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  1. Groves KW d. Westminster WS 3-0 (Hoe, Abelkop, Farra)
  2. Finals - Groves (neg) v Westminster
  3. JGonzo

    Groves TOC

    Rich - shoot me an e-mail if you get the chance - gonza310@msu.edu
  4. Our online payment system has been up/down/up/down/up/down - we're still ironing out some of the kinks. If you have to make a payment/deposit/etc urgently, e-mail or call Mike Eber, the institute director, at (517) 432-9667 or at debate@msu.edu . We are able to process credit cards over the phone and can always accept checks through the mail.
  5. We're in the process of getting our mailings together right now and hope to have them out within the next week or two. My apologies about the delay, we're still sort of coping with the aftermath of the NDT championship, but should be back up to speed very soon.
  6. The application deadline for 4/5 week sessions is May 8, however, it is not a deadline in the sense that we won't take anyone after that date - rather, it's basically the cut-off date for the first/largest wave of admissions. After that, we'll certainly accept applications, but decisions will be made on a space-available basis.
  7. There are plenty of spots left in both sessions - our online application can be found at: http://debate.msu.edu/apply.html Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State University
  8. The SDI is pleased to announce some great new facilities and a new dorm for our institute this year. We think that you'll find them to be some of the best available for summer institutes. The Dorm: After nearly a decade in the Yakeley-Gilchrist Hall, the SDI is moving to a new facility this summer, Holmes Hall. During the year, Holmes is the home of the Lyman Briggs School, a residential college within MSU. Holmes is a truly first-rate facility - a few of the highlights: 1. Suites - no common bathrooms! ALL of the rooms in Holmes are arranged in a “suite” format, where two dorm rooms are joined in the middle by a bathroom which they share. Basically, this means that you get to share a bathroom with three other people, rather than your entire floor. Here's the floorplan: In addition to the private bathroom, each room has enough space for a sofa-bed-style "lounger" - essentially, in addition to the typical bunk beds and desks, each room also has a couch. 2. Lab Rooms Are On-Site- continuing a feature found in our old dorm, most 2- and 3- week session lab rooms are located within the dormitory complex in which SDI students live. This means that you can roll out of bed in the morning, eat breakfast in the cafeteria, and then head to lab, all without leaving the dorm. As mentioned before, MSU's Lyman Briggs School resides within Holmes Hall during the school year, and they recently completed a full renovation of several high-tech classrooms within the dorm, including a combination lecture hall/movie theater. 3. Sparty's Convenience Store- also located within Holmes is a fully stocked convenience store, selling cold drinks, snacks, along with other items and supplies. We’re working with the staff of the dorm to keep it open throughout the SDI so that our students are only a few feet away from a slurpee at all times. 4. Lounges - Ping Pong, Pool, Video Games- next to Sparty's is one of the four student lounges in the dorm, with pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, and big screen TVs. 5. Law School – we’re very excited to announce that the 4 week labs will meet within MSU’s brand new law school facility, only a block away from the dorm. It simply isn’t possible to find a nicer facility that the MSU College of Law – we’ve been given use of the classroom and computer facilities within the school, and to suggest that they’re nice is an understatement. We’ll be posting pictures and more information in the coming days, along with staff bios and interviews. Keep the applications coming in – we’ll see you in July! Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State University
  9. While it depends on the session (2/3 week camps have rolling admissions, 4/5 admissions are done in phases), the next wave of mailings will most likely be done in the next week or so - we just returned from the NDT/CEDA gauntlet last night, and we're going to spend the next few days catching up and getting back up to speed on SDI business. Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State
  10. SDI staff members Ryan Burke and Casey Harrigan were crowned 2006 NDT National Champions this past Monday at the 60th NDT on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Coached and assisted by SDI staff members Will Repko, Mike Eber, Dave Strauss, Greta Stahl, and Josh Gonzalez, Burke and Harrigan brought home MSU’s second NDT trophy in three years – a feat accomplished by only two other schools in the 60-year history of the NDT. Pictures of MSU’s 06 Championship run can be found at: http://debate.msu.edu Our institute staff had a pretty impressive NDT. A brief run-down of their accomplishments at this year’s NDT should provide some indication of the outstanding and unrivaled quality of our staff: Champions: Ryan Burke (’06 champ) Mike Eber (coach of ’04, ’06 champs) Josh Gonzalez (coach of ’06 champs) Casey Harrigan (’06 champ) Will Repko (coach of ’04, ’06 champs) Greta Stahl (’04 champ, coach of ’06 champs) Dave Strauss (’04 champ, coach of ’06 champs) Elimination Round Participants: Matthias Bostick (double-octafinals) Conor Cleary (octafinals) Scott Harris (coach, octafinalists) Paul Johnson (coach, runners-up) Jon Paul Lupo (’00 champion, coach, semifinalists) Gabe Murillo (3rd place) Phil Samuels (coach, octafinalists) Sarah Topp (coach, octafinalists) You can browse our entire staff at our website, http:debate.msu.edu, along with just about everything else you could ever want to know (and even some things you wouldn’t) about the SDI and MSU’s team. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail our squad at debate@msu.edu, or contact me personally at gonza310@msu.edu . Apply online at http://debate.msu.edu/apply.html Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State University '06 NDT Champions
  11. Thanks for the question - Our online credit card form is not yet back up after the university website crash from last week. The whole University webspace made a move to a new protocol for scripting, and it zapped our forms. We hope to have them back up as soon as possible. That being said, our whole team and coaching staff is picking up and heading out to the NDT and CEDA Nats tomorrow, so we probably won't get a ton of time in for web design over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you have a couple of options if you want to make your deposit: 1. You can simply mail us a check. Our address is: Debate Team 10 Linton Hall East Lansing, MI 48824 2. If it's necessary for you to use a credit card, we are capable of processing them over the phone through a secure portal inside on the University firewall. Call our office at (517) 432-9667 and ask for Mike Eber, the Director of Debate. He'll be able to take care of it all for you. Keep in mind that we'll be out of the office for a week starting after 5 pm Wednesday. Finally, if you have any other questions or problems, don't hesitate to e-mail us - debate@msu.edu - and we'll get back to you right away. Josh Gonzalez Assistant Coach MSU Debate gonza310@msu.edu
  12. Danny - Decisions for the 5th Week will be made shortly after the main application deadline. Hope that helps, Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State University
  13. All of the different sessions of the institute operate on a similar schedule, i.e., similar meal times, bed check, etc., creating a lot of social interaction between the different sessions, but it's generally not possible for students from two different sessions to debate with one another in the tournaments. The lab group with which you work will be composed of all students from the same session as yours, and the camp tournaments happen at different times, and only involve debates against the students from your given session. I imagine that it would be possible for you to arrange a practice debate with a student from a different session in some of your free time, but such debates have very much been more of an exception than a rule. Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach Michigan State University
  14. Our online application is back up and running. Nonetheless, if you've sent an application within the last week, please also do us the favor of dropping a line to debate@msu.edu to confirm. Josh Gonzalez Asst. Coach MSU Debate
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