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  1. Sometimes sites like http://www.the3nr.com post good cards, and you can't find free evidence but you can get a ton of cites for evidence on the college case list wiki's. Also, http://www.debatetub.com has a free card every day on various topics.
  2. Hi guys - just an update, I've reached out on behalf of InfinitePrep Inc. to Kerpen regarding cross-x.com's current situation and am considering my strategy going forward. There will be exciting news ahead by the end of the week. -Mike CEO InfinitePrep Inc.
  3. Just getting started on summer research over at InfiniteCamp, but I have found some decent evidence for US-Kuwait cooperation being important especially in the wake of a reduced presence in Iraq. Advantages could be regional democracy, terrorism, and general stability as well as spillover of internal conflict in Iraq to Kuwait. Check out the article from the SSI posted at InfiniteCamp today: http://www.infinitecamp.com/ Questions about advantages or anything like that are also perfect for our free Question & Answer section at InfiniteCamp.com - you can click the "Ask A Question" tab on the right and ask anything you'd like. It's completely free and you can also answer other people's questions and even log in via Facebook. -mike
  4. LD resources are definitely in the works... Check http://www.infinitecamp.com for them often. Hey, you can even start an LD Q&A on our question and answer site!
  5. http://www.infinitecamp.com It's back on. Slightly different concept this time around. Free content and updates, combined with paid "camp kits" to supplement your research. No deposits. Pay as you go. What you see is what you get. First it will just be me (I know, I know, who the hell is this burshteyn guy anyway and why should we care what he thinks about debate). First couple weeks revenue will be recycled into hiring some stellar staff. Who should I go after first? I'm thinking Kuntal. Suggestions? thanks, mike http://www.infinitecamp.com
  6. Just want to clarify, and re-state that I did in fact not have the number of signups to commit and move forward with the necessary preparations from staff. To be specific: we had 3 deposits, for a total of $600, and over $2,000 promised in staff salaries. My personal finances did not enable me to front the cost of this, even though I was confident that we would get the necessary signups. While I appreciate the sympathy, I wouldn't say that anything "happened" to me. It was poor planning on my part to attempt to start with such a big splash rather than growing the InfiniteCamp concept gradually. The organizers of Basecamp, 37signals, who also invented the Ruby on Rails framework for the web, provided what I thought to be an accurate description of my mistake: While I did choose to refund all deposits to InfiniteCamp and shut it down as it was, I did hope that I could come up with an alternative solution to provide the type of "proof of concept" that would make this a viable type of instruction. In that vein, InfiniteCamp as a branded entity is still on. I thought about keeping it under wraps for another week or two as I polished it, but hey, what the hell. Check out the early design elements @ http://www.infinitecamp.com. My goal is to start small. Initially, I will be the only contributing instructor. I will do my best to provide quality content including my own thoughts and musings about the topic. I am also working on "camp kits" that can be purchased at a level similar to files which are commonly purchased throughout the season. The make-up of these kits is still up in the air, but I intend the first one to be made available in the near future. I do aim to scale the experience over the summer, by recycling any revenue from initial sales of my kits into hiring back the all-star talent that I had lined up. There will be no $200 deposit, and it will be entirely a pay-as-you-go model. In the vein of Nick's comments, students will know (and be able to preview) exactly what it is they are paying for. I welcome any suggestions and commend everyone else in this space for their "market making" initiative, and believe the debate community at large will benefit. I am honored that already others are taking lessons from my initial mistakes. Best regards, Mike Burshteyn http://www.infinitecamp.com
  7. Not sure if this is posted somewhere already on CX.com but this is a list I received from John Sharp of fully qualified teams to the TOC: TOC Qualified Teams Good luck prepping! Best, Mike ----------------- InfinitePrep
  8. Wow, the timing on that post was certainly unfortunate. Anyone who did register and received a refund can confirm it was not an April fools joke. While there was much interest, there simply weren't enough hard sign-ups to support the all-star staff. I'm going to work on some things that will be able to supplement camp experiences both for debaters and coaches, but I will be taking it in a different direction than the original "InfiniteCamp" concept. Hopefully it will still help those who can't afford a major camp, or need extra resources. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks, Mike InfinitePrep
  9. Unfortunately we will have to cancel InfiniteCamp for this year. While we received a groundswell of community support, we feel it's not the right time for InfinitePrep as a business or the community to put on a full-fledged online camp. We'd much rather put out a great half a product, than a half-baked full product. All registered campers have had their funds fully refunded. Please stay tuned to some exciting changes at InfinitePrep. We will be putting out "camp kits" and still have a few video lectures available to download throughout the summer, and will continue to commit ourselves to the highest quality research and democratizing the debate community. Thanks! Mike
  10. Version

    Table of Contents New Disads including Education and Nuclear Power, as well as updates on the staples (i.e. Health Care and Budgets)

    10.00 USD

  11. A classic case of claim without a warrant. InfinitePrep's debate camp will have "critiques and feedback customized to you" at all levels of the preparation. 1) Research. Everybody will be given assignments which will be reviewed by lab leaders via commenting tools. This is a collaborative process that will be a back and forth between students and instructors. At most institutes these days, file review and "custom critiques and feedback" occur via the same digital online tools that we will be using. 2) Debating. We will provide students with instructions on drills to do, including 2AC, Block Extensions, Rebuttals, even cross-examination. Most laptops these days have built in cameras, and speeches and drills can be uploaded for review and "critiques and feedback customized" to the debater. Dan Shalmon, Calum Matheson, or Kuntal Cholera giving a 2AC and then reviewing your attempt to cover in the 2NC sounds like an awesome way to learn how to give better speeches. Via Dropbox, and social video tools that allow commenting and embedding video responses, this will be a high-tech streamlined process. And by the way, institutes spend much less than 35-45% of their time on practice rounds. If your percentage is accurate (how many camps are you basing this data on?), then most of what you do at a standard camp is a waste of time. Obviously, I think that camps are very useful and a great resource. I'm just saying that your argument doesn't even stand on its own logic. The OP asked what a good inexpensive camp would be, and it seems like there are some great suggestions. I just thought I'd put in a defense of a camp that has both students and instructors who are excited to participate. Best, Mike Burshteyn Director, InfiniteCamp
  12. Version

    Table of Contents Lots of generic link uniqueness regarding the bipartisanship summit from this week, and new developments from yesterday. This file has the most recent evidence from Friday on DADT, Health Care, Midterms, Jobs, and more.

    10.00 USD

  13. Version

    Table of Contents Obama's new Budget has major news for NASA. It's an overall increase in funding, and re-orients the program to solve many new impacts. New Uniqueness and Link / Internal Link arguments make this file a must-have to bring your NASA disad into the new year with a BIG BANG!

    10.00 USD

  14. Version

    Table of Contents This file has key updates on Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, START, Budget/Jobs, and more. Good luck this weekend!

    10.00 USD

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