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  1. While I happen to agree with your complaint about the magical thinking necessary for the 50 states fiat uniform action counterplan, I will defend the pedagogy behind the states-and-federalism debate. First of all, don't make the mistake of thinking that because it is an argument which seems old and dead to you that the same is true for students. I've judged sixty gazillion states CP debates in my life, but only the seniors on our squads have participated in them at all, and that only as 9th graders. Just like a good supreme court/ exec/ congress debate, these debates are real questions for advocacy groups, and good government education for debaters. I passed the AP US Government exam without taking the class pretty much because of the gov't education debate gave me. I know it's boring for us, but I kinda feel like it's a debate everyone should have to deal with in depth. Well anyhow, until some aff realizes you actually gotta call out abusive cp texts, we'll be going for states against y'all.
  2. They don't announce actual speakers until policy finals (7-14) and the awards ceremony (1-6) on saturday.
  3. Yes, but what ARE the runoff rounds?
  4. Now up...but not via the nice JOT entry system. Find the list on the JOT site, then email me your preferences from now until 11am tomorrow and they'll be in effect for round 1. If you hand me a paper copy before 2pm tomorrow they will be in effect for round 2.
  5. Sorry about the delay...we're working on it. We will be allowing judge preferencing tomorrow. Look for this to be out after school to be sure.
  6. Yeah we adjusted the schedule from last year to get 3 in on Friday so that there's room for doubles on Saturday.
  7. team list up on natl circuit forum.
  8. Rana Aliani - Sonia Larbi Barstow School Katie Anderson - Joe Lenart Barstow School Conor McMann - Aidan Coyle Barstow School Molly O'Connor - Jared Wright Barstow School Reid Waldman - Ciera Foreman Blue Valley North HS Michael Crowe - Evan Hebert Brother Rice H.S Lukas Hosford - Cameron Maisch Dexter High School Jenna Bauer - Elizabeth Eager Dowling Catholic High School Joseph Carroll - Nicholas Staver Dowling Catholic High School Sean Duff - Shannon McCarthy Dowling Catholic High School Joseph Nelson - Simon Sheaff Dowling Catholic High School Brad Robey - Andrew Suiter Dowling Catholic High School Jacob Solawetz - Fielding Montgomery Dowling Catholic High School Leah Norman - Kyra Stephenson Eagan High School Kaitlin Engels - Nicole Wagner Eagan High School Clay Carlson - He Li Eden Prairie High School Kate Carlsen - Amy Tan Eden Prairie High School Akila Pai - Baiqiao Zhang Eden Prairie High School Vivian Ha - Dustin Meyers-Levy Edina High School Mimi Sergent-Leventhal - Erin Sielaff Edina High School Alex Herr - Jon Yang Edina High School Boone Leach - Kevin Liao Edina High School Preston Schaaf - Jay Saker Fremont-Mills Emma Singer - Vicky Stavropoulos Glenbrook North Anjay Khurana - Neeral Mehta Glenbrook North Samantha Rothman - Anjali Patel Glenbrook North Michael Galperin - Haley Tuchman Glenbrook South High School Colin Bianchi - Mitchell Bigelow Glenbrook South High School Brian Henderson - Darrell George Glenbrook South High School Philip Han - Alyssa Zimmer Glenbrook South High School Ben H. Wolch - Mario P. Karatasios Glenbrook South High School Hall Andrew - Marie Sheehan Highland Park Senior High School Ben White - Joe Peacock Highland Park Senior High School Laura River - Rufus Coats-Welsh Homewood-Flossmoor HS Adam Griesbach - Emily Carroll Homewood-Flossmoor HS Kyle Joseph - Anthony Ogbuli Homewood-Flossmoor HS Ryne DeCamp - Bailey Young Indianola High School Carl Sessions - Jeff Haidri Iowa City High School Kieran Green - Thomas Panther Iowa City High School David Huang - Jeffrey Ding Iowa City West High School Alex Klopp - Liam Hancock Iowa City West High School Anthony Zhang - Jordan Rossen Iowa City West High School Shi-Ke Xue - Kap Mueller Iowa City West High School Riko Ohashi - Daniel Dai Iowa City West High School Pedro Galarza - Angel Valle Jones College Prep Owen Jones - Joshua Rivera Lane Tech (CDC) Ann Peter - Fatima Shareef Maine East H.S. Chris Stachon-Groblowy - Marc Solano Maine East H.S. Sharmeen Khan - Richard Metaj Maine East H.S. Brandy Rubin - Nisaa Rattani Maine East H.S. Matt Cekanor - Tyler Thur Marquette University High School Kevin Fortune - Chris Luckett Marquette University High School Sam Scheurell - Ryan Welsch Marquette University High School Sammy Johnson - Shawna Rowe Marshfield Matty Arthur - Chasity Freeman Marshfield Brian Gonzaba - Matt Casas Millard South Tyler Snelling - Connor Hagerty Millard South Bri Hargan - Mary Marcum Millard South Kirsten Blagg - Yan Zhang Millard West High School Brian Murray - Lana Wang Millard West High School Mackenzie Payne - Matt Nelson Mukwonago High School Jason Baron - Amanda Fuller Mukwonago High School Teddy Kontopoulos - Ali Sears New Trier Township High School Samuel Kaplan - Nathaniel Al-Najjar New Trier Township High School Elizabeth Mayer - David Kim New Trier Township High School Thomas Errath - Dana Hayes New Trier Township High School Nathan Bennett - John Neaylon New Trier Township High School Mitchell Caminer - Tom Trieu Northside Prep (CDC) Adira Levine - Norman Luu Northside Prep (CDC) James Hanley - Will Hardwicke Oak Park River Forest Noah Cramer - Nathan Rothenbaum Oak Park River Forest Morgan Murphy - Morg Murphy Oak Park River Forest Hannah Nesser - Imanol Avendano Saint Paul Central Nandan Raghaven - Brennan Smith Saint Paul Central Jackson Erpenbach - Ana O'Hara SFL Debate Bryant Yang - Evan Jones SFL Debate Nathan Dalton - CJ Point SFL Debate Chris Carey - Michael Hill Shawnee Mission East High School Wil Kenney - Mark Towster Shawnee Mission East High School Michael McGrath - Kentucky Morrow The Blake School Sebastian Hart - Hannah Stafford The Blake School Adele Watkins - Hirsh Shekhar The Blake School Isabel Redleaf - Alexandra Peterson The Blake School Charlie Rafkin - Joyce Harduvel University of Chicago Laboratory School Mia Gil-Epner - Cory Stern University of Chicago Laboratory School Finn Brennan - Will Brennan Walter Payton College Prep (CDC) Amanda Walsh - John Vitzileos Walter Payton College Prep (CDC) Ola Topczewska - Susan Curan Walter Payton College Prep (CDC) Rocio Mendes-Rozo - DeAndrea Daniels Walter Payton College Prep (CDC) Payton Cummings - Scott Ziegler Washburn Rural High School Brenden Kearney - Addison Schile Washburn Rural High School Anna Zeng - Aparna Dasaraju Washburn Rural High School Miranda Ehrlich - Meghna Sohoni Wayzata Mariah Donnelly - Devon Manley Wayzata Luke Plutowski - Alex Bahls Wayzata Michelle Epshteyn - Faroz Mujir Wayzata Allie Windergerst - Natasha Dutta West Des Moines Valley Maddie Ebert - Sam Fuller Westside High School Daniel Carlson - Michael Keefe Westside High School Marcel Roman - Hanna Nasser Whitney Young (CDC) Sydney Doe - Rahat Sajwani Whitney Young (CDC) Kendall Mason - Breonna Singleton Whitney Young (CDC) 102 entries
  9. Will post it once the entry deadline is past and the field is final.
  10. Yes. And, unfortunately, all the complaints that will come about how Nebraska is leaving the Big XII because they can't beat Texas...are probably true.
  11. and while i was with rohan in suspecting the big ten might not offer nebraska, it now seems that they have? http://www.foxsportsohio.com/06/09/10/Reports-Nebraska-to-Join-Big-Ten/landing.html?blockID=250141&feedID=3800 http://texas.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1092612 http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=5268408 the interesting questions now are: is the big ten really going to screw missouri? man i hope so--mizzou started all this i think, i have to admit it would be hilarious to see them left in the cold. will the big ten stop at 12? does this mean notre dame said no? if not, and they say yes too, doesn't that make the big ten the most awesome conference ever? if only nebraska gets an invite from the big ten, does the big 12 south still go for the pac 16? if so, does that mean the big ten responds in kind and invites another 4 teams from missouri, rutgers, pitt, syracuse, etc. etc. as discussed already? or do they try to add something to the north like byu, who the MWC did NOT add earlier this week? or what else can the big 12 do to save itself? sub question: who wins the pac 16 sweepstakes: baylor or colorado? simultaneous props to baylor for straight up dissing colorado's athletics and academics, and having a great former debate coach involved in this all (karla leeper had an email floating around a few days ago) but thumbs down for dissing nebraska. what will the big ten call itself? what happens to kansas and missouri? i will feel bad for kansas basketball, but not for missouri anything. i literally don't care what happens to kansas state and iowa state. any more interesting questions?
  12. As I argued, there are two playing fields at issue here. The wiki does not even the playing field of pre-round prep--the schools that have resources do a lot of this, more than schools that don't. true, and we should work to change that, ideally in the direction of sharing or equalizing resources rather than discouraging their use. however, this advantage stands alone, true with or without the wiki. the wiki increases the specificity of this work, but not in an equal way. This is the scouting argument. in addition to pre-round prep, schools with resources have an advantage in terms of information gathering as well. They have resources in terms of scouts, multiple judges, and frankly often good relationships with other teams who share information about what other teams are doing. If, say, Norfolk broke a new aff, I guarantee, with or without the wiki, Millard South would know about it quickly and be working on a strategy, because they are more likely to have had someone in the room. Now, would Norfolk have that advantage if Millard South broke a new arg against Millard West? Well, probably, because Nebraska is a small community, but less likely than the previous scenario. Here is the bottom line: the wiki won't do any work for anyone--I've used it a lot, but its never cut a card or written a sweet counterplan for me. if you can take advantage of it, you will. But the wiki will do intel gathering for you--something that smaller schools can't do on their own, or at least as reliably.
  13. I know that i have little in the game here, but i still lurk waiting for conversations just as these. my thought is this: wiki disclosure does help people, roughly equally. Yes: larger debate squads (in this case, South, but Ian's right in that South, like Washington, experiences the small squad effect in different situations) can do more work. This is true without regard to whether or not the wiki is updated, however. For better or worse, this is a structural reality. I would argue further that another advantage that larger schools have is intelligence gathering. back in the day, that entailed designating a person (often me) to go around to all the important rounds and scouting out new args. that's something much harder for smaller squads to replicate, and the wiki goes a long ways towards equalizing that side of the equation. Tanner suggests that small schools get an advantage out of breaking new args and surprising a bigger school. Yes--please do. No one expects you to, and you should not, post arguments before they get run. At the East Iowa NFL district qualifier, Wash's top teams broke a new aff, 2 new versions of our old aff, and a new kritik in addition to new case specific strats. (if you want to see them/steal cites, guess where they are.) That won us several debates that were very close, and the wiki HELPED us pull that off. Prep your opponents args, and btw, steal args from other teams on the wiki! If you don't have 45 assistant coaches cutting new args for you, go to Bronx's page, or Kinkaid's page, and steal some shit! just sayin. The ultimate argument in favor of posting your stuff is this: don't be a free-rider. I respect people who are not in favor of disclosing their args, but not people who don't disclose (or are intentionally slow in posting) their cites, but still use the wiki to look at other people's cites. I doubt highly that anyone with a web browser on this page hasn't at least browsed another team's cites that they might debate. That makes you a huge flaming hypocrite if you aren't posting your own. That's what i got.
  14. Octafinal Round Results Pembroke Hill HV Advances without debating Millard South HS Advances without debating Cedar Rapids Washington CK Advances without debating Iowa City AR Advances without debating Cedar Rapids Washington BL Advances without debating Neenah OH Advances without debating Pembroke Hill AE (Neg) defeated Millard South HG (Bri Hargan & Brian Gonzaba)2-1 *Olson, Nat Garcia, Juan Collier, Linda Barstow WM Advances Over Barstow OA (Molly O'Connor & Rana Aliani) Quarterfinal Round Results Pembroke Hill HV (Aff) defeated Barstow WM (Jared Wright & Conor McMann) 2-1 Stenger, Sean Garcia, Juan *Turner, Zach Millard South HS (Aff) defeated Pembroke Hill AE (Isaac Alpert & Abby Elmer) 3-0 Collier, Linda Olson, Nat Comfort, Liz Cedar Rapids Washington CK (Neg) defeated Neenah OH (Amen Okundaye & Caitlin Holzem) 3-0 Sutton, Dylan Ellerbroek, Joe Reynolds, Alexa Cedar Rapids Washington BL (Aff) defeated Iowa City AR (Luke Allen & Noah Rocklin) 3-0 Christensen, Dan Robinson, David Royers, Tim Semifinal Round Results Pembroke Hill HV (Neg) defeated Cedar Rapids Washington BL (Britt Bergquist & Chase Lehrman) 2-1 *Maloney, joe Christensen, Dan Clark, Charles Cedar Rapids Washington CK (Aff) defeated Millard South HS (Connor Haggerty & Tyler Snelling) 2-1 *Nichols, Miranda Beatty, John Stenger, Sean Final Round Results Pembroke Hill HV (Peter Vale & Thomas Hodgman) defeated Cedar Rapids Washington CK (Tracey Cook & Sharon Kann) 3-0 Robinson, David Christensen, Dan Garcia, Juan 1. Ryan Markus (Millard West MA) 2. Tyler Snelling (Millard South HS) 3. Connor Haggerty (Millard South HS) 4. Thomas Hodgman (Pembroke Hill HV) 5. Tracey Cook (Cedar Rapids Wash CK) 6. Luke Allen (Iowa City AR) 7. Peter Vale (Pembroke Hill HV) 8. Sharon Kann (Cedar Rapids Wash CK) 9. Reid Waldman (Blue Valley North WF) 10. Bri Hargan (Millard South HG) 11. Amen Okundaye (Neenah OH) 12. Britt Bergquist (Cedar Rapids Wash BL) 13. Chase Lehrman (Cedar Rapids Wash BL)
  15. blake v. wayzata crw v. eden prairie st paul central v. lane tech whitney young v. edina these debates happen at 8 tomorrow morning.
  16. we're definitely the 30th-1st.
  17. dude, that's insane. the lack of spelling is spreading too far.
  18. http://www.meetingforce.com/starlite-inn-hotel-54h734.html not true.
  19. really? you don't know how to spell star?
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