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  1. I am pretty sure all 5-3's clear. And I think ballots come before speaks. It probably makes sense that Cal GW also has a bye and that Georgetown KL v Harvard AM is the 3rd seed vs the 30th seed. There are just teams missing for some reason. Probably a tabroom error.
  2. I don't think that doubles pairing on tabroom is complete.
  3. meanmrmustard


    Another answer to elections that I think a lot of people forget about revolves around the internal link. Just because Romney might want to pass some bad policies when he is elected, it doesn't mean they will pass. To go with the previous poster's example, let's say the scenario is "Obamacare." You'll find tons of quotes from Romney talking about repealing "Obamacare" on day one of his presidency. This doesn't mean he will be successful in doing so. On the 2004 topic, we ran Kerry bad with a Kyoto Protocol scenario, and I couldn't believe that no team every questioned whether or not he would be able to get it ratified. They just took our word for it. I know this is just a defensive answer, but just because something is part of one of the candidate's platforms, it doesn't mean it will become a reality. There is good reason to believe that either candidate will have a tough time getting his agenda passed when the election is over.
  4. does anyone know of any debate jobs opening for next school year?
  5. i think this might be the link http://real2reelprod.tripod.com/index.html
  6. here is one example. insert a global warming or other pollution impact, and you may have an argument. from http://voices.washingtonpost.com/ezra-klein/2010/10/what_life_will_look_like_if_re_1.html That is, unless Republicans can stop the EPA. And they'll certainly try. Yesterday, the likely head of the House energy committee, Fred Upton, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times declaring war on the new pollution rules. For one, Republicans will try to pass resolutions stripping the EPA of its authority over greenhouse gases; Kit Bond, for one, has promised to attach just such a rider to every new bill that moves through the Senate.
  7. i would work on some interesting lame duck session arguments (assuming there is one). i think it is safe to say that the republicans will take back at least the house.
  8. while i agree that fiat probably takes out the link to rider disads, i am not sure why it justifies the aff perming disads with any rider of their choosing. an interpretation of fiat that allows for rider da's would obviously allow for rider advantages, but evidence similar to the neg's link cards would have to be read to avoid being extratopical.
  9. i have written a few rider disads over the years, and it is true that they are more useful at certain times. one time they are useful is before an election where everything is deadlocked. you need to find evidence that says nothing will get done in congress until X time. if you get real lucky, you can find evidence that says the reason why nothing will pass now is because some senator or congressperson will add a specific rider to the plan that the opposing party disagrees with. for instance, a few years ago i found a card that said congress was deadlocked before the midterm elections because ted kennedy had vowed to attach a minimum wage hike to any bill that had a chance of passing. most counterplans that avoid rider disads are sketchy, but you could try a delay or line item veto cp. along the same lines, there are probably some pretty good theory arguments for why the negative shouldn't get rider da's.
  10. most of the people who competed against jarrod probably no longer frequent this site, but in case there are any still lurking around, i wanted to let everyone know about his recent death. jarrod died on friday, july 9 from yet to be determined causes. jarrod competed in policy debate for gregory-portland high school from 1998-2002. he was a very accomplished debater, winning many tournaments and speaker awards throughout the state. he advanced to the elimination rounds multiple times at tfa and uil, and he competed twice at nfl nationals. he attend MNDI + extension week in 1999, michigan seven week juniors in 2000, and gdi in 2001. his viewing will be held on thursday, july 15 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm, and his funeral will be on friday at 10:00 am. both will be held at jeter funeral home in friendswood, tx.
  11. i wasn't offended, just confused. i am not sure how you inferred anything from my post about debate in the coastal bend (a community that i am not really a part of). there probably aren't a lot of reasons why biodiversity is bad, so i was throwing an option out there. i believe the story is that biotech is key to cbw's, which are bad.
  12. i didn't say it was a good impact turn. i just remember it being commonly read on the ocean policy topic. are you from the coastal bend?
  13. biodiversity is key to biotech and biotech is bad
  14. George C. Edwards III and B. Dan Wood, June 1999 (Profs. of political science at Texas A & M U., “Who influences whom? The president, Congress, and the media,” The American Political Science Review, Vol. 93 Is. 2 p. 327, proquest) An important aspect of a president's legislative strategy can be to influence Congress's agenda. If the president is not able to focus congressional attention on his priority programs, these will become lost in the complex and overloaded legislative process. Gaining congressional attention is also important because presidents and their staff can lobby effectively for only a few bills at a time. Moreover, the president's political capital is inevitably limited, and it is sensible to spend it on the issues he cares about most.
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