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  1. Brian and others can speak to the housing situation more - but it is not in dorms. This camp treats you like you're at home while being able to hang out with others. As far as debate style goes, the staff's leanings are totally diverse. If you're into disads and counterplans, we've got that covered. If you're into critical theory and performance, we have that too. From using hip hop in rounds to debating stock issues in front of bus drivers - the staff is well-rounded and has seen it all. Koslow mentioned that none of the staff here are first-year-outs. These are only people who have not only been around the high school circuit but have judged those rounds all the way through college rounds. We'd love to help you out with whatever you are into. The staff's big enough that we've been able to give individualized attention to people that want to learn certain authors or types of argument.
  2. This is my favorite camp. Omaha is awesome. Snack time/meals = BOSS. Yeah, snack time. Seriously. Staff is excellent and well-versed in any style of debating you want to pursue. Come spend a week with us! Spurly
  3. Although I'm extremely late on this, I want to echo the congrats to GW and the rest of the Colorado/Mtn Region teams doing well nationally. Being in Texas now i'm kind of spoiled with all the national circuit action but I love seeing my home region represented. moar colorado debate!!!
  4. Version

    62 pages of pure roland bleiker action. This is my old file that I used to use almost every round.

    8.00 USD

  5. Version

    A bunch of extremely helpful 2010 baudrillard cards to supplement your file. Table of Contents Answers 2 a2: you're a fucking terrorist 2 well that's just dumb 2 A2: BAUDRILLARD ALLOWS WAR 4 BAUDRILLARD DOESN'T ENABLE OR JUSTIFY WAR AT ALL 4 military intervention turn - you cannot inter the metaphysical specter of terrorism 5 a2: terorists are irrational/afghanistan terror link 6 a2: you're immoral/you contradict yourself 7 a2: diamond - democracies don't attack other democracies 8 our singularity avoids the pitfalls of humanism and moralism while fulfilling its mandates 9 a2: liberation / responsibility / BLACKMAIL! 10 a2: west does good stuff 11 Impacts 12 imapct: extinction - terrorism turn 13 impact: hate life 14

    5.00 USD

  6. Version

    Fully scripted out/carded Bleiker perm argument designed to be used with any critical or policy based affirmative against both critiques and policy strategies you'll face from the neg.

    2.00 USD

  7. Version 1

    A few cards answering david mcclean. if you don't know mcclean, he's usually used against kritiks to say that we should instead focus on policymaking. these cards say he's an asshole.

    2.00 USD

  8. 2012 arguments are stupid. some other people might say, vacuous.
  9. zupancic's book is part of the short circuit series. i don't remember exactly what other books but amazon search should take care of that. all of those books are relevant for other places you can find short circuits. also, short circuit and short circuit 2 were kick ass movies. spurly
  10. Thanks, Ross. I tried those steps, even removing all the folders from the virtual tub didn't seem to fix it. I tried an uninstall/reinstall and i am still getting the same thing I showed in the screenshot above. This seems like a great program....if i can get it to work
  11. I just recently started messing around with the Debate Synergy program. After I organized some of the files in the virtual tub folder, even refreshing a couple of times with some success, the tub feature just stopped working. The drop down menu does not appear, only a small blank window (I have attached a photo of this). I'd appreciate it if anyone had a little insight as to how i broke my tub thanks!
  12. Resolved: the United States Federal Government should substantially increase the number of and/or substantially expand beneficiary eligibility for its visas for one or more of the following: employment-based immigrant visas, nonimmigrant temporary worker visas, family-based visas, human trafficking-based visas.
  13. downward747


    the easiest way of explaining exceptionalism is: do as we say, not as we do. it is okay for the US to have nuclear weapons, invade other countries and spread its political system. but it is not okay for 'savage' middle eastern or asian countries to do the same. that's an oversimplification that can get you started.
  14. I conclude that rest for the weary is one of the best bands ever to have existed. I conclude that the rocky mountains are the best place to hide. I conclude that i miss the hell out of the mountain region and all the wonderful people in it. <3
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