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  1. Congrats indeed! Because I'm bored at work.
  2. U of I is a great school (yes, I'll admit my bias ). But remember, just because you can get into some of the bars at 19 doesn't mean you should.
  3. The issue of whether or not a sales person is honest is a whole nother ball of wax. I was thinking in an ideal situation. Definitely strategy, proper research and leadership... it's essential in business yet so many business people lack it.
  4. I guess I was thinking more Sales/Marketing.... where you have to know what your selling and be quick minded enough to be able to respond to questions/criticisms in an intelligent way.
  5. I've come to realize that debate is a great background for business and I was just wondering why it seems that so few debaters go on to be business majors (maybe this notion is empirically wrong -- kind of hard to tell since I'm guess those that do go on to college and do business probably leave the community). I just seems to me that if debaters have dreams of making the big money, so to speak, in life they should consider the potential of sales and marketing or some other business field. I don't know... just something I've been thinking about lately.
  6. Any business majors out there? Rob
  7. Red Devils? Sounds a little too blasphemous to me for rural Georgia.
  8. I'm curious... what copyright issue is there for posting them online?
  9. Why can't you just CP to do the plan to the four countries where the bases will be located? Seems like the obvious CP to me.
  10. It's not new but Freakonomics is good and interesting.
  11. I laughed. I cried. I learned a little bit about myself. Not really. But I did laugh a lot. It also happens to be decently educational if you pay attention to it and you want to understand the legendary Zizek.
  12. BobbyHill

    Ohio Valley

    That's a big win for them. Congrats to 'em.
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