens when physical activity mixes with a framework debate at Harvard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRWqiVgRXdo
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