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  1. I agree that they most likely don't exist... But I wish they did so that rationalizing all my failures in life would be much easier...I'd just always say "damn, the Illuminati are at it again." Kinda like the uncle from Napoleon Dynamite...."I could have taken state back in '82...if it weren't for those damn Illuminati." ktex83
  2. Nope, its not explicit enough for me... If our physical laws "may or may not" be applicable in the pre-big bang universe, I'd need more detail on a theory that explains how matter would create itself etc. ktex83
  3. Do they exist? Seriously, I want to know what people think about this. ktex83
  4. Ok, I am not a physics/math person, but I do remember this thing that Newton said about how "for every action there is a reaction." So, wouldn't that imply that something had to start big bang? Would it not also imply that something had to forge matter? I'm with the cheif instigator of this thread...big bang just doesn't do it for me. I welcome any clarification to my dilemma with big bang. ktex83
  5. I have a thought/question. What if the 1AC were delivered in a language other than English? Assuming you didn't know that language, what would your 1NC/neg strategy be like? And if that happened, would the Aff be confined to only using the alternate language...b/c if they did respond with English in the 2AC, that could open the door to a whole host of abuse and Kritik arguments. As far as I know, most debate organizations around the nation don't have rules limiting the discussion to English. Thoughts....?
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