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  1. Only a few more days remaining to take advantage of our early-bird discount. Register online by May 1st and receive a $50 discount off of tuition. http://www.uwyo.edu/cojo/Debate/WFI.html
  2. Our registration is officially up and running. Check out the forms online at: http://www.uwyo.edu/COJO/Debate/WFI.html for all camp information, answers to your questions and important deadline and discount information.
  3. The staff is largely finalized and it is an exceptionally strong staff representing every spectrum of debate, both regionally and argumentatively. We are almost ready to start accepting registrations. My IT person is building the website as we speak. If you have questions, please shoot us an email at wyomingforensicsinstitute@gmail.com Also, if you are considering WFI or are an alum or friend of the camp, check us out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wyoming-Forensics-Institute/128727390534519
  4. Here is a short bio of several of the staff members that will be at this years WFI. And we will be adding two or three more as well. Travis Cram: University of Wyoming, Camp director. Travis Cram is the Director of Forensics at the University of Wyoming. Travis debated for Cheyenne East where he won 3 consecutive Wyoming State championships and a 10th place finish at NFL Nationals. In college, Travis debated for Macalester College and the University of Wyoming. His list of accomplishments includes speaker awards and elimination round appearances at Kentucky, Wake Forest, Northwestern, UT Austin and USC, CEDA Nationals and the National Debate Tournament. After assisting the University of Kansas in their 2009 National Championship, Travis assumed head coaching responsibilities at UW. Will Mosley Jensen: University of Georgia, Curriculum director. Will Mosley Jensen is an assistant debate coach at the University of Georgia. Will also debated for Cheyenne East, qualifying for the TOC and achieving a 7th place finish at NFL Nationals his senior year. Will was a four-time qualifier to the National Debate Tournament for the University of Wyoming. His list of competitive achievements includes winning the 2007 Weber Round Robin and elimination round appearances and speaking awards at Georgia State, Kentucky, Harvard, Northwestern, UT Austin, USC, CEDA Nationals and the National Debate Tournament. Will has coached at the University of Georgia for the last three years where the squad has secured multiple first round bids to the NDT and had deep elimination appearances at nearly every national tournament. RJ Giglio: University of Oklahoma, Lab leader. RJ Giglio is currently a debater for the University of Oklahoma. RJ debated for Caddo Magnet High School in Louisiana and was a three-time qualifier to the TOC. His senior year included speaker awards in the top 3 at 7 major national tournaments. As a debater for Oklahoma, RJ has been a dominant force on the college circuit, earning three first round bids to the National Debate Tournament and qualifying a fourth time as a freshman. He has had top 10 speaker awards, deep elimination appearances and tournament victories at some of the most prestigious college tournaments, including Wake Forest, Texas, Harvard and Kentucky. RJ is also the defending two-time CEDA National Champion. Mike Bausch: University of Wyoming, Lab leader. Mike Bausch is actively finishing his final semester of debate for the University of Wyoming. Mike debated for Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho. Mike is a four-time qualifier to the National Debate Tournament and has had one of the most dominating years in Wyoming Debate history. His significant accomplishments include winning the 2010 Weber Round Robin, three consecutive final four appearances at the Las Vegas Classic, the sweet 16 of Wake Forest and speaker awards at nearly every tournament he has appeared at. Chris Loghry: University of Wyoming, Lab leader. Chris Loghry is joining the University of Wyoming as an assistant coach after a long and successful debate career at Emporia State University in Kansas. Chris also debated for Cheyenne East in high school, winning the Wyoming State tournament his senior year. As a college debater for Emporia, Chris qualified to the National Debate Tournament two times and was also in the elimination rounds of countless tournaments. Elimination appearance and speaker awards occurred at the University of Northern Iowa, Central Oklahoma, Wake Forest, Georgia State, Gonzaga and CEDA Nationals. Matt Struth: Liberty University, Lab leader. Matt Struth is a coach for Liberty University. As a debater at the University of Mary Washington, he received a first-round bid to the National Debate Tournament, was a quarter-finalist at the NDT, and was the winner of the 2009 American Debate Association National Championship. He also was the top speaker at ADA Nationals and twelfth speaker at the NDT. He has coached college debate for the past two years and has worked with high school debate for the past six. Risha Bhattacharjee: University of Texas, Lab Leader Risha Bhattacharjee debated at Coppell High School for four years, where she qualified for the TOC with 4 bids her junior year and was in the elimination rounds of every major tournament of the season. She is also a two-time qualifier to the NFL National tournament. Risha currently debates for the University of Texas at Austin, where she has cleared at several tournaments, including both portions of the Texas Swings, Cal-Berkeley, and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She has been an assistant coach for Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville Texas for 1.5 years, helping a team become the first from their school to clear at a national tournament. Paul Montreuil: University of Nevada- Las Vegas, Lab leader. Paul began his debate career at Eagle High School where he was the Idaho state champion and a TOC bid winner. Paul continued his career at Idaho State University where he was a first round to the NDT. Paul has been in the deep elimination rounds at Harvard, USC, CEDA and cleared at every major national tournament, most notably the NDT. Paul was 9th speaker at CEDA his senior year. Paul coached at Idaho State University for one season and currently coaching at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has qualified teams to the NDT at each school. Donny Peters: Illinois State University, Lab leader. Donny Peters was an All American debater at Ball State University. He has had over ten years of coaching experience, coaching successful teams at Ball State University, Illinois State University, Wayne State University and West Virginia University. Donny has had coaching success at all levels of debate. At Wayne State, he was part of a coaching staff that led the team to two consecutive semifinal appearances at the National Debate Tournament and won the American Debate Association Nationals. At both Wayne State and West Virginia, Donny coached teams into the elimination rounds at novice and junior varsity national tournaments. Donny has also contributed to team success in public style debates. At Ball State University, Donny was part of 2 national championship teams.
  5. The dates and tuition for the 2011 Wyoming Forensics Institute have finally been set. We will offer policy, lincoln douglas, public forum and forensics events as we always have. We will offer two-week and three-week sessions this year. Dates and tuition are as follows: 2 week: July 10 through July 23. $900 Tuition (includes board, food, t-shirt and lab fees) 3 week: July 10 through July 30. $1250 Tuition (includes board, food, t-shirt and lab fees) Unfortunately, there was a slight tuition increase compared to last year because food prices especially have risen and the University has started charging sales tax for room and board. However, we are still the lowest priced camp in the region, cheaper than nearly every single full two or three week institute in the country, often by several hundred dollars. We will also be offering a coaches workshop during the camp for coaches in the region wishing to learn more about the year's topic, debate arguments and strategy, and administrative/management issues. More details will be made available as they are set. With this being my first year as director, please be patient as we set down details for the camp in more concrete terms. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me at traviscram@gmail.com
  6. Forslund also once roped a tornado and eats steel rivets for breakfast.
  7. I was not prompted to post because I was worried about anything at all. I was not prompted to post because I have ill will towards Paul in anyway whatsoever. I was speaking to a segment of Colorado debaters who might be concerned about the cost of WFI versus Paul's endeavor or whether WFI addressed their needs. You do realize that people advertise things in the hope of enticing potential consumers to try their product? They still do that these days, yes? My post was addressed towards debaters that are on the fence as to whether WFI is valuable for them in either terms of cost or what they might get out of it. The evidence Crowe and I provided was advanced as a means of answering their questions, again not to bag on Loupe (who is obviously sweet). Do not patronize me. My example was not meant to be some heart-warming bit of Horatio Alger to make you 'glad' and I have a better sense than most people of knowing what people can or cannot afford. Yes, you are right if a person obviously does not want to come to WFI they will not work to come to WFI. I am addressing those out there who still think 725 dollars is a lot of money to come up with by letting them know that it is very easily within their reach should they have a desire to improve their debate skills at a price that they will not come across anywhere else in the country. I am incredibly confused as to why you are so defensive about any of this. Crowe and I are simply speaking to those who are still on the fence about whether WFI is right for them. Are we trying to persuade them that WFI is the best camp for their money? Absolutely. Should it shake out that you can't pull together a trip to WFI, than please attend what Loupe is offering.
  8. I think Christopher's economic breakdown speaks for itself. The diversity of the instruction at WFI simply cannot be beat. You have a staff that pulls almost entirely from the mountain region and have been enormously successful at any type of debate you can imagine. Want to win your state tournament? We have people that have done that two or three times each. Want to be a competitor at some TOC tournaments? We have people who have qualified to the TOC themselves and coached teams to winning records at that tournament. Want to qualify and succeed at NFL nationals? Learn from those who have qualified innumerable times as well as placed at the tournament. Want to learn how to be more effective on your local district at tournaments that have a mix of college judges to CHSAA judges who are sticklers for stock issues? Our staff members have debated in that environment and won some of the largest regular season tournaments in Colorado multiple times. Want to learn how to be a better speaker and combine argumentative skill with more effective communication skills and persuasiveness? Staff has also won countless speaker awards at both the high school and even the highest echelons of collegiate debate. Want to push the edge and learn about non-traditional or critical approaches to debate? We have people who have been both enormously successful in reading those arguments as well as coaching their development. Even if you aren't interested in such arguments yourself or don't have an opportunity to run them, being informed about them is the key to being able to effectively address them when your opposition brings them up. New to debate and still trying to figure out the ropes? There is simply no better way to advance yourself than an intensive two weeks. Not only can we place you with students who are in a similar position and staff that are very effective at teaching the basics, a two-week camp gives you so many more opportunities to practice, drill and get debates under your belt than you can ever get during the course of a weekend. You also walk away with an evidence set that will help push you forward in your own research endeavors for the season as well give you access to a wide panoply of lectures on the following: the present topic, debating disads, effectively using your case, topicality, counterplans, theory arguments, paradigms and judge adaptation, giving better cross examinations, preparing and succeeding at NFL nationals, developing a research plan for the season, criticisms and non-traditional methods of policy debate, etc etc. The lecture series alone is enough to justify the camp because it puts you into conversation with some of the best debate minds in the region. Nothing in this post should be construed as bagging on Paul's endeavor. No matter what, I want as many kids as possible learning how to debate, whether its at WFI or down in Denver. And if the cost of WFI is truly out of your reach, by all means, attend Paul's camp. Just realize that affording tuition is very easily possible, even in an economy where you can't depend on your parents help. My senior year in high school I worked a job and did fundraising because I had to finance camp myself, but it was very within reach at basically the same price as it is today. Sometimes you have to work hard to make an opportunity open to you, but if you are passionate about policy debate and making yourself better, it is some hard work that is well worth it.
  9. I conclude you idiot children shouldn't delete threads that have existed since you were in elementary school. wtf america!
  10. a) I'm glad I'm legit Pickles, have all the strong suspicions you want c) Loghry, it's just regular first class freight from USPS. What are the media mailing restrictions? Do expandos make the cut? d) if you want a postage estimate, go to http://www.usps.com/tools/calculatepostage/welcome.htm?from=home&page=0061calculatepostage
  11. It would cost 16 or 17 dollars to ship 10 expandos (~13 pounds) to Massachusetts from Laramie. 10 new expandos with tax probably come out at $12 each, or $120. 10 of my expandos plus shipping comes out at $60 for a 50% savings. Shipping of course is much less for those in more proximate locations than Massachusetts.
  12. gas prices have reached a new high my friend. and I don't want six tubs full of expandos taking up space...
  13. So after nearly a decade, I am no longer debating and thus have no need for the rather large expando collection that I have amassed. I do however have the need for money. Given that these things usually sell for around 10 dollars new, you might have the need for ones that are dramatically cheaper than store-bought ones. So if you'd like to buy some, the prices are: 31 pocket numbered: $6 (these 31 pocket ones are in limited supply) 23 pocket alphabetical: $4 (I have a ton of these as they are what is most commonly used) 'rough condition': $2 (these are expandos that have seen better days but are still very usable). If you are interested, send me a private message or email at traviscram@gmail.com and we'll negotiate from there as far as pick-up/shipping/payment is concerned. I consider myself pretty reputable, though others may disagree. First come first served, but I have about 100 of the things so there's plenty to go around. And if you're looking to buy a rather large amount, maybe we could negotiate a bulk discount as well. TCram
  14. another one will follow soon. I just finished my summer classes. the effort picked up a little bit, but not much.
  15. You were going on and on about how you were going to kick that puppy. Little did you know it was a fire hydrant. A fire hydrant did that? That and the barbed wire we wrapped around it.
  16. Loghry and I's steady march to WDC domination might be the longest string of some of the most absurdly, ridiculously awful victories ever. "Why the hell do I keep calling you Chris Loghry?" "I have no idea."
  17. You Whitman people and your reading comprehension... You gotta email me your address to get added. Otherwise, I know not where to send your copy of the newsletter. A2 'But Sandy did it': -She also emailed me. -She's really old, so we'll forgive her because her mind is soft with age.
  18. First newsletter is sent out to those that emailed me their information. If you did not receive it, please let me know. Concerns regarding 'high-profile' cases like dadt, etc are addressed within.
  19. Hello all, It’s that time of the year again. All or nearly all of the NFL district tournaments are complete and some of you are going to be in the wonderful, bustling metropolis of Wichita come June. Because there has been enough interest, I am volunteering to head up the creation and coordination of a Rocky Mountain region research consortium. Many of you are already familiar with the concept, but I’ll briefly explain for any that are new to the idea. Over the past several years, qualifying teams from the region have participating in an evidence cooperative. Simply put, we all do much better when we work cooperatively to prepare for nationals. No one of us can cover all the bases necessary and the region has had a great amount of success with the consortium. Since the consortium began in 2002, participants have posted three Top-10 finishes, a slew of speaker awards, and countless teams breaking to elimination rounds. Our success in the past literally speaks for itself. How does the consortium work? It’s simple. After we generate a case list, participants take an assignment and research a file against that case. After you submit your first file, you receive the work everyone else has submitted. The more consistently and often you submit, the more evidence you get access to. Evidence will be posted to a series of email accounts that make access easy for everyone involved. Who can participate? Anyone who would like to. If you have qualified to nationals, are a recent alum or coach who would like help, you’re more than welcome to take assignments. Actual debaters need to have their coach’s permission, however. It is not my intent to undermine any coach or tell them how to run their team. Given past experience however, many coaches in the region have been very supportive of the consortium and I’m sure they will have no qualms about participating. What kind of work is to be expected? NFL nationals is a giant tournament with an incredibly diverse field of debaters, judges and cases. Because of that, it is impossible to have every single case blocked out to the nines with strategies that depend on several off-case positions that are tailored to a national circuit style of debate. For the very few circuit-type rounds one can expect, it is best to have a few generic strategies that you are comfortable executing. The consortium is not geared towards those types of strategies. Instead, we try to prepare for the very vast middle at this tournament. This means 15 to 30 page case-neg briefs on as many cases as we can anticipate. Having enough case evidence prepared against 5 cases is much more valuable to you than a 300 page file especially prepared and blocked out for a single case. All of your research should also be in an electronic format such as Microsoft Word. Paper blocks that are scanned or copied are too cumbersome to deal with and we’ve had a great deal of trouble with those in the past. What sort of problems have there been in the past? While the experience has been overall positive, there have been a few problems we’ve had in the past. First, is the concern with free-riding (a team might contribute one assignment and then assume free access to all work that is done). I think we successfully addressed this last year by creating a multi-tiered level of access (more evidence is accessible to those who do more work) which worked well. Second, work comes in late. I know that we are all busy with wrapping up school, but it is important to stay on top of deadlines and make steady progress in finishing assignments. Assign yourself a one-week turnaround or less for every assignment you take. June rolls around incredibly fast and it’s important to use these early weeks to get ahead of the game. Third, people taking assignments or signing up to participate and then backing out. While I’m not going to blame you if circumstances change and you can no longer participate, please think very seriously as to whether or not you will be able to actively contribute. This was a major problem with many of the college people last year. But I don’t think any of these are major problems that can’t be overcome. So what now? Now what I need people to do if they are interested is to email me their name and email address to traviscram@gmail.com. If you also have access to a case-list, please send that along as well so that I can integrate with the list I am drawing up. I’ll try to get a quick turnaround with the first newsletter so that people can start taking assignments. I’ll also include some information about practice rounds and the like in future newsletters. I’ll be sending information in emails instead of posting them to this board so it is important that you send me an email address that you regularly check. Don’t rely on cross-x to keep you up to date. Finally, a disclaimer. Unfortunately, I simply do not have the time or resources to dedicate nearly as much to this entire process as Sandy Patrick did in years past. If things are not running smoothly or if I happen to fall behind a little, please try to bear with me. I have college course-work, work on next years college topic and handbook assignments for next years high school topic in addition to coaching my own team at NFLs this year. I’m spread pretty thin but I believe in the consortium enough to give it my best. As always, I will offer any coaching advice (for what that’s worth) to any participating team as if you were one of my own teams at the actual tournament. We can also arrange practice rounds in Wichita or in the weeks leading up to it. Anyways, the main point is that I’m confident enough that the consortium can be worth everyone’s while and I hope that we as a region are able to send some teams deep into elimination rounds this June. Best, Travis Cram Cheyenne East High School/Univ. Wyoming
  20. a) I'm obviously too legit to quit. There is a substantial degree of difference between the 'development' done by the Peace Corps (poverty remediation, infrastructure building, etc) that is very locally-geared, and the 'development' that Friedman, Lewis et. al. are referring to (structural adjustments, aid conditionality, development loans) that are designed to restructure and integrate national economies into the global economy. This latter form of development is what is responsible for most of the problems that globalization's discontents cite (extractive industry, export 'banana republic' economies, inflated labor pools & depressed wages). There is a vast gulf separating these two spheres and it would be best to not presume that action within the first necessarily implicates the second. I found this disjunction to be very troubling in the Kent/Littleton debate and I wish it had been a much larger focus of the debate. c) This relativism tangent that has developed is rather strange. When discussing human rights, the West's obsession with individualism really only clashes with others at the level of political rights or negative liberties. Most think there is a certain baseline of human decency that can't be crossed or reduced. But this is an incredibly complex and large debate that will never be settled (certainly not on this website).
  21. I'll be setting up a consortium similar to those in years past. I'll get the info posted on here in a couple of days.
  22. Hole in the Wall results: 1st: Cheyenne East Sanford/Williams 5-0 2nd: Newcastle Shah/Cleverdon (sp?) 4-1 --- The Alternates are Campbell County MS and LN I believe.
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