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  1. i really thought that i posted this somewhere, but apparently not. the cfl qualifiers from arkansas city (mt) are Chloe McGuire and Paige Traffas. i'm 100% certain about the spellling of those names. h/w
  2. counterplan

    NDT results

    i'm rooting for Baylor CM. hope they do better than my march madness bracket picks. h/w
  3. unless i'm a bad facebook user, i believe emporia state is doing well also- Sam Maurer says: Emporia CM defeats George Mason on a 3-0 to advance to the octo-finals. Emporia WW loses on a 2-1 to Cal-Sate Fullerton. Great tournament for WW and another one coming up Friday. Toya was 10th speaker in the nation, Ryan was 4th speaker in the nation. Emporia CM debates Whitman in the morning. Thank you all for the support!
  4. in regard to kshsaa's policy, it is supposed to be approved 30 days before the event. i got mr. Romine to approve one once with only three weeks until the event, but i also asked nicely and had all of the paperwork filled out and ready to go from both our end and (Baylor, I believe). you can enter as an independent as long as RHHS doesn't provide support for any part of the travel or fees, and you aren't worried about eligibility, and you aren't worried about any repercussions or sanctions that might affect your school (unlikely, but possible). $.02 worth, h/w
  5. other states, mostly, have their own "KSHSAA-"organization that lists debate tournaments: missouri http://www.mshsaa.org/Activities/Info/SpeechDebate_News_Speech_content.aspx?viewmode=story&storyid=22 oklahoma - page 35 http://www.ossaa.com/Portals/0/docs/OSSAA%20Forms/Speech/SP_1011_Manual.pdf h/w
  6. Excuse the dumb question; We've got a small team this year and haven't traveled much, so we haven't seen many cases. What are straightforward (non-critical) Iraq affirmatives doing now, since the significant withdrawal of combat troops this summer? -reduce PMC presence? -reduce patrols/missions/raids? what else? or is anyone even messing around with Iraq? thanks h/w
  7. fwiw, students can compete in 8 tournaments (in-state, sanctioned out-of-state, etc) plus regionals and state. feel free to collapse, modify, correct- Debate Schedule – South Central and South East KS August 31: MON-KSHSAA Rules Meeting at Valley Center September 18-19: Washburn Rural (DCI bid) September 19: Wichita Heights Novice, Independence September 24-25: Goddard, Emporia (DCI bid), Pittsburg-Colgan September 25 October 1-2: Hutchinson (DCI bid) October 2: Wellington, Campus Novice October 8-9: Wichita East (DCI bid), Southeast-Cherokee October 9: October 15-16: El Dorado, Blue Valley West (DCI bid), Field Kindley October 16: Bishop Carroll October 22-23 Blue Valley North (DCI bid), Bluestem October 23: October 29-30: Garden City (DCI bid), Valley Center, Derby October 30: Kapaun Novice November 5-6 KCCC (DCI bid), Caney Valley November 6: Collegiate/The Independent School November 9: TUES Campus 3-rounder Novice November 12-13: Newton (DCI bid), Wichita Northwest, Fort Scott November 13: Chaparral November 19-20 Topeka High (DCI bid), Parsons, Andover, St. Thomas Aquinas November 20: Remington Novice December 3-4: Maize (DCI bid), Pittsburg December 4: Maize South December 10-11: Sunflower Debate (El Dorado or Heights), SKNFL (Augusta) December 18: KSHSAA Regionals January 7-8: DCI January 7-8: Campus 2-sp/4-sp January 14-15 KSHSAA State Tournament
  8. sorry, guys - you have the same old tired arguments about why KS doesn't progress. on laptops - when all of my students have access to laptops and i don't have to buy dress clothes for the economically challenged students then i'll jump on the paperless bandwagon. i don't even have laptops in my classroom. on KSHSAA (its proper name)- they set "eight plus state" as the limit, just like sports have limits on the number of matches, tournaments, games, etc. for fairness. most states that do debate year round have a limit of 10 tournaments for the year. and most of the time, students can't do both debate and ie's or congress or whatever. h/w ^perhaps a bit grumpier than usual because of his dentist visit today
  9. we're doing our normal thing on a most abnormal date - 10/2-3 this year. open and champ rounds are still searching for judges. if you are available and want to help out, please contact me (jasonhibbs at gmail dot com). chili-dogs and pie on saturday! h/w
  10. Better Off Ted is funnier than any HI i've seen in years. And more funny than most novice 2AR's too. h/w
  11. this is why i love having Mr Dubois at 5A state tournaments.
  12. thanks, Tom and Steve. Chief - meow! h/w
  13. Mr Anderson or others- Is there an archive document showing the list and (approx.) dates of each bid tournament from each year we've been doing it this way? if so, can you send it to me? i'm just curious. in a "kills-the-cat" sort of way. hibbs/winfield email: jasonhibbs AT gmail
  14. low-tech/quoting STADB9: ...rules change which adjusts the eight invitationals limit to an eight WEEKENDS limit... we're trying to get that approved. can't recall rightly when it was surveyed last, but it's a popular move. also, we might survey having the LD and One-Act Play stuff on Friday night, then allowing participants to be in ONE "ie" on Saturday of State Championships. in a nutshell, i'm a fan of LD. i want to see it grow a bit. i'm not sure of the answer on the state event issue, because there are compelling reasons both ways. h/w
  15. additional, yet somewhat incomplete 5A results Lincoln Douglas Debate Finalists: Dustin Milligan, SHHS & Alex Rankin, TWest 3rd Timothy Lake, Seaman 3rd Michael Washburn, KMC 5th Henry Reed, T-West 6th Tait White-Rasmusson, Winfield i don't know the final results, because certain topeka-area coaches will only text me inappropriate pictures and not debate information* h/w *i suppose, sometimes, that debate info is inappropriate.
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