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  1. Hole in the Wall: Cheyenne East Domme-Sequeira Cheyenne East Paintner-Baker
  2. DB8T

    Come on guys!

    Nope, haven't heard from him in years. I'm guessing he's working in some shoe store somewhere. I'd love to know he's still alive, but I'd guess that's asking too much.
  3. I conclude the mods should clean up this thead. I conclude the purpose of this thread is for reflection and observation, and moderators through the years have always maintained that clarity. I conclude that the only one who has been allowed to keep posts in this thread that did not begin with "I conclude" is loghry. I conclude the mods can just move the crap to another thread. I conclude I'm not for censorship. I conclude I'm for maintaining an important institution for this forum.
  4. Oh!!! And I'm so old, I forgot to conclude.... eh, who cares? No one here. Everyone I knew has died. yeah, and I'm really funny... but in a sad, pathetic way, with drool dribbling down the front of my shirt.
  5. Ummmm... I guess I should be done with this forum. And I'm really, really old. And it's been a really long time since I debated in college.... Everyone I knew has died. No one around here that I know.... or maybe I need to be doing more important things with my life than high school debate. Oh, and I'm funny. I probably have drool down the front of my shirt...
  6. OK, is the consortium dead? Nats is in a month. We've posted hydrogen & postal service fleet neg; Darshan's put on: Native Am neg; cold fusion neg; Heidegger K; and an oil DA. I'm just wondering what's the status. I know I've been away for a while, but I'm surprised that no one in the region figures that sharing files doesn't make sense.
  7. I conclude the title of this thread should be changed, as it no longer warrants its current name. This was but a vestige, a remanant of the former. How sad few understand how important it was to many.
  8. I conclude things change. I conclude I went away. I conclude I'm worried about debate - will it even exist in 10 years?
  9. Perhaps, but since the threads were collapsed, there's no place for people who are going to WFI to just post on that thread and no place for discussion solely related to Loupe's Colorado workshop. That's what I'm talking about.
  10. I think the suggestions so far are fine, but don't forget that Colorado is a big part of this forum and their focus is less on lay debate. Too much focus in one direction begins to exclude others. Talk to other schools about the forum; put useful info here, such as tournament schedules and which schools are going where. Encourage your team's novices to come here as a resource. Camp threads are useful during the summer -- who's going where; what people should bring; labs & lab leaders; etc. Threads about who will be debating next year are generally of interest to people now.
  11. There are too many things stickied on this forum. Several have not been used in a long time. Perhaps the new mods can figure out how to clean up the forum??? Thanks!
  12. Given that now the last nat quals won't happen until the May 1st weekend and that waiting that long for the Consortium to get going could be detrimental to the region's ability to prep for nats, I would suggest we exclude anyone who is in that NFL district from participating until that quals is finished. We don't want to provide teams that are still competing with any advantage they wouldn't normally have, but waiting 2 more weeks to get going probably isn't a good idea either. Just throwing this out there for discussion.
  13. I have no idea if Darshan has gotten any interest, but it might make sense to have the mods sticky this thread for a while, since there are still nat quals coming up.
  14. Guess I should formally post that CheyEast is in (already PM'd Darshan).
  15. So, so tempting to make a rude comment. But instead, I'm always happy to see the region supporting itself at nats and I'm sure everyone could use the help. Thanks for the offer!
  16. I'm always curious about lessons learned. What would you do differently from last year to prepare for nats? What advice would you give others?
  17. It does suck, but the NFL rule is very, very clear -- the decision written by the judge on the decison line is the decision, once it's turned in. If the judge had checked and changed it prior to turning it in, then you would have been fine.
  18. Tcram & Delo took 10th at nats. Will Jensen & Martin Osborn took 7th. Danielle Jensen & Brittany Parsons placed in the top 20.
  19. Actually the last time East won state was 2003-2004 with a close-out: Becca Fisher & Wiley Combs/Matt Goetter & Sagar Gondalia.
  20. DB8T

    Wyoming State

    Very cool to have a small program win State! Whitney has been an incredible supporter of policy debate in this state; he's always happy to take a ballot and I'm pretty sure this is his first state champ in policy debate. I know that Newcastle has had an occasional novice team, but the policy team is basically Darshan and Elizabeth -- that's an incredible amount of work to do all on your lonesome and you deserve acclaim!
  21. DB8T

    Wyoming State

    2 Green River 2 Worland Newcastle Powell 2 East Sorry, I don't have teams names, those can come a little later.
  22. DB8T


    All schools are limited to a max entry at NFL districts to 4 per event.
  23. Friday the UW squad on the way to DIA to fly to a tourney in Portland rolled their vehicle. They are bruised and battered, but no serious injury. They were on 287 from Laramie south. As many teams, both high school and college, that are on the road on any given week-end, we are so fortunate this was but a reminder of how precious our community is....
  24. DB8T


    No results??? Darshan you're letting us down
  25. In the light of morning, some suggestions (Greg see PS below): If you are concerned about the decline in numbers in policy debate, instead of blaming others, take personal responsibility. That's what I did and here are the steps: Put pressure on schools to provide or continue the event. CX debate had become virtually non-existent at my old high school. I talked to the principal about the importance of the activity to me and others and as they were going to hire a new coach, it was essential to bring in someone who would agree to field cx debate. If I hadn't felt I was heard, I would have contacted the school board and I would have also contacted other old debaters in the community to do the same. The squeeky wheel does get attention. If you are in college or high school, your parents can do the same, as can other members of the community. Use your skills to put pressure on schools to provide this activity. NFL has an excellent short film that is aimed at demonstrating the value of speech for high school students (a LOT of it actually focuses on debate). Help Support CX Programs (both new and old). If you're out of high school, that's pretty easy. Judge and/or help a coach in your area. If there is no cx debate where you are at, then get one going. This is how I became a coach, I just offered to help with cx debate at CheyEast. So I'd come in & work with the kids a bit, travelled to a couple of tournments with them, and it just grew from there. But you don't have to coach, ANY help, will almost always be appreciated. However, please remember you are a guest in someone else's program. Remember you aren't a "buddy" to the students, even if you are just in college, you become a representative of the school. This can be a problem for coaches to have college-age or barely older people "hangin'" with their students, you must remember your job is to help grow the program, not be viewed as cool by the kids. Make sure you understand the coach is your "boss," even if you aren't getting paid. It hurts your cause for you to be a source of friction or problems rather than a help. If you're still in high school, recruit within your school. Don't be a punk to other debaters. You want novices to stick with the activity, not flee in fear. Provide a network of assistance and mentorship. Make it cool for people to be debaters and get them to recruit their friends. High school debaters within a school should help one another. Share work and information. If you divide up the work and all share in the bounty, there is less work and the team is more successful. It's also a great way to teach less experienced debaters, because they see how to create arguments, how to research, how to block something out. If the work load is less, then more kids are more likely to stick with it until they reach the tipping point where the work load doesn't matter because they are so in love with the game. Likewise, if there is a school or program close to you that is struggling or doesn't really have a cx program, offer the coach to have your squad have work sessions/practices with them. How about a little outreach? This can even be done via the internet, by sharing info, helping with some basics blocks, etc. Judge every chance you get. Demand cx ballots, be vocal, tell them how much you enjoy the activity and how much it meant to you. When you turn in your ballot, tell them how much you enjoyed the round - what great kids you saw. Demonstrate to people at the tournament that policy debate is worthwhile and exciting to judge. The community is always short of judges. Financially support programs. Give back once you're out in the world. A donation to a school's program helps take pressure off beleaguered coaches. I guarantee the football program gets donations all the time, how about helping raise support for debate? Help with publicity. A well-timed letter to the editor of the local newspaper talking up a coach/program/benefits of high school debate/discussing how the school system is letting a valuable opportunity slip away. When a kid gets a debate scholarship to college, it should be big news in the school paper & local paper, just like the basketball scholarship is. Get the word out that cx debate needs help. There are hundreds of thousands of past high school policy debaters around the nation. Almost everyone will say that it was one of the most valuable educational experiences of their life. Start finding them and educating them. Most of them have standing in the community, resources, and a love of the activity. Get them to put pressure on their local schools to support the activity; Get them to write a check; Get them to judge a round or two. How to find them? Ask -- when I'm making small talk with someone, I will ask what kinds of activities they did in high school -- amazing how many old debaters I've found. Old high school yearbooks are a great resource, and now most high schools have directories of alums or there is classmates.com. PS. Greg, let's not divert this thread. If you'd like to move your comments to a new thread, we could discuss the issue of plan text. I wasn't dissing your team, I was merely discussing how many new conventions leave the judge out of the loop. PSS. Logan, thanks for the props. But I was/am blessed by virtue of my volunteering to only coach cx debate. One night a week and week-ends with a focus on only one event, plus my background in policy debate, gave me and my debaters an advantage over someone coaching all events in their spare time. Because of that, I always tried to give as much as I could to the entire Wyo/Colo debate region. You were truly blessed to be a member of Pauline Carochi’s squad; what an amazing woman! I would hope everyone who reads this thread takes a moment to send an email or note to their coach, either past or present, and thank them for all they do. It’s so easy to take people for granted. Plus it never hurts to remind coaches what a valuable event it is!
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