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  1. One tournament each weekend, as in past years. You have to have at least a 50% win record to earn any bids at a tournament. Octofinals (or top 16): 1 bid Quarterfinals: 2 bids Semifinals: 3 bids Losing finalists: 4 bids Champion: 5 bids CFL / NSDA national qualification: 2 bids each Once you have earned 4 bids, you are qualified to the 2019 DCI. The math doesn't change a whole lot. 2019 Bidtracker link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SS_HMNLdBUTMFvY5725189dgwYIEWdYRBgEoYb7fIUQ/edit#gid=0
  2. Ignore the national circuit folks. Though they mean well, they don't know what they're talking about with regard to debating in Kansas. Most of the tournaments on tabroom will be more than 500 miles away, for one, so you can't go in the first place, and also would probably wipe out your budget in a single weekend. Your first point of contact should be Nicholas Owen at Salina Central. He's your NSDA district chair and can walk you through the process of getting re-registered with NSDA. He might also be able to suggest some ideas for finding regional tournaments for you. There's also a Facebook group called "Debate Coaches" which has a lot of Kansas folk who might be able to help you with our local circuits and getting started. Honestly, as you may already have seen, this forum has mostly died off as a source of timely communication...
  3. ONW octofinals: Varsity 1 BVN Ramasamy/Khalif def. 16 Wich East Kamath/Bye 9 Maize Richards/Ochsner def. 8 Manhattan Rajashekar/Zelazny 12 SMW Wagenheim/Kloepper def. 5 Wich East Smading/Walters 4 Blue Valley Milakovic/Gunnar def. 13 BVNW Vishnani/Song 6 SME Bledsoe/Mitchell def. 11 Manhattan Zhu/Bashaw 3 Manhattan McClendon/Song def. 14 ON Gupta/Johnson 7 Kapaun Scott/Cornejo def. 10 Lansing Santos/Woodcock 2 BVN Lindsey/Jerwick def. 15 ON Young/Ford Open 1 Blue Valley Geer/Reber def. 16 SME Anderson/Holloway 9 Lansing Bircher/Martin def. 8 BVNW Ramanujan/Daga 5 Emporia Boyce/Ratzlaff def. 12 OS Curfman/Lewis 13 OE Punia/He def. 4 WaRu Hastings/Sittenauer 11 Spring Hill Bradford/Kaechele def. 6 SMW Todd/Vering 3 Wich East Barnes/Khan def. 14 OS Francis/Estes 7 Blue Valley Riffer/Vance def. 10 Free State Merz/Faddema 15 Emporia Sandoval/Hernandez def. 2 BVSW Defoor/Kathol Novice 1 Free State Jost/Pultz-Earle def. 16 SMN Thompson/Aguilar 9 BVN Evans/Mendelson def. 8 WaRu Barclay/Passow 5 Sumner Obi/Sonna def. 12 Emporia Velo/Persinger 4 WaRu Miller/Wu def. 13 Sumner Mills-Gladney/Radcliff 11 Kapaun Carlson/Samsel def. 6 BVN Ramachandran/Ramachandran 3 BVSW Kollman/Lowe def. 14 OS Morrison/Williams 7 OS Thompson/Jones def. 10 Kapaun Yoon/Salgado 2 SMW Smith/Empson def. 15 SME von Rautenfeld/Eddy Quarterfinals: Novice BVN EM def LFS JP Sumner OS def WaRu MW BVSW KL def Kapaun CS OS TJ def SMW SE Open Lansing BM def BV GR Emporia BR def OE PH Spring Hill BK def WE BK BV RV def Emporia SH Varsity BVN RK def Maize RO SMW WK def BV MG Manhattan MS def SME BM Kapaun SC def BVN LJ Sems: Novice Sumner def BVN OS def BVSW Open Lansing def Emporia Blue Valley def Spring Hill Varsity BVN def SMW Kapaun def Manhattan Novice Champions: Olathe South Thompson/Jones Open Champions: Blue Valley Riffer/Vance Varsity Champions: Kapaun Mt. Carmel Scott/Cornejo Sweeps: 3 Shawnee Mission West 2 Blue Valley 1 Blue Valley North
  4. edit: while this thread has been bumped, the links in this thread are NOT from the current season....
  5. East Kansas: CX: Walberg/Luman, ONW Walter/Walter, SME Dastjerdi/Mehta, SME PFD: Trent/Sanghera, ONW Powell/Vanderford, Miege Bell/Andrews, Lansing LD: Tyler Woodcock, Lansing Sungho Hwang, Lawrence Oliver Tahmasiyan, ONW House: Hannah Moran, Free State Katy Dorrell, OS Yang-Yang Li, Free State Parker Mitchell, SME Senate: Hayley Luna, Lawrence Linda Liu, Free State DUO: Bernard/Armer, SME Bonk/Eddy, SME Welander/Clark, OS DI: Gerald Manan, Piper Faith Davis, Sumner Lily Ottinger, SMNW HI: Justin Armer, SME Becca Zeiger, SME Sam McMurphy, Lansing IX: Solomon Cottrell, Free State Taylor Clemmons, OS John Ruzzin, ONW DX: Ada Throckmorton, SME Alexander Trobough, Sumner Matt Michie, ONW OO: Logan Stacer, Piper Yusra Nabi, OS Genevieve Prescher, Free State
  6. ESkog

    Marquette HS

    Olathe Northwest will be there.
  7. ESkog

    2014 State Results

    http://kshsaa.org/Public/Debate/4SpeakerResults.htm http://kshsaa.org/Public/Debate/2speakerresults.htm
  8. ESkog

    ONW Results 10/4-5

    There were 10 4-1 teams in varsity. [edit: 4-1 or better, I mean, which is what I assume you meant also]
  9. ESkog

    ONW Results 10/4-5

    Novice Quarters: 1. BV Vance/Riffer def 7. SMW Prodgen/Sami (2-1) 4. St James Riscoe/Osborne def 5. SME Thompson/Paris (3-0) 3. OS Lewis/Dayton def 6. Lawrence Lang/Delveno (2-1) 8. OS Kinzer/Stegall def 2. SMW Todd/Hui (2-1) [brackets broken for semifinals to prevent OS/OS] Novice Semis: St James RO def OS LD (2-1) BV VR def OS KS (2-1) Novice Finals: St James RO def BV VR (2-1) Open Quarters 8. Free State Cottrell/Hopkins def 1. St James Schaefer/Englander (3-0) 4. Free State Brown/Palmquist def 5. Topeka Sweeny/Wallace (3-0) 6. Topeka Mugler/Lacolla-Linquiss def 3. BVW Pollack/Luo (2-1) 2. OS Nabi/Enserro def 7. Topeka Adegbore/Glasscock (2-1) [brackets broken for semifinals to prevent LFS/LFS] Open Semis: Free State CH def OS NE (3-2) Free State BP def Topeka ML (4-1) Free State closes out finals Varsity 9-16 - DCI bid without advancing SME Mitchell/Dinakar Free State Prescher/Liu Free State Houston/Moran Hutchinson Crater/Krambeer Maize Appenfeller/Wagne Kapaun Cornejo/Scott BVNW Smith/Chen Spring Hill Kaechele/Lingenfeller Varsity Quarters 7. BVSW Super/Hegna def 1. Hutchinson Sain/Crane (3-0) 4. BVN Khalif/Jerwick def 5. SME Fowler/McGranahan (2-1) 8. BVW Cox/Price def 2. BVSW Stewart/Banks (3-0) 3. Manhattan Zhu/Bashaw def 6. Washburn Rural Dasaraju/Schoreder (3-0) Varsity Sems: BVSW SH def BVN KJ (2-1) Manhattan ZB def BVW CP (2-1) Varsity Finals: BVSW SH def Manhattan ZB (5-0)
  10. We still panel all rounds. On Friday, if you have a full entry of 4 teams, you are obligated for 7 judges through those first three rounds (we guarantee a consolation round for the down-and-out on Friday evening). That number drops to 4 on Saturday morning, and 2 on Saturday afternoon.
  11. Some perspective from EK... 1 - MPJ is, as others have said, a non-starter. Even if NFL didn't forbid such a practice, I think you'd be fighting an uphill battle to get the coaches and/or committee in your district to vote for it. EK uses anonymized judge cards and a fairly complex system of rules we designed to maximize the chances that all of our judges can get to judge a round, and that no one just sits all day because Joy of Tournaments decided it doesn't like them. Your district could explore a similar system; NFL would probably be down with anything that keeps judges anonymous. That means you probably can't do anything like assign an "experience score" or anything like that (and good luck, by the way, getting your coaches to agree on what a "good" or "experienced" judge looks like). 2 - The rule excluding judges of a particular age is a district decision. EK excludes you for two years after graduation. The reason for this is that we have a very tight-knit community, and we don't necessarily want to put teams or judges in a situation where they may perceive a biased decision. It's a philosophical decision, but I'll grant you that it reduces the number of available, willing judges who have previous experience as competitors in the activity. If the coaches in your district believe that this is a problem, they are empowered to change that rule. 3 - The rule that all school-recruited judges are banned from that school is, again, up to the district. In EK, we completely eliminated the community judge pool at our qualifiers a few years ago. This has, I think, a few advantages - (1) more schools are willing to host, (2) each school brings their best several judges on Friday instead of one school having to dig up dozens, (3) the tournament is less likely to take on the philosophy of the host coach, creating a more consistent experience from year to year. Of course, we have the advantage of a very dense geography. Three Trails could probably pull this off. I suspect it's not a viable option for our friends to the west. However, to speak to the primary point, we do still ban judges at the policy tournament from the school who recruited them. 4 - The calendar is tough. CFL keeps us off the first weekend in December, and regionals keeps us off the third one. There just aren't really enough weeks in the season. KSHSAA won't let us debate after the state tournament, so that's not an option either. You'd basically need to get the KSHSAA coaches to vote to return to the old regionals/state calendar, which would then give us two December weekends to spread out our six tournaments. I don't think, though, that there's much appetite for that. The original reason for moving regionals dealt with complications from weather when the tournaments were too close together. At the end of the day, I think there are reasonable changes within your district which you could advocate for, if you think there is a significant problem which merits our attention. Unlike our threads on the 500-mile rule and things at the KSHSAA level, these questions are mostly dealt with at a low enough level that your coach can effect change in the way your district tournaments are carried out.
  12. ESkog

    Disclosure In Kansas

    I think that, by and large, coaches in Kansas are very (philosophically) conservative when it comes to debate. When you look at the state of the activity, it's hard to blame them. We have more schools participating at our state tournaments than many states five times our size. Our squad has 102 policy debaters, and we aren't even the largest in our NFL district. Kansas's 6 NFL districts are by far the most per capita. Our two-semester structure exposes more students to policy debate than anywhere else, and each of our debate/forensic seasons is roughly as long as most states' combined season. This isn't meant to be a complete digression, but I think it's relevant to the conversation. Coaches in Kansas will generally be resistant to making changes to try to make us more like the national circuit - if anything, we are likely to believe that debate would be improved if more regions and states debated as we do. Which is a long way of saying that the overwhelming practice of nondisclosure has a great deal of presumption in our community. I also think this issue has evolved over the past few years, and many of our most competitive varsity teams across the state do choose to disclose. Like Mr. Dubois, our squad's standing rule is that you are free to disclose your own work, and that it is unethical to take advantage of disclosure if you aren't playing the game. For our top few teams who aspire to debate in college or on the national circuit, disclosure can be appropriate. On the other hand, the majority of our debaters are not those champ-style teams. They, I think, stand to garner the advantages that Dubois and Volen isolate to nondisclosure. In a debate evaluated by a layperson, the reasonable, logical arguments you can craft on the spot are usually sufficient - and even preferable - for the purpose of persuasion. Kansas debaters have to succeed in multiple worlds of what debate means, and we see the rewards of that in the large number of successful college debaters from Kansas. There's room for disclosure in that equation, but let's remember that from a coaching perspective, you're probably talking about less than 10% of the students we work with.
  13. For anyone who cares for judge prefs and the like, ONW's Friday judge will be me, not my brother.
  14. The ONW teams are Cody Connelly/Alex Didlake and Luke Hartman/Alaina Walberg.
  15. ESkog

    Nfl Qualifiers

    East Kansas: Policy [ONW Trent/DePriest] - deferred to Congress SME Ramaswami/Throckmorton SMW Purohit/Lekie [Lawrence Glanzman/Tunget] - deferred to FX/LD DeSoto Riley/Kaul LD Megan Tunget - Lawrence Eddie Loupe - Lawrence PFD Walter/Walter - SME DeDecker/Herrington - Miege Senate Lauren Pauls - Lawrence Tony Trent - ONW House [Alaina Walberg - ONW] - deferred to OO Ali Dastjerdi - SME Devan Barnett - ONW Mitchell DePriest - ONW Mackenzie Luman - ONW DUO Chris Carey/Jack Mitchell - SME Deonte Minor/Kalen Allen - Sumner HI Dallin Hull - OS [Chris Carey - SME] - deferred to DUO Nahshon Thomas - Sumner DI [Deonte Minor - Sumner] - deferred to DUO [Kalen Allen - Sumner] - deferred to DUO Sergio Sanchez - SMN Heaven Hanson - Sumner OO J'Qui Audena - Lawrence Alaina Walberg - ONW DX [Tony Trent - ONW] - deferred to Congress Amit Bhatla - SMNW Lauren Scanlan - SMW FX Alex Glanzman - Lawrence [Ali Dastjerdi - SME] - deferred to Congress Taylor Clemmons - OS
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