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  1. Since it is on Halloween...can we dress up? I realllly want to be Lady Gaga for Halloween. Just sayin...
  2. Wow...I think we're (as in people who posted on the forum) are about it. The list looks so small.
  3. Columbus High is coming with teams in pretty much every event I believe. I'll be judging policy. So glad to be back (even though UGA last year was my return to debate tournament after a 1.5-2 year absence).
  4. CHSchick

    Westminster results?

    I know I am curious myself.
  5. My opinion is different camps to gain different perspectives...yet keep your debaters in touch with one another and as soon as they all come back hit the ground running. Just my thoughts...
  6. That is quite the possibility since I'm hearing that most of the students in the class are terrified of policy.
  7. CHSchick

    Written Critiques

    Ok Mrs. R. I get your point... but if you'll notice I said tournaments that discourage critiques. And to make more clear what I meant...I am talking about tournaments that DON'T allow them. And you said it yourself..."(Of course, putting your tournament on a feasible schedule that allows time for brief oral critiques can also allow the tourney to run on time.)" So my advice would then be to tournament organizers to plan for this time. Strictly enforce the start times. All too many tournaments will not in fact enforce the 15 minute forfeit. Or however long it is now? I would say that can be a bigger problem than judges talking too much. So I stand by what i said- I think oral critiques are needed for debaters to get better unless judges will step it up and NOT be lazy and write very in depth ballots/use the new idea of the wikis and blogs to explain ideas/RFD. I also stand by my original sentiment that judges should be educators and not simple "paid help" or in the spot to help their team save $$ on judging fees. And I never go beyond 5 minutes. If it gets to that point I will tell people to find me later in between rounds OR to email me/find me on cross-x (back when I came here more often)... I totally agree that debaters need to be respectful of judges. Coaches should make sure they are having some sort of civility and tournament etiquette discussion with their students. If I ever hear about a CHS kid talking back to a judge well...I'll make sure to have words. I've had some debaters argue with me but I also think that is due to my age. I think sometimes younger judges have a harder time being perceived as credible with the young debaters because they tend to think we are on the same level. The same happens in my college classes that I teach. I'm often seen as "young and cool" at first but then when I tell them I'm not going to put up with lazy I then become "young and ignorant and a bitch"...
  8. I do believe Columbus has this on their 'list' so see everyone there in Oct.
  9. CHSchick

    Written Critiques

    I also think it is a fabulous idea. Especially if you already have your laptop out like I do anyways and also the growing number of people who have laptops out. One of the reasons I like it is because sometime we did not always get our ballots...sometimes ballots would be missing from our packet or our coach/someone would lose them. I like the idea of a ballot being in a fixed public place i.e. the internet. I know it seems like more work... but if you are a judge you have, what I feel is, an obligation to be an educator. I have often encouraged people to find me at the tournament or to email me and ask questions. I find judges who refuse to write anything on a ballot to be bad judges. If it's "too much to write at the end" then suck it up and take notes during the round on the ballot. Give then SOMETHING to learn from. I also am disappointed with tournaments who discourage oral critiques because of how lazy some judges can be. Cutting out this time in order to make a tournament "move quicker" or whatever other reason is just silly. Debate is about learning. If people cannot ask questions or get suggestions on getting better then how are they to learn?
  10. Hey...I tried to help out Brookwood's situation. I'm not afraid to state here, that it was made clear to me, that the principal was done with debate.
  11. So because I'm bored at the UGA tourny... CONGRATS TO CHRIS WARREN!!! He is engaged to my best friend yay!
  12. There was a time when this place was so a staple in my day...it's kind of sad to see this place so sluggish...
  13. Is there a list of GISA schools anywhere?
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