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  1. Dear South Dakota person - I don't know you and I really care, but Iowa debate is better than South Dakota debate. This is as true as saying Ross has a small penis or that I'm going to get drunk tonight. Yours Truly - me
  2. Version

    Table of Contents This is the file that won me a lot of debates against consultation counterplans. These arguments are theoretically bad for a number of reasons and the 2AC, 1AR, and 2AR blocks in this file will make the extension of this claim almost idiot proof.

    3.00 USD

  3. Version

    Table of Contents This is a fully blocked conditionality bad file - 2AC, 1AR, and 2AR are limited thought needed. Great for a team learning theory debates and great for a team where one partner might be weaker on theory or word economy than the other. A deal at 5 dollars.

    3.00 USD

  4. DHSKrantz



    Table of Contents This is an OSPEC file with 27 pages of "answer to" blocks a 1NC and a 2NC/1NR overview. I think I've covered every answer I've ever heard. This is an argument that a technical debater can win on and that any team can suck a minute of the 2AC up with. If the 2AC stumbles - capitalize on the mistake and take it to them. This is a great argument for the 1NR and a great argument against a team that uses the Department of Forestry to do their plan on the Mental Health Topic. Good Luck - and I promise its worth the 5 dollars.

    5.00 USD

  5. The very idea of you winning a policy argument makes me roll on the fucking floor Schoofs
  6. DHSKrantz



    This is an ASPEC file that has won a number of debates. It's well worth your while to purchase because of the number of teams that aren't specifying now-a-days. You'll beat a number of teams and get the rest to specify in the 2AC and get your politics link. Good luck!

    2.00 USD

  7. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKEDY FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK - listen - you all need to deal with the fact that FUCK is a versatile word and that you can all straight suck it if you take offense to me saying FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCK you and fuck anyone who wants to censor me you fascist fucks. Go burn books and puts blue stars on my shoulder you fucking fucks........ Love, Me.
  8. Version

    Table of Contents Should is the past tense of shall...... What, you didn't already know that??? You might be shocked how many teams will simply make fun of the argument and forget to make any answers. Worst case scenario - its a two dollar argument that's comming to you half priced that you can run every debate and you might even win a round on it.

    1.00 USD

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