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  1. The military topic covers a lot of ground that past resolutions have not hit except peripherally. Iraq and Afghanistan in particular are ridiculously timely and would have a huge literature base. It also is the first topic in a long time that has very good DA ground outside of econ, politics and trade-off. China was debated when I was a freshman (so Dana and I are the only ones still around from that era) but that was BG (before google) so the literature base was much more limited. I think you'll end up seeing a lot of very small cases that claim and economy advantage claiming to be topical because they have an economic intent.
  2. Millard South SG won on a 2-1 and is in quarters against Pembroke Hill BS Millard West AM won on a 2-1 and is in quarters against Jenks Westside lost on a 3-0 to Pembroke Hill The Millard West girls lost on a 2-1.
  3. Tyler & Mary are 2-2 Connor & Bri are 3-1 and have beaten Kinkaid A and Bronx Science A. Their one loss was to Westminster A. They have had a hell of a draw.
  4. Had to post this... Kerpen on Glenn Beck
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    We have 18 kids and 2 coaches this year and 8 staff members. It should definitely be a good year with our 2-1 ratio. Wike
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    I haven't received a final list from Fred yet, but who all is planning on attending NDI? For those that have attended in the past, are there any changes you would suggest for the camp before I start working on the schedule? Scott Wike - Millard South Debate
  7. Another NDI Promotion Post Tim, Dylan, Josh and Dana have all given you a lot of great reasons to attend camp, but I wanted to add my two cents. 1) Over the 9 days at camp you will do no fewer than 11 practice rounds. Since we utilize the evidence produced by other camps along with a few original files produced by camp staff, you are going to get a lot more skill development instead of just trying to pump out a lot of files in a very short amount of time. Also, since everyone uses camp files as a base for the season anyway, this gives you a jump start on getting familiar with some of the core files that are coming out of the longer 4-7 week camps. 2) When you look at the students who have attended NDI in the past, they have had unparalleled success in state. Ian & David, Zach from Westside, Frenzel, Zach & Josh, etc. have all attended and been at outrounds at major national circuit tournaments as well as every local tournament. When you look at debaters like the Jaritza, Kirsten, Ryan, Shane, Snelling and Bree, they didn't even have true novice seasons before moving up to varsity. 3) Since you are being taught by local judges/coaches, you have the opportunity to be in constant contact with them throughout the season rather than just the few short weeks you are at camp. 4) The staff to student ratio can't be beat. We have commitments (not yet full confirmations) from 7 staff members and that should put us at a 3-1 or 4-1 ration even if the camp exceeds 30 students. Also, since recent graduates and local judges stop by to watch rounds and give lectures, you get the opportunity to learn from them as well, guaranteeing you never hear the same advice twice. Scott Wike
  8. It sounds like Dylan is planning on giving my scouting lecture from last year.
  9. I have nothing but mad love for Ian & David and was their head coach before handing over the reigns to Dana. Ian knows I mean no disrespect, only that he sometimes leaps before he looks. And if he gets mad at me, I'll just punch him because his mom gave me permission. Scott Wike Millard South Debate
  10. I've been trying to figure out the easiest way for me to respond to this thread without going on forever, so lets see if this works. 1) The case limits are nice to attract novices and to sustain existing policy programs, but they have not been effective at attracting new coaches to the event. 2) The issue of "political will" is central to lack of policy debate in NE. There are plenty of coaches who have the ability to learn policy, but a lack of funds, the policy reputation (warranted or not), the high cost of running a program and the learning curve for the event impact its attractiveness. 3) When you look at other states that have growing/static policy programs, they are all fairly close to college programs. Having an influx of college debaters who are still actively involved (addicted) and willing to both coach and judge makes running a program substantially easier. I know Dana was working on getting one started at UNO, but since the money isn't there, it has fallen through as far as I know. With that being said, perhaps the community could consider a few of the following: - Forgoing entry fees for any program in its first (or maybe second) year of existence. It addresses some of the cost issue and allows for those funds to be built into future budgets. Plus, why not try it if its free. - Continued promotion of NDI. Considering we had 9 students during the first year and have had verbal commitments from upwards of 25-30 students this year, I think it acts as a key recruiting mechanism for new programs. If you look at Bree, Snelling, Jaritza and Kirsten, they all came out of NDI with no policy experience but excelled from the very beginning. That alone should help coaches get over the "its too hard to learn" mentality. - Though there are definitely personality differences on the circuit, we should make the local circuit as inviting as possible for coaches by substantially reducing the whining about coaches, judges and teams, with whom you disagree. (I'm looking at you Ian) - Dispersal of graduates. There are a ton to former debaters floating around the circuit and they should always be on the lookout for teams who might need a coach, especially if they don't have on already. The last thing that teams like MW and MS need is an additional army of coaches. - Out of State Cooperation. When we cross the river, we are out of our element and new teams/coaches need all the help they can get. I would actively encourage teams to share intel/positions/coaching before and after the tournaments so that they are not as overwhelming. Going from a standard NE field of 12 to a Dowling field of 80, can be quite the culture shock. - I think the best way to induce coaches into starting policy programs is not to belittle PF and LD, but to beat them at their own game. If they are unable to win sweepstakes because they don't have policy programs, than they will either be forced to compete, or to take second place. Last year, Millard South was runner-up in PF and LD, but because of the three policy teams that cleared, we won State Sweepstakes. So yes, that does mean supporting PF and LD in "policy" schools and even if it never becomes a top-level activity, just its presence will increase team enrollment and turnout as a whole. On a mildly related note, I should have a complete list of dates, times and staff for the Nebraska Debate Institute in the next few weeks that I will post on the Nebraska 2008-2009 thread. If you have any questions or are interested in getting information, let me know. Scott Wike Millard South Debate
  11. Ian/David - 4-2 and debating in Doubles Ryan/Shane - 3-3 Connor/Bree - 3-3 Allex/Tyler - 2-4
  12. WFI is • Three Week Session: July 5-25 • Two Week Session: July 12-25 NDI is July 24 - August 2 You can totally go to both
  13. OCTAFINALS 1. Millard South RL advances without debating 9. Millard West MA d. 8. Dowling Catholic BM (2-1) 4. Indianola CL d. 13. Millard South HH (3-0) 5. Barstow AC d. 12. Shawnee Mission East SH (3-0) 2. Valley RE d. 15. Shawnee Mission East MS (3-0) 7. Olathe North JK d. 10. Cedar Rapids Washington CL (3-0) 3. Iowa City BA d. 14. Shawnee Mission East RM (3-0) 6. Dowling Catholic DM d. 11. Millard South CS (2-1) QUARTERFINALS 1. Millard South RL d. 9. Millard West MA d. (3-0) 2. Valley RE d. 7. Olathe North JK (3-0) 3. Iowa City BA d. 6. Dowling Catholic DM (3-0) 4. Indianola CL d. 5. Barstow AC (3-0) SEMIFINALS 1. Millard South RL v. 4. Indianola CL - Garcia, Collier, Olsen 2. Valley RE v. Iowa City BA - Christensen, Sutton, Bonnet
  14. Email Jenna Smith at Westside about judging: jsmith@westside66.org I am running tab and know we can use a few extra judges, especially clean ones. The current team list as of this morning is: Jack Acuff - Jeremy David Barstow School Abigail Watts - Rohun Vaidya Barstow School Foreman Ciera - Guillory Gabi Blue Valley North HS Jimmy Khalif - Waldman Reid Blue Valley North HS Britt Bergquist - Leisel Kohn Cedar Rapids Washignton HS Emma Caster - Maria Hanson Cedar Rapids Washignton HS Tracey Cook - Chase Lehrman Cedar Rapids Washignton HS Alex Blank - Brea Maxwell Dowling Catholic High School Anna Dore - Shannon McCarthy Dowling Catholic High School Benjamin Robey - Sean Duff Dowling Catholic High School Ashley Martin - Dan Vuong Fremont High School Chris Burbach - Dylan Martinez Fremont High School Spencer Croat - Branden Lewiston Indianola High School Michael Bloom - Luke Allen Iowa City High School Jeff Haidri - Noah Rocklin Iowa City High School Taylor Dias - Reggie Roby Kansas City Central High School Michael Gorius - Charlotte Goebel Lincoln College Preparatory Academy Michael Beatty - Katie Fennelly Millard North High School Andrea Rebolloso - Austin Padilla Millard North High School Ben Dean - Sheldon Black Millard North High School David Robinson - Ian Lee Millard South Connor Haggerty - Bri Hargan Millard South Alex Claussen - Tyler Snelling Millard South Ryan Markus - Shane Adams Millard West High School Jaritza Medina - Kirsten Blagg Millard West High School Ryan Kyriss - Michael Garder Norfolk Senior High School P. J. Githens - Kaut Kendall Olathe North Kyle Custer - Tyler Redelsheimer Olathe North Tara Raghuveer - Edie Cao Shawnee Mission East High School Ryan Fager - Jenee Vickers Shawnee Mission East High School Scott Rainen - Andrew Mohn Shawnee Mission East High School Sarah Sears - Emily Halter Shawnee Mission East High School Elizabeth McGranahan - Olivia Sullivan Shawnee Mission East High School Alexa Reynolds - Joe Ellerbroek West Des Moines Valley Allie Windergerst - Natasha Dutta West Des Moines Valley David Huang - Jeffrey Ding West High School Kathy Ingram - Astrid Ludwig West High School
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