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    D2 Case list

    hey i was wondering if anyone had compiled a case list for division 2 in michigan for the state tournament? These are the teams, i'd appreciate it if people filled in what they knew! I dont know if this stuff is right or not, so just correct dont freak out if I got your school's aff wrong. Cadillac - PLAIN VIEW SEARCHES Dexter - FLORES East Lansing - DETENTION AFFIRMATIVE PLAN TEXT: Federal Government should either release or charge prisoners who have been detained indefinitely. AD: MID EAST DEMO PRO, HUMAN RIGHTS PROMO, SOP/ARGENTINA NUCLEAR DEAL, RIGHTS Farmington - ??? FHC - KOREMATSU FHN - NSEERS/ANARCHISM GR- Northview - CLRA SECTION 201/E.T./Rendition Text: The United States Federal Government should substantially decrease its authority to detain without charge by passing section 201 of the civil liberties restoration act. Greenville - ??? HH Dow - AIRPORT SECURITY Holland - BORDERS CASE/MUOhio. Kenowa - ??? Mona Shores - FLORES Mt Pleasant - ??? Ortonville - ??? PN - SLAVE vs. HAITIAN Seaholm - HIV Tcc - DADT TC West - AIRPORT SECURITY Wayland - RENDITION
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