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    I debated at Lansing High School from 1998-2002.
    I Debated at Emporia State University from 2002-2006. I also coached there during the 2006-2007 season.
    I have been an assistant coach at Topeka High School since 2007.
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    Government and Speech Teacher, Debate/Forensics Assistant Coach, Model UN Sponsor and Invisible Children Sponsor at Topeka High School.
  1. He wrote the paper, and the wording that was finalized as this years topic came about through the wording committee process last august. If you want to read about the process there was both a thread here and on batterman's blog...
  2. The paper was written by Chad Filiowsky(I know thats nowhere near correct, but its in that neighborhood) from texas.
  3. Open Gold Results: Quarters: 1. 10XX. LAWRENCE 5-0 22 (AFF) def. 8 21WW. SEAMAN 3-2 23, 12-13 OPP 4. 3WW. LANSING 4-1 22, 16-9 OPP (AFF) def 5. 23WW. MANH 4-1 22, 13-12 OPP 3. 26WW WSE 4-1 22, 17-8 OPP (NEG) def. 6 30WW BVSW 3-2 21 2. 7WW. SLAKE 4-1 21 (NEG) def. 7 1WW. SHHS 3-2 2, 13-12 OPP Semis: 1. 10XX. LAWRENCE def. 4. 3WW. LANSING 3. 26WW WSE def. 2. 7WW. SLAKE Finals: 3. 26WW WSE def. 1. 10XX. LAWRENCE
  4. Black Division Results: Quarters: 1. 29W. BVN 5-0 19, AFF def. 8. 30W. BVSW 3-2, 24 5 19W. HPHS, 4-1, 25 def. 4. 9W. SUMNER 4-1, 23, NEG 3. 12W. ONW 4-1, 21 (NEG) def. 6 21W. SEA 3-2 22 7. 15W. SMW 3-2, 22 def. 2. 10W. LAWRENCE, 4-1, 19 (AFF) Semis: 1. 29W. BVN def. 5 19W. HPHS, 4-1, 25 7. 15W. SMW 3-2, 22 def. 3. 12W. ONW Finals: 1. 29W. BVN DEF. 7. 15W. SMW
  5. Here are the results as we have them: Champ/Varsity/DCI Division Not Debating But Receiving DCI Bids: 9th -7A-SL, Oblander/Maryott, 4-1 22, 18-7 OPP 10th 30A BVSW, Arney/Marine, 4-1 22, 17-8 OPP 11th 12A ONW, Trent/DePriest, 4-1 22, 15-10 OPP 12th 13B BVW, Mittal/Kagan, 4-1, 23 13th 34A-McP, Harger/Benson, 3-2 22, 11-4 14th 15B SMW, Jones/Hou, 3-2, 22, 12-13 OPP 15th 13C BVW, Sartain/Kundarthi, 3-2, 23, 14-11 Opp 16th 27B-SME, Bernard/McClannahan, 3-2, 23 Quarters: 1. 28B. WE-Faflick/Husain 5-0, 21 (AFF) def. 8. 12B. ONW-Silvernail/Kist 4-1, 21 9-16 OPP 4. 28A-WE-Orsi/Redler, 4-1 19, 11-14 OPP (AFF) def. 5. 1B-SHHS-Browne/Weaver, 4-1, 19 13-12 OPP 2. 13A-BVW- Richey/Oatman, 4-1, 18 (AFF) def. 7. 27A-SME-Mitchell/Bavley, 4-1, 20 3. 23B-MANH-Pei/Wefald, 5-0, 24 (NEG) def 6. 4A-OE-Marconette/Krouse, 4-1, 21, 15-10 OPP Semis: Brackets were broken 1. 28B. WE-Faflick/Husain 5-0, 21 def. 3. 23B-MANH-Pei/Wefald, 5-0, 24 4. 28A-WE-Orsi/Redler def. 2. 13A-BVW- Richey/Oatman Finals: Wichita East closes out finals
  6. I cant believe how I missed that, well done sir!
  7. The Tick

    PFD implodes

    3 years? Psht, the new Supplimental Debate is that event........
  8. And thats why I miss Jim, so right in so few words......
  9. the 3 GDI A2 DA, K, CP files are starters that I used for my kids....
  10. The Tick

    Ethical Debate

    go read like the CEDA forums to see what they have been talking about over the past two or so years about issues with going paperless
  11. The Tick

    PFD implodes

    The blog discussions are hilarious........If we dont like the topic, lets just vote on our own new topic and rebel against the NFL.......made me laugh
  12. I at least think it could yield an interesting academic discussion for those kids to discuss what they think their activity should look like..... But, Nicks comment made me laugh pretty hard...
  13. Look, this claim can go the other way as well. You are openly patronizing someone who's students have become frustrated because they cannot enjoy the activity in which the way they enjoy it either. I think this proves my argument. The problem that policy is facing now is we are continually becoming more polarizing in defending our preferences. I'm not being critical of what tpeters says, but its a truth. When folks try to stick to their guns in defending what policy debate "was" the other side seems to defend it by telling them to suck it up and be quiet. This is why policy is suffering in some areas nationally.... Steve, I cant tell if you are being serious or a sarcastic jab. Knowing you, it might be a mix of both. When I saw the switch in the november PFD topic, I laughed at first, and then seeing the discussion that was started here, it makes me think......and although it kills part of my inner child to say this, maybe PFD is doing something right. When we want to be critical of what we think policy debate is/was/should be, it turns into a polarized, un-productive discussion. I think this gives PFD debaters an interesting method of defining and defending what they think their activity should look like. Even if it is a hasty decision, I think it is a discussion I might watch with an attentive eye, although I dont have to worry about coaching PFD until February...... Maybe I will have something more to say later, and maybe my thoughts might make more sense when I get done screaming obscenities at my TV because Penn State has no offense....
  14. the large number of spelling and grammatical errors make me curious......even searching any of the language of the card, you get nothing....Triond is also a self publishing website, so it might not be real?
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