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  1. I think everyone should give Hadoken a chance and withhold judgment about his modding abilities until he actually gets a chance to show them. To quell any concerns, cross-posted from Mods Only. Feel free to PM me with any additional concerns.
  2. nah, that ain't it. i can attest to the fact that kerpen eats a lot of sandwiches, and the site doesn't go down nearly as much. the sandwich to downage ratio is way off.
  3. the thread you requested has been restored. feel free to re-delete it when you get what you needed.
  4. arn't they just another band using that auto tune program?
  5. comes out in a roughly 35hrs-- i havn't even touched cod4 in about 6-8 months, but i'm finally getting excited so who's getting it, what system? and what game types do you play/specialize in. GamerTag: Unheard21 Sys: Xbox360 GameType: Hardcore Search & Destroy
  6. modest mouse i've seen them 3 times and every time i've been left wanting. i think i missed all the good shows :-/
  7. is brady a douchebag in real life or what? there always seems to be some irrational hate of him, but i personally find him dreamy. Also, from what little interviews i've seen of him he seems humble and content. is it jealousy or ?
  8. i am currently in love with the office and waiting for season 5 to come out on dvd on sept 8th
  9. this is doubtful considering these are b-sides from that album and good news, but you never know. Building Nothing Out of Something was b-sides and it was great.
  10. Modest Mouses New EP, a handful of B-sides from the recording of their last 2 studio albums (good news, dead) From what i can tell it hasn't been leaked yet, and is due to be released in August. I am half-heartily waiting for it's release as the quality of music has decreased, or at least moved in a direction i enjoy less. They recently released a video for the single "Satellite Skin" which has the same sound as we were dead before the ship even sank, and i can easily see why it was cut from the album. I've only given it a couple of listens, but really it just sounds like Issac is delivering lines more so then singing and making music. It is disappointing, but the last two albums took a few listens before they grew on me, so here's hoping. Anyhow, take a listen, the video can be found on their myspace, or website, and let me know what you think
  11. haha that actually made me lol edit: should note it was dependent on woots set up and finish
  12. COD4 is the holy grail of multi player FPS.
  13. sitting at the computer isn't always comfortable, especially when watching with others.
  14. me. i buy lots of series that i hear good things about when they go on sale, as I figure i'll watch them eventually. I think i got them for about 9.99 each new. I probably own 20 or so complete series (or at least complete in the amount of seasons out) that i still havn't seen.
  15. how good is the office? i have seasons 1-3 but i havn't watched any of them yet.
  16. nope sorry, that wasn't me

  17. what are you talking about?

  18. i've talked to both parties. unless another incident happens, this problem is resolved--at least on these boards.
  19. keegan you're acting very immature about this. As an outsider into the origination of this problem it'd help if i could get the whole story. You insulting him some more isn't helping, especially in my understanding of this situation. I would really like your side and i'd very much not have to ban anyone, and would much rather have us come to some form of consensus to get this problem resolved. What sparked this argument? MPM, what specifically was he doing before his posts against you, again what set off this spark. Is he attacking other members, what? Do other posters have problem with him (if so, please have them PM me) This issue shouldn't be disrupting the forum. I also encourage other posters in Missouri to post here or PM more details from their perspective. If it's just a personal issue between you too, please keep it to PM's or simply ignore each other. I don't understand why this can't be handled civilly.
  20. What is the problem. Please give me a list of your grievances with warrants and proposed actions for a solution. thanks.
  21. superbowl? i'm watching the puppybowl, with kitten half time special.
  22. Form is created. The Mods are Ian (Just Socks) and Tammie (tpeters) if you have a suggestion for a better description or name let me know. Any other questions feel free to ask.
  23. I'm in support of a catch all Other Debate Forum. I think i will make one shortly. Who would want to Mod It though?
  24. I'm looking for basically anything dealing with Nuclear Weapons. Deterrence Good/Bad, Disarm, Arms Race, Nuclearism etc. etc. If anyone has some of these backfiles I'd appreciate it.
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