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  1. druid53

    Looking for...

    Sehome's Janyck and June Centennial's Bausch, Watts, and Wang Mercer's Picozzi and Scott Gig's Gronewald and Dentler This is important! If anyone could backchannel their email addresses to me, I'd appreciate it. russellhanes@gmail.com Coach Lakeridge HS
  2. Hi there, We need you varsity debaters to come judge at the 2nd annual Western States novice invitational. It's in Portland, OR, April 7-9. If you're interested, we need you! Email me at russellhanes@gmail.com Best, Russell Coach Lakeridge HS
  3. Hi all, The Western States invitation/registration is online at http://www.joyoftournaments.com/or/lakeridge. This is our 2nd annual tournament; we had a great tournament last year, and will have all the west coast schools show up with their best novices. Come join us in Portland, OR for some solid novice competiton! Best, Russell Coach Lakeridge
  4. Lakeridge high school in Lake Oswego, OR (a suburb of Portland) will have a coaching vacancy next year. The speech and debate coaching vacancy is certain. Due to possible retirements, there may also be an English/Speech teaching vacancy, a choir leader vacancy, and a drama teaching vacancy. The teaching vacancies are tentative. The administration is willing to consider hiring a coach + teacher, if both need to be filled and the right person fits both bills. Please check on the school district’s website for the official job posting in February or March to get updates on what position(s) are available at http://losd.loswego.k12.or.us/jobs/current_jobs.htm The team: The team competes in CX, LD, PF, and parli. debate and all speech events. We have had a lot of success lately, with state champions in LD, Expository, Radio, and Impromptu, with many of our students showing strongly in other events. The CX team is very new but will achieve great things soon. The Oregon circuit is very small; an ambitious coach can make a huge splash. Currently, we travel out-of-state about half-a-dozen times per year. The team budget is a moderate $2000, but the parents are financially supportive. The ideal coach would be: experienced in CX debate, LD and other debate formats, and in speech events. The ideal coach would also be willing to be at Lakeridge for several years, but we would be willing to consider a person who could only stay for one or two years. If you would like more information on the team itself, feel free to email the current coach at russellhanes@gmail.com The school: Lakeridge is in a very wealthy suburb. The test scores and the school culture are excellent. The school administration is competent and supportive of debate. Portland is one of the most liveable cities in the U.S.
  5. druid53


    Yusuf, There's one other option. Lakeridge just started a CX team this year (that's why Belcher didn't list us -- for shame). Thanks to my competent coaching, there are a couple kids who are going to be really awesome next year, even though they're in JV. We'd love your help next year. Critical is fine by me. BTW, going to college in town? Reed? Lewis & Clark? Email me if you're interested russellhanes@gmail.com
  6. No, not deportation. I'm getting traded east. Far east. Like in Mr. Baseball. I've heard tell that the Japanese do CX. Anyone know anything about it? Russell
  7. Unfortunately, yes. We haven't sorted it out yet, but next year either: (a) my wife and I will be teaching in China or Japan, or ( I will be getting a teaching license. The requirements on getting a license are so strict that it would be nearly impossible for to miss even a handful of Fridays. If I do get the license, you'll probably see me some Saturdays at tourneys, but that's about it.
  8. Lakeridge h.s. is looking for a coach for 2006-07. Lakeridge is a public school in a wealthy suburb of Portland, OR. The team has a young CX team, a legacy in LD, and lots of students doing parli. and PF debate. The team is well suited to a coach who likes all debate formats. Oregon is small state, so it's possible for a dedicated coach to make a big splash. Email this year's coach at russellhanes@gmail.com for more info.
  9. Well, I agree that the calculation would require some complexity, as you say. But that's not a reason it couldn't work. You write up a formula, including all relevant details/measurements, and it spits out a division for that school. The state speech leagues could certify schools' divisions at the beginning of the year. I think I would have three basic divisions: I - Wealthy programs (think Glenbrook or College Prep) II - Under 6k altogether (including parent contributions & other fundraising) III - New programs (less than 2 yrs old) and impoverished school districts (urban or rural)
  10. Just a thought on the equity issue -- Why not have divisions based on team budget? Schools under 6k, schools over 6k. Computers are such a slim comparative advantage for rich schools compared to the competitive advantages of lots of coaching (course release for coaches & ass't coaches), lots of travel, camps, etc.
  11. Well, independant entries are welcome at Western States. And who cares about bids since it's a novice/jv tournament?
  12. For your perusal: 1. Gitmo 2. Patriot Act 3. Immigration 4. Korematsu 5. Racial profiling
  13. Yeah, so this explains why no Washington teams showed up to Western States last year. So, which coaches/teams would be willing to travel out-of-state on an unaffiliated name to the best novice tournament of the year? Russell Lakeridge
  14. We do what we can. And we look forward to having you judge. R
  15. Seniors and juniors of the west coast, you should come judge at our novice/JV tournament this spring. It is a lot of fun to judge rounds, and it makes you a much better debater to sit on the other side of the ballot. Ask your coach to bring your team, but if your coach will not add our tourney, then come judge independently. Check it out: http://www.geocities.com/t_russell_hanes/tournament.html. It was an awesome tournament for the novices and JVers last year, and it will be even better this year. There was some solid novice competition. Last year, we got 3 states representing: No. Cal., So. Cal., Idaho, and Oregon. This spring, we need Washington to get on it, too (Auburn, Mead, Gig Harbor, I am looking in your general direction). We are going to have some solid schools from all over planning to attend. Make sure you tell your novices to come to the west coast novice "nats". See you in April, Russell Lakeridge PS - Then there's always the milk gallon challenge.
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