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  1. I agree...I'm just already a little overloaded on the boise state love.
  2. oklahoma was not an extremely talented team. they came out of a weak big 12.
  3. although I'd prefer a playoff system, its not like a playoff guarantees the best team wins the championship...it just gives more than 2 teams a chance.
  4. chris I think you should be my co mod in help me.
  5. I dont see putting more guns into school as being a wise course of action when the goal is to keep guns out.
  6. Its the Titans...the ratings are still going to suck even when he comes back. And besides, we're talking about a defensive tackle here. If this guy was a star player, maybe your ratings argument would hold..but I dont think it does in Haynesworth's case.
  7. I'm actually running now in complain and help me and would appreciate some mid atlantic lovin' at the polls.
  8. ha...the best part of this is that in the end, more votes said run.
  9. Its not that I dont think I could win...and I dont mean to sound haughty in saying that, but I've won twice now so I think I would again. But I'm not involved with debate anymore and I've done my time. I think Daniel and David would be great mods so I definitely endorse them both.
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