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  1. Thanks to everyone for attending the Washburn Rural tournament, especially the many judges who watched rounds. 2013 WRHS Tournament Results Sweepstakes 1st – Shawnee Mission East – 21 wins 2nd – Olathe NW – 16 wins, 103 spks 3rd – Hutchinson – 16 wins, 104 spks Varsity Division Teams receiving bids that did not clear: Maize C – Carter Mullen & Kole McCorkendale Olathe NW B – Alaina Walberg & Mackenzie Luman Hutchinson A – Krambeer & Crater Manhattan C – Lisa Shu & Trevor Bashaw Andover Central A – Luke Roy & Daniel Saunders Buhler A – Bryce Harner & Gage Brookman Maize D – Kellor Yde & Luke Mohr Silver Lake B – Nathan Cunningham & Luke Fangman Quarterfinals 1 SME B (Ada Throckmorton/ Utsa Ramaswami) d. 3-0 8 SMS A (Casey Owen/Riley Brennan) 4 Wichita East A (Nathan Jin/Yash Kamath) d. 3-0 5 SME A(Parker Mitchell/Jack Werner) 3 Campus A (Robert Youel/Jamie Welch) d. 3-0 6 SME D (Ali Dastjerdi & Shruti Mehta) 2 SME C (Karl Walter & Henry Walter) d. 3-0 7 Manhatn B Robert Kobza/ Nathan McClendon) Semi-Finals Wichita East A d. 5-0 SME B Campus A d. 3-2 SME C Finals Wichita East A d. 3-0 Campus A Varsity speaker awards 1st Brett Krambeer Hutchinson 2nd Oliver Tahmasiyan ONW 3rd Henry Walter SME 4th James Davis Newton 5th Karl Walter SME 6th Ada Throckmorton SME 7th Madlyn Womack BVN 8th Lauren Appenfeller Maize 9th Peter Sang Manhattan 10th Yash Kamath Wichita East Open Division Quarterfinals 1 Sumner J (Dasia Graves/LaTara Demery) d. 3-0 8 Buhler J ( Cyan Sanders/Peter Qui) 4 SME K (Spencer Mitchell/Bhavish Dinakar) d. 3-0 5 Bishop Miege K (Matt Horn/ Nicky Allen) 6 Olathe NW J (Katie Staab/Madison Elliott) d. 2-1 2 Olathe South L (Katy Dorrell/Yusra Nabi) 2 Hutchinson J (Emily Fan/Julia Henry) d. 2-1 7 Emporia (Drew Stapp/Ali Nasrazadani) Semifinals SME K d. 3-0 Sumner J ONW J d. 2-1 Hutch J Finals ONW J d. 2-1 SME K Open speaker awards 1st Kathryn LIpka Shawnee Heights 2nd Adeline Graham Bishop Seabury 3rd LaTara Demery Sumner Academy 4th Dakota Yates El Dorado 5th Cyan Sanders Buhler J 6th Christopher Ecord SMN 7th Sterling Edgar Manhattan 8th Garrett Rademacher Shawnee Heights Novice Division 1st Seaman R Andrew Gill/Emily Stanley 2nd Topeka R Dele Adegboe/Colton Glasscock 3rd SMW S Andy Hui/Chase Todd 4th Topeka S Isabelle Baugness/Madison Sawyer 5th Shawnee Hts R Zach Hahn/Alex Wilson 6th Lawrence R Bridget Smith/Sung Ho Hwang 7th SMNW R Lily Ottinger/Rozlyn Wohler 8th SMW R Karan Sarai/Joel Pridgen Novice Speaker Awards 1st Isabelle Baugness Topeka 2nd Lily Ottinger SMNW 3rd Dele Adegbore Topeka 4th Karan Sarai SMW 5th Isabelle Serofin Garden City 6th Bridget Smith Lawrence 7th Andrew Gill Seaman 8th Sam Reber Blue Valley
  2. 2012 Washburn Rural Results - Hope all in attendance had a fine experience. Thanks to all who judged especially! Sweepstakes 1st – Shawnee Mission East – 21 wins 2nd – Hutchinson – 18 wins 3rd – Shawnee Mission West – 17 wins Varsity Division Teams receiving bids that did not clear: Olathe Northwest AA – Luke Hartman & Alaina Walberg Shawnee Mission Northwest AA – Ammit Bhatla & Mac Cook St. Thomas Aquinas BB – Ellen Bertels & Taylor Ruisch Shawnee Mission West CC – Grace Rogers & Maddi Duncan Shawnee Mission East DD – Jack Mitchell & Seth Myers Blue Valley AA – Patrick Carabello & James Brower Maize AA Kellor Yde & Lauren Appenfeller Shawnee Mission East BB – Ada Throckmorton & Utsa Ramaswami Quarterfinals 8. Hutch BB – Crater & Krambeer d. 3-0 1. SME AA – Tulp & Murphy 5. SMS AA – Monaghan & Owen d. 3-0 4. BVN BB – Womack & Monacure 7. Shawnee Hts – Loy & Copeland d. 2-1 2. SME CC – Kennedy & Werner 3. Hutch AA – Blake & Sain d. 3-0 6. SMW BB – Lekie & Purohit Semi-Finals SMS AA d. 3-0 Hutch BB Hutch AA d. 201 Shawnee Heights AA Finals Hutch AA d 6-1 SMS Varsity speaker awards 1st Brooke Peele Shawnee Hts 2nd Maddi Duncan SMW 3rd John D’Onofrio Jenks 4th Ada Throckmorton SME 5th Liam Murphy SME 6th Sam Tulp SME 7th TJ Blake Hutch 8th Josh Monocure BVN 9th Ami Purohit SMW 10th Taylor Ruisch St. Thomas Aquinas Open Division Quarterfinals 1. SME LL – Walter & Walter d. 3-0 8. Buhler LL Sanders & Rathod 4. SMW LL – Fuchsman & Cardell d. 2-1 5. Blue Valley MM – Cochran & Chen 2. Blue Valley LL – Jilovec & Jamil d. 3-0 7. Aquinas LL – Bernard & Halavacek 6. T West MM – Bodenheimer & Duncan d. 2-1 3. Olathe South MM – Hendrickson & Stueve Semifinals SME LL d. 2-1 SMW LL TWest MM d. 3-0 Blue Valley LL Finals TWest d/ 2-1 SME LL Open speaker awards 1st Brittany Bodenheimer Topeka West 2nd James Hendrickson Olathe South 3rd Ethan Stueve Olathe South 4th Henry Walter SME 5th Karl Walter SME 6th Matt Caffey Bishop Miege 7th Chandler Bolen El Dorado 8th Sharod Rachardt Andover Central Novice Division 1st Kapaunn RR Scott & De Souza 4-1, 17 2nd Olathe NW RR Ruzzih & Elliott 4-1 19, 15-10 opp, 272 Pts 3rd Caney Valley RR Griffin & McCullen 4-1,19, 15-10 opp, 267 pts 4th SMW SS Allen & Kloepper 4-1, 22, 15-10 opp 5th Seaman RR Mulanax & Misenhelter 4-1, 22, 13-12 opp 6th Mulvane RR Overman & Dikemon 4-1, 22, 11-14 opp 7th SMW RR Maxwell & Wirth 4-1, 24 8th Hutch RR Crater & Fan 3-2, 22 Novice Speaker Awards 1st John Ruzzih Olathe NW 2nd Layne McCullen Caney Valley 3rd Trevor Mulanax Seaman 4th Garret Misenhelter Seaman 5th Courtney Kloepper SMW 6th Isabelle Smith Olathe NW 7th Lexie Allen SMW 8th Michael Wirth SMW
  3. burgett

    Washburn Rural

    Final Results of 2011 Washburn Rural Invitational Thanks to all who attended, and especially to all who judged. My apologies for not having the ballot counts for open quarters. The computer had a bit of a fit, and I don't have this at the time I posted the results. Sweepstakes Shawnee Mission East – 20 wins Varsity Division Teams receiving bids that did not clear: Olathe NW B - Jack Moormeier & Alex Didlake Wichita East A - Mateen Shah & Tyler Vannavong Field Kindley A - Jordan Mecom & Ben Wright SM East B - Michael Kennedy & Eden McKissick-Hawley SM East D - (Mark Towster & Wil Kenney Shawnee Heights A - Alek Eskilson & Jackson Herman Topeka High B - Anna Zimmerman & William Ashley Hutchinson C - Brett Krambeer & Alex Turley Quarterfinals 1. Manhattan A – Pei/Wefald d. (3-0) 8. BVW C – Saiedien/Birzer 4. Buhler A – Bower/Bruner d. (3-0) 5. SME C – Murphy/Tulp 3. Hutch A – Blake/Torres d.(3-0 ) 6. SMW B – Hruska/Hui 7. SME A – Carrey/Hill d. (2-1) 2. McPherson A – Shaughnessy/Myers Semi-Finals Buhler A d. (2-1) Manhattan A SME A d. (2-1) Hutch A Finals SME A d. (2-1) Buhler A Varsity speaker awards 1st Jared Nelson BVW 2nd Andrew Shaughnessy McPherson 3rd Linda Pei Manhattan 4th Kanan Boor Buhler 5th William Ashley Topeka 6th Mark Towster SME 7th Ideen Saiedian BVW 8th Peg Wefald Manhattan 9th Joe Rothschild Topeka 10th Christopher Birzer BVW Open Division Quarterfinals 1. Shawnee Heights K – dome/Langer d. () 8. Topeka West J – Karimi/Baker 4. SME J – Myers/Werner d. () 5. Salina Central J – Willey/Beck 2. Shawnee Heights J – Holden/Buchanan d. () 7. Olathe South K – Carter/Hoffman 2. Topeka West K – Serrano/Sheng d. () 6. El Dorado J – Smith/Turner Semifinals SME J d. (2-1) Shawnee Heights K Topeka West K d. (2-1) Shawnee Heights J Finals SME J d. (2-1) Topeka West K Open speaker awards 1st Patrick Carabello Blue Valley 2nd Eric Mueller Field Kindley 3rd Karin Hoffman Olathe South 4th Neal Sonneman Goddard 5th Stephen Smith El Dorado 6th Dalton Willey Salina Central 7th Carlos Serrano Topeka West 8th Ada Throckmorton SME Novice Division 1st Buhler R Naveed/Brunner 2nd Olathe NW Leuszler/Patel 3rd Mulvane R Thomas/Nooney 4th Topeka West R Duncan/Lowry 5th Topeka West S Bodenheimer/Searcy 6th Seaman R Haynes/Williams 7th Lansing R Watkins/Algarra 8th Maize S Ochsner/Richards Novice Speaker Awards 1st Brittany Bodenheimer Topeka West 2nd Brennan Schartz Hutchinson 3rd Wesley Duncan Topeka West 4th Wesley Lowry Topeka West 5th Peyton Nooney Mulvane 6th Hayle Hardy SMW 7th Aryanna Torres SMW 8th Chandler Clemens Shawnee Heights
  4. burgett

    DCI Results

    There weren't any actual ties in speaker awards. I've listed the points in case folks didn't have access to the packet. 1st Wichita East Orsi/Redler 7-0 2nd Silver Lake Maryott/Oblander 6-1 3rd Blue Valley Nichols/Xu 5-2, 31 4th Washburn Rural Ziegler/Cummings 5-2, 32, 30-19 5th Washburn Rural Schile/Kearney 5-2, 32, 28-21 6th Olathe Northwest Kist/Silvernail 5-2, 32, 27-22 7th Blue Valley West Saiedia/Birzer 5-2, 33 8th Blue Valley West Richey/Oatman 4-3, 30, 27-22 9th Newton Runge/Prochazka 4-3, 30, 24-25 10th Shawnee Mission East Towster/Kenney 4-3, 31 Speaker Awards 1st Samantha Nichols Blue Valley - 148.5 2nd Ideen Saiedian Blue Valley West - 143.5 3rd Andrew Shaughnessy McPherson - 142.5, 200.5 total pts 4th Lucy Orsi Wichita East - 142.5, 199.5 total pts 5th Michael Hill Shawnee Mission East - 142.5, 198.5 total pts 6th Daniel Lyon Fort Scott - 142 7th Amanda Gress St. Thomas Aquinas - 141, 198.5 total pts 8th Reid Waldman Blue Valley North - 141, 197 total pts 9th Blake Silvernail Olathe Northwest - 141, 192 total pts 10th Kelly Redler Wichita East - 140.5, 195.5 total pts
  5. burgett

    Washburn Rural

    Thanks to all who attended, especially to those who judged and make our activity possible. A special thanks to my squad who worked hard and made their coach proud. We hope everyone had a great time. I must make a public apology for sweeps. In my mind, I thought it was figured one way; my invitation said something else. I figured and awarded sweeps, and the traveling trophy will stay as it is, but I am planning to crown a co-sweeps champion. My deepest apologies to all involved. Sweepstakes * 1st – Maize – 14 wins / SME – 16 wins 2nd – Olathe South Varsity Division Octafinals 1. 32A - SMW – Campbell/Empson d. 3-0 16. 23A - SME – Sullivan/McGranahan 8. 1B - GardenCity – Ramirez/Wells d. 3-0 9. 14A - BVN – Khalif/Waldman 13. 23C - SME – Sewell/Vickers d. 2-1 4. 18A - Emporia – Scherich/Bonnett 11. 23B - SME – Raghuveer/Cao d. 3-0 5. 6B - Olathe South – Altulies/Berberich 3. 12A - Hays – Hayley/Raven d. 2-1 14. 14B - BVN – Wood/Cull 12. 39A – Aquinas – Seib/Weller d. 3-0 6. 23D - SME – Fink/Luther 7. 5A – Shawnee Hts – Ginn/Overbey d. 2-1 10. 14C - BVN – Wizig/McClung 2. 20A – Blue Valley – Nichols/Dean d. 3-0 15. 3B – Maize – Jo/Raftopolis Quarterfinals 32A SMW d. 3-0 1B Garden City 23C SME d. 2-1 39A St Thomas Aquinas 23B SME d. 2-1 12A Hays 20A Blue Valley d. 3-0 5A Shawnee Heights Semi-Finals 32A SMW d. 2-1 23C SME 20A Blue Valley d- 3-0 23B SME Finals 20A Blue Valley d. 2-1 32A SMW Varsity speaker awards 1st Jessica Berberich Olathe South 2nd Melanie Campbell SMW 3rd Michael Raven Hays 4th Natalie Phillips Aquinas 5th Bill Newell Newton 6th Cody Wood BVN 7th Leah Empson SMW 8th Tara Raghuveer SME 9th Maggie Weller Aquinas 10th Sarah Padgett Topeka West Junior Varsity Division Quarterfinals 1. 5R – Shawnee Hts – Cross/Deckert d. 2-1 8. 7S - Field Kindley – Vowell/Lovett 5. 21R – Topeka – Billinger/Teeter d. 2-1 4. 41S - Free State – Jones/Walter 3. 13R – Buhler – Bohren/Honeycut d. 3-0 6. 24R Piper – Teeters/Clark 2. 16R – Ft Scott – Rooks/Lyon d. 3-0 7. 32R SMW – Sandhu/Hon Semifinals 5R Shawnee Heights d. 3-0 21R Topeka High 13R Buhler d. 2-1 16R Fort Scott Finals 5R Shawnee Heights d. 2-1 13R Buhler JV speaker awards 1st Alex Diaz Garden City 2nd Anna Hamilton Topeka 3rd Maria Lovett Field Kindley 4th Sam Walter Free State 5th Ben Honeycutt Buhler 6th Aaron Oschner Maize 7th Kaitlin Teeters Piper 8th Patrick Lee SMN Novice Division 1st 17Y Seaman Hentzler/Fordham 5-0, 18 2nd 17X Seaman Tolin/Mikkelson 5-0, 19 3rd 13X Buhler Joyce/Thompson 4-1, 18, 17- 8 opp 4th 3Y Maize Crabtree/Svboda 4-1, 18, 15-10 opp 5th 4X SMN Miller/Hallstrom 4-1, 21, 15-10 opp,, 259 quals 6th 33X SMS McGreal/Frederick 4-1, 21, 15-10 opp, 246 quals 7th 3X Maize Hughs/ Putman 4-1, 22, 14-11 opp 8th 32X SMW Hui/Hruska 4-1, 22, 13-12 opp Novice Speaker Awards 1st Donald Hughs Maize 2nd Justin Crabtree Maize 3rd Clark Thomas Olathe NW 4th Lucas Smith Free State 5th Dara McGreal SMS 6th Blake Silvernail Olathe NW 7th Steven Hallstrom SMN 8th Sara Joyce Buhler[/size][/size] Peace Burgett
  6. Sweepstakes 1st – Shawnee Mission West – 18 wins 2nd – Blue Valley – 16 wins Varsity Division Octafinals 1. 36A Free State – Falkenstein/Phipps d.(3-0) 16. 31B Bishop Miege – Salisbury/Hogan 8. 7D Manhattan – Ellis/Bolton d.(3-0) 9. 35C St. Thomas Aquinas – Clark/Wondrack 4. 1C Blue Valley – Yu/Beye d.(2-1) 13. 15B Tonganoxie – Williams/Lane 5. 2B SMW – Desai/Jones d.(2-1) 12. 33A Emporia – Miller/Bonnet 3. 2A SMW – Malcolm/Weiner d.(2-1) 14. 1A Blue Valley – Ritter/Adams 11. 40A Wichita NW – Thomas/Coleman d.(3-0) 6. 27B McPherson – Hess/Anderson 7. 1B Blue Valley – Nichols/Dean d.(2-1) 10. 11C SME – Crist/Ringer 15. 24D Goddard – Jamison/Munday d.(3-0) 2. 27A McPherson – Clary/Anderson Quarterfinals 7D Manhattan d. (2-1) 36A Free State 2B SMW d. (2-1) 1C Blue Valley 2A SMW d. (3-0) 40A Wichita NW 24D Goddard d. (2-1) 1B Blue Valley Semi-Finals 2A SMW d. (3-0) 24D Goddard 7D Manhattan d. (3-0) 2B SMW Finals 2A SMW d. (2-1) 7D Manhattan Varsity speaker awards 1st Brad Crist SME 2nd Ross Ringer SME 3rd Wes Phipps Free State 4th Sarah Weiner SMW 5th Kate Falkenstein Free State 6th Annie Clark STA 7th Alex Bonnet Emporia 8th Jordan Wondrack STA 9th Peter Ebeling Topeka 10th Kelley Nelson Manhattan Junior Varsity Division Quarterfinals 1. 2F SMW – Empson/Campbell d. (3-0) 8. 5F BVN – Cull/Hellier 4. 30F Garden City – Ramirez/Peña d. (3-0) 5. 20F Topeka – Bevens/Keegan-Harris 3. 5G BVN – Wizig/McClung d. (3-0) 6. 16F SMN – Vogel/Zoschke 7. 37F Olathe South – Cruz/Wolf d. (3-0) 2. 4G Olathe NW – Meadows/Burgman Semifinals 2F SMW d. (3-0) 30F Garden City 5G BVN d. (2-1) 37F Olathe South Finals 2F SMW d. (3-0) 5G BVN JV speaker awards 1st DeMondtre Green Shawnee Heights 2nd Marissa Wizig BVN 3rd Chad Burgman Olathe NW 4th Matt Bevens Topeka 5th Austin Baragary Tonganoxie 6th Addison Keegan-Harris Topeka 7th Jake Lazzo Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 8th Kyle Shanks Hayden Novice Division 1st 2J SMW Klem/Lusk 4-1, 22, 13-12 opp 2nd 1K Blue Valley Willis/Motsonashavili 4-1, 19 3rd 17J Derby Welden/Johnson 4-1, 20, 14-11 opp, 257 rate pts 4th 7J Manhattan Gaunt/Holt 4-1, 20, 14-11 opp, 250 rate pts 5th 15J Tonganoxie Soetaert/Bauer-Freeman 4-1, 21, 16-9 opp 6th 4J Olathe NW Jorns/Stoffer 4-1, 21, 11-14 opp 7th 2K SMW Sandhu/Gottschalk 4-1, 22, 17-8 opp 8th 37J Olathe South Altwiew/Bennett 4-1, 22, 13-12 opp Novice Speaker Awards 1st Dustin Weden Derby 2nd Howard Grimburg Blue Valley 3rd Amanda Duffy Shawnee Heights 4th Margaret Bureta Free State 5th Alec Weaver Shawnee Heights 6th Katie Meyers Shawnee Heights 7th Andi Adams SMS 8th David Motsonashavili Blue Valley
  7. Mr. Nelson is correct. It was late when I typed results last night and Shawnee Heights did indeed win the finals. My apologies. I've edited the above results. Burgett
  8. OCTOFINALS: 16. Topeka West (Padgett/Larsen) d. 1. Washburn Rural (Eyman/Eyman) 8. Washburn Rural (Christensen/Badgley) d. 9. Garden City (Cervany/Twiss) 4. Shawnee Heights (Hinshaw/Duncan) d. 13. Free State (Kuszmaul/Markham) 12. Sacred Heart (Ellis/Worcester) d. 5. Salina Central (Steuve/Perea) 15. Newton (Lowhon-Bush/Stiffler) d. 2. Blue Valley North (Oberdorfer/Wood) 7. Free State (Kapp-Klote/Allen) d. 10. Shawnee Heights (Mulligan/Aeschilman) 3. Newton (Bartel/Baumgartner) d. 14. Shawnee Mission South (Czarnecki/Miller) 6. McPherson (Goering/Vester) d. 11. Washburn Rural (Asif/Calabro) QUARTERFINALS: Washburn Rural (Christensen/Badgley) d. (2-1) Topeka West (Padgett/Larsen) Shawnee Heights (Hinshaw/Duncan) d. (2-1) Sacred Heart (Ellis/Worcester) Free State (Kapp-Klote/Allen) d. (3-0) Newton (Lowhon-Bush/Stiffler) McPherson (Goering/Vester) d. (3-0) Newton (Bartel/Baumgartner) SEMIFINALS: Shawnee Heights (Hinshaw/Duncan) d. (3-0) Washburn Rural (Christensen/Badgley) McPherson (Goering/Vester) d. (2-1) Free State (Kapp-Klote/Allen) FINALS: Shawnee Heights (Hinshaw/Duncan) d. (3-0) McPherson (Goering/Vester) Speaker Awards 1st Sarah Padgett Topeka West 2nd Jen Perea Salina Central 3rd Derrick Cervany Garden City 4th Kristen Delay Shawnee Mission Northwest 5th Samantha Courts Junction City 6th Tanvi Nimkar Lawrence 7th Tanur Badgley Washburn Rural 8th Adrianne Eyman Washburn Rural 9th Waqis Asif Washburn Rural 10th Philipp Schaeflein Buhler
  9. burgett


    1st Olathe Northwest Egan/Parkinson 6-1, 25 2nd Blue Valley North Hu/Hammer 6-1, 31 3rd Manhattan Bolton/Jack 6-1, 33 4th Washburn Rural Schroeder/Schroeder 5-2, 28 5th Blue Valley North Kubin/Simon 5-2, 33 6th Emporia Bonnet/Yanik 4-3, 30 7th Washburn Rural Hamilton/Shipley 4-3, 32, 28-21 opp 8th Blue Valley North Janvrin/Kaplin 4-3, 32, 27-22 opp 9th Hutchinson Allsup/Curiel 4-3, 33, 26-23 opp, 392 pts 10th Blue Valley Northwest Krantz/Mott 4-3, 33, 26-33 opp, 385 pts Speaker Awards 1st Alex Parkinson Olathe Northwest 2nd Jesi Egan Olathe Northwest 3rd Andrew Allsup Hutchinson 4th Mark Wilkins Washburn Rural 5th Helen Bolton Manhattan 6th Michelle Hammer Blue Valley North 7th Peter Ebeling Topeka 8th Mary Yanik Emporia 9th Chris Sevedge St. Thomas Aquinas 10th Jeff Kaplan Blue Valley North Thanks to all of the DCI teams for making this a great activity and for making DCI a greaat tournament. For only the second time in 26 years, a team has repeated as DCI champions -- well done, Alex and Jesi. For the first time ever, someone has repeated as top speaker. Again, hats off to Alex. Good luck to everyone at regionals and state. Burgett
  10. burgett

    Washburn Rural

    Thanks to those of you who judged and those who attended. I hope you found your experience to be enjoyable. Here are all of the results for all three divisions: 2006 Washburn Rural Debate Invitational Sweepstakes 1st – Blue Valley North – 16 wins 2nd – Buhler, Olathe Northwest, Topeka High – 14 wins Varsity Division Octafinals 1. 2A Olathe NW – Parkinson/Egan d.(3-0) 16. 33A Goddard – Munday/Buller 9. 15C Topeka – Tinker/Beier-Green d.(3-0) 8. 26A STA – Hartung/Sevedge 4. 4C BVN – Kaplan/Janvrin d.(2-1) 13. 10A Garden City – Reed/Rupp 5. 12C SME – O’Neill/O’Connor d. (3-0) 12. 8B Topeka West – Lara/Serrano 14. BVWN – Robich/Krumme d.(2-1) 3. 20A Salina South – Harzman/Higgins 6. 4G BVN – Garfinkle/Horen d.(2-1) 11. 35B Bishop Miege – Kane/Bauer 7. 4F BVN – Wei-Hu/Hammer d.(2-1) 10. 42B Manhattan – Jack/Bolton 2. 18A SMW – Baker/Weiner d.(3-0) 15. 4A BVN – Cowin/Gluek Quarterfinals 2A Olathe NW PE d. (5-0) 15C Topeka TB-G 12C SME OO d. (5-0) 4C BVN KJ 34A BVNW RK d. (3-2) 4G BVN GH 18A SMW BW d. (4-1) 4F BVN WH Semi-Finals 2A Olathe NW PE d. (5-0) 12C SME OO 18A SMW BW d. (5-0) 34A BVNW RK Finals 2A Olathe NW PE d. (3-0) 18A SMW BW Varsity speaker awards 1st Chris Sevedge - St. Thomas Aquinas 2nd Hammer - BVN 3rd Jesi Egan - Olathe NW 4th Alex Parkinson - Olathe NW 5th Patrick Kennedy - SME 6th Danielle Lipsman - SME 7th Hadley Beier-Green - Topeka 8th Derek Ziegler - Highland Park 9th Gluek- - BVN 10th Mary Yanik - Emporia Junior Varsity Division Quarterfinals 1. 7J Wichita NW – Hallinger/Thomas d. (3-0) 8. 30J Parsons – Wood/Williamson 5. 1J Buhler – Enns/Rodriguez d. (2-1) 4. 15J Topeka – Cantwell/Lowry 3. 22J Free State – Falkenstein/Phipps d. (3-0) 6. Shawnee Heights – Nance/Whitford 2. 4J BVN – McKenna/Diel d. (3-0) 7. 1K Buhler – Corkins/Detrik Semifinals 7J Wichita NW HT d. (2-1) 1J Buhler ER 22J Free State FP d. (3-0) 4J BVN MD Finals 22J Free State FP d. (3-0) 7J Wichita NW HT JV speaker awards 1st Taylor Nichols - Blue Valley 2nd Travis Hallinger - Wichita NW` 3rd Meg Lowry - Topeka 4th Simone Lewis - SMW 5th Jacob Overbey - Shawnee Heights 6th Heather Whitford - Shawnee Heights 7th Logan Thomas - Wichita NW 8th Jeh Jennings - SMN Novice Division 1st 22R Free State Kapp-Klote/Allen 5-0, 17 2nd 23R McPherson Allen/Goering 5-0, 13 3rd 14S Shawnee Hts Duncan/Hershaw 4-1, 22 4th 10T Garden City McMillan/Wells 4-1, 23 5th 3R Lawrence Niedenthel/Hyler 3-2, 19 6th 46R Salina Central Wooten/Martinez 3-2, 21 7th 2T Olathe NW Bacon/Jewatt 3-2, 22 8th 14R Shawnee Hts Aeshilman/Mulligan 3-2, 24, 13-12 opp Novice Speaker Awards 1st Cori Allen - Free State 2nd Alex Wilson - Topeka West 3rd Katie Wooten - Salina Central 4th Meghan Martinez - Salina Central 5th Alicia Markham - Free State 6th Sarah Padgett - Topeka West 7th Chris McMillan - Garden City 8th Pressman - Shawnee Mission West
  11. Some Kansas novices had a throw down and did some excellent debating at the Kansas Novice Championships this weekend. Here are the results: OCTOFINALS: 1. Washburn Rural A (Goosen & Raidl) def. 16. Blue Valley West C (Crowl & Wallace) 9. McPherson D (Silver & Hanschu) def. 8. Newton B (Kaufman & Collins) 4. Olathe Northwest A (Keast & Haynes) def. 13. Blue Valley B (Yu & Siemers) 12. Olathe Northwest B (Schmitz & Rippberger) def. 5 SME B (Young & Fager) 2. seed Tonganoxie B (Williams & Dohle) def. 15. Blue Valley North B (McKenna & Gaddie) 7. Free State B (Phipps & Robinson) def 10. St. Thomas Aquinas A (Timmons & Wondrack) 14. Topeka High A (Brinker & Cantwell) def. 3. St Thomas Aquinas B (Clark & Kopp) 11. Newton C (Bradshaw & Garcia) def. 6. Lawrence A (Jian & Williams) QUARTERFINALS: Washburn Rural B def. McPherson D Olathe Northwest A def. Olathe Northwest B Free State B def Tonganoxie B Topeka High A def. Newton C SEMIFINALS: Olathe Northwest A def Washburn Rural B Free State B def. Topeka High A FINALS: Free State B def. Olathe Northwest A Speaker Awards 1st Ben Goossen Washburn Rural 2nd Matthew Williams Tonganoxie 3rd Beth Buchanan Shawnee Mission Northwest 4th Wes Phipps Free State 5th TJ Dohle Tonganoxie 6th Joe McDonough Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 7th Sarah Robinson Free State 8th Josh Dean Blue Valley 9th Luke Brinker Topeka High 10th Grace Foran Hutchinson[/font][/size][/size]
  12. burgett


    1st Olathe Northwest Egan/Parkinson 7-0 2nd Washburn Rural Katz/Wenke 5-2, 29 3rd Silver Lake Miller/Oyler 5-2, 33, 27-9 opp 4th St. Thomas Aquinas Mendenhall/Timmons 5-2, 33, 25-11 opp 5th Blue Valley North Janvrin/Hammer 5-2, 34 6th Washburn Rural Higgins/Petty 4-3, 29 7th Manhattan Lee/Jack 4-3, 32 8th Blue Valley North Fried/Cowin 4-3, 33 9th Lyons Hogan/Riggs 4-3, 34 10th Hutchinson Harper/Swearer 4-3, 35 Speaker Awards 1st Alex Parkinson Olathe Northwest 2nd Jonathan Katz Washburn Rural 3rd Jamie Wenke Washburn Rural 4th Gail Lee Manhattan 5th Jenny Timmons St. Thomas Aquinas 6th Jesi Egan Olathe Northwest 7th Ashely Riggs Lyons 8th Spencer Kubin Blue Valley North 9th Tyler Truesdell Tonganoxie 10th Li Hu Blue Valley North Congratulations to ALL of the teams that debated at DCI. You all looked liked you'd been debating pretty hard when it was all said and done... I hope you enjoyed your experience at the tournament. Burgett
  13. burgett

    DCI Medals

    You are not petty for inquiring, but debaters ARE like racoons...or crows...or pack rats, last time I checked our evidence storage room. And the engravers assured me this afternoon when I stopped by their shop that the novice medals are in and will be sent as soon as possible and that the DCI medals were to be delivered to them this afternoon, and they would engrave and send, again, as soon as they could. I even provided them with pre-addressed sticky labels to make things go more easily. Don't say there isn't love...
  14. burgett

    DCI Medals

    I am fully aware that you don't have DCI or novice state medals yet, and I apologize for that. It isn't as though I've forgotten, I promise. My teams wouldn't let me, and neither would the number of coaches who have emailed me frequently for the past couple of months... The story is this (and you can take it for what it's worth, but it's hardly worth it for me to be making things up...): It was my understanding that since I ordered the medals for both tournaments at the beginning of December and those have to be cast each year (because they are unique specialty medals), it was cutting things a little close. Thus, when the weather goes bad....blah, blah, blah the story you heard. But what REALLY went on (I found out a week or so after DCI, when I was trying to get those all corralled to hand out at state) was this: there's a machine at the shop where the medals get cast that broke. It finishes the medals or something. Anyway, I have called the engraving shop every week or two since January. As of just before spring break (which is ending this evening), the medals were supposed to FINALLY be in transit. They just need to be engraved. The folks who do the medal engraving for me are supposed to engrave and mail those bad boys to each school individually... Hopefully, those will be in the mail sometime this week, but I won't know until I've called the shop, and frankly, I didn't spend my spring break worrying about them. Hopefully you all had something better to do too and had a lovely and restful time off. Now I'm going back to listening to old 70's music, and prepping for class tomorrow. Disco Rocks! Peace Burgett
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